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Attn Sven GSA PR checking error

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Hi Sven
I have been  running campagin with my own links-list. threads are set to 50 and minimum page rank set to  PR2 . Now GSA wont build any links because Google banned my IP address for checking page rank non-stop . Now in GSA  console I can see message "PR too low ? " for all the links. I restarted my home router and my IP addresses has been change then GSA built arround 20 links again same problem Google banned IP again.  

I think there should be an option to use proxy to check page rank only . at the moment we can use proxy for search and proxy for everything . if I use proxy for everything success rate slows down significantly. can you please add such option.

Second most important thing. I noticed there is an option to import proxies from local file . but there is no option to update proxies from local file  every X minutes. I use proxy multiply to scrap good proxies from around the web and these proxies are being shared among other applications . so instead of wasting time with proxy checking GSA  can share proxies from local file. but there should be an option to update proxy from local file ever X minutes.

Scrapjet program has this option, it update proxies from local file every given minutes .

Thank you



  • SvenSven

    1. proxies are also used for PR checking if you use them for search engines only.

    2. thats already added. Just add your own proxy provider and instead of using a URL you would choose a file.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    For your second question.

    In case you don't know where that is, if you click the add/edit proxysites button when you're inside the proxy checker, you can then choose to parse file.

  • You know I"ve noticed this suddenly, I have every single proxy list checked all 180 of them in the back end, I left it sit and tested all of them, when it was finally done, I tested the good ones and went back through and ran this, I gt a pr? skipped for every single website.   Maybe I'll try this proxy multiply thing, even though I fail to see how it does anything different than the built in GSA program.   I wonder how many people use proxy multiply to find proxies for scrapebox...
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I get the same with shared private proxies

    I reported the problem on here earlier this week

    Added my new batch of proxies today and the same thing all over again

  • Sven it would be nice if you add an option to check Page Rank with proxies (without searchengine),  for link harvesting i use yahoo and bing and these search engine work good without proxies.

    Sven and s4nt0s I dont think you guys read my second question properly . I know there is an option to import proxies from local files .

    For example my local file C:/todays-proxy.txt  contain 200 proxies. I imported these proxies to GSA,  after an hour  my proxy havresting software added 100 more proxies to C:/todays-proxy.txt  file. Now i have to add these 100 proxies to GSA manually . why not have an option to update/refresh proxies from this file every 30 mins or 1 hour ?

    ScrapJet has this option ( please take a look at attachment )


  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    Thats not working?


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