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Is GSA SER proxy checker accurate?

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I have purchased private proxies from instant proxies. When I run them in GSA SER it says Type > TRANS

but they are supposed to be private. When I set my firefox browser and go to whatsmyip or any other service like that, it only shows the ip that I entered and not my real ip

it says:


  • transparent proxies give out your ip address you need elite proxies to hide it
  • really? pclweb

    wow I thought private meant private. Is it just in some cases that it can give out your IP or why does whatsmyip show not proxy detected then?
  • google search will give you some discussions to dig in. trans* proxy
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    Transparent Proxy: A proxy that forwards traffic but does disclose your IP address. This are great for trying to get to websites that your work or school network might be trying to block and your not worried about the website knowing your IP address.

    Anonymous Proxy: Like a Transparent proxy except it does hide your IP address but it also identifies the website your going to that you are using a proxy.

    Elite Proxy: Elite proxies hide your IP address and do not identify that you are using a proxy. When you use an Elite proxy the website you are going to assumes you are coming from the network that proxy is hosted on.

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    found this from Sven

    TRANS means it is a CONNECT type of proxy. It has nothing to do with how anonymous it is.
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