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What is the best format scraped articles within a directory for random pick??

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I have not been able to find a similar question/answer on the forum so I am asking..

I know that GSA is able to RANDOMLY choose articles (text files) that are inside a directory???  

I have about 30 scraped articles that I want GSA to randomly choose every time it needs an article to post..

I am however unclear how to do the following:

How do I format those articles??? 

example: should the first line of those articles be the title???  

for that matter,  how do I format titles??? it is my understanding that I can have GSA randomly choose titles as well for articles right??

Does anyone have a tutorial on that?? or explain how that is done..  maybe shoot me off to the appropriate url???

Let me know,


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    Each article should be in a separate file by itself and all the articles should be in one folder.
    Each title should be in a separate file by itself and all the titles should be in one folder.
    Each summary should be in a separate file by itself and all summaries should be in one folder.

    Then in the inputs areas for each, you can use the %spinfolder macro like this...

  • hmmm...  how does GSA correctly put the corresponding title to each article????

    Does my question make sense???

    I mean.

    Titles are usually the first line on each text file?? or something like that..

    How would GSA know which title goes to which article????

    besides that, the titles is usually what the URL is called on most platforms.. 

  • See the explanation of the %spinfolder<>% macro in the PDF listed below. If you name your articles/titles/summaries correctly (with the same numbers), SER will pull the same numbered file from each folder for any given submission.
  • Ok, so If my understanding is correct...  I should do the following..

    1) Create article folder & Name all articles...  article 1.txt, article2.txt.. ect;;...
    2) Create Title folder & name text files the same name..  article1,article2.txt 
    and ONLY have the spun title within those text files
    3) Article field ---> %spinfolder-J:\GSA-SER-Input-Files\Articles%
    4) Title field --> %spinfolder-J:\GSA-SER-Input-Files\Titles%

    ok this makes sense.. but I cant see why this would be so difficult...????  and time consuming...
    this is a kick ass piece of software...   this can't be the process...  :-)

    I figured that the software would automatically pickup the title based on file name or first line of text...

    @sven or @ozz can any one of you confirm the above??

    thanks in advanced..

  • just hit the "test" button if you are unsure.
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