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Possible Solution to Email Problem?



  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I wasn't referring to using hotmail as a catchall! I was just referring to that over a few months the catchall would be very full of spam, (from all the sub accounts you've used over the months), and if this will slow down GSA as the inbox is full of many emails that are spam.  
  • SvenSven
    Yes it will slow down things, you might have to login to that account and clear out things from time to time or leafe your email client delete every email thats older than XX days (usually a setting).
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Would you advise a weekly or monthly catchall global cleanup?
  • @Bowe
    there is no catchall email on hotmail
    this would only work if you OWN the

    for hotmail account I use the new email ALIASes whcih mean you can have one email to log and verify
    but different emails to use for posting (currently it lets you create 5 email aliases using the new outlook interface)
  • Gentlemen,
    Thanks for the clarification.

    Please confirm if I am thinking correctly here:
    The idea is that I setup the alias, use the alias as the email under the data tab, use the clean original hotmail email under the verification tab.
    And then that way the alias will get blacklisted instead of the original clean email, Correct?

    Now the question remains -- Does the and have the ability to determine what the original email is behind the alias????
    I guess only time will tell, unless you folks already know the answer, if so, please do tell....

    Thanks again.

    I look forward to anyones response.


  • bowechaim
    yes this is the idea
    you can create a hotmail account and 5 aliases (at this time)
    and use hotmail account for loging in and verfying links
    but all aliases (and main account) for submitting

    just make sure the aliases accept emails on the main INBOX
    not their own INBOX
  • I use about 20 email addresses en forward
    these to one address. I think this works okay, or do I overlook some problems
    with this configuration.

  • @SolidMind...Doing this would be similar to a catchall, but you are really just making extra work for yourself. These accounts will still eventually get blacklisted and you will have to create new ones anyway. You are adding an extra step of confusion that does not matter.

    The value in the "catchall" email accounts that are being discussed is that you only have to create one email account - the catchall email (like On your cPanel/email settings for this domain, you set this as the catchall email. This tells the email system with your domain to send all emails that come in to an INVALID (not found) email address at this domain to

    With this set, in GSA SER, you can set your email addresses to "" (and you don't even have to create this email address). The confirmation emails will be forwarded to
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Great explanation DavidA2! :-)
  • So if i understand all the emails from all your projects would end up in the same catchall email. That means a lot of emails for gsa to verify.  20 projects with hundreds of emails coming in for each project., not to many?
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    You can delete all emails with a cron job automatically when they are older than XX days (or hours) and/or setup more than one catchall email.
  • @Koz: SER is going to process all those emails whether they get sent to separate email accounts or to one. So, as far as SER is concerned, it does not matter.

    Note about what Ozz mentioned...Remember, if you want to set up more than one catchall email, you will have to do it for a different domain. You can only set up one catchall ("default") email account per domain.

    I started a thread a couple days ago that explains catchall emails in depth. In that thread is also a link to a service where you can get FREE domain names. So you can set up as many catchall email accts as you think you need.
  • edited December 2012
    Hi Guys

    I posted this in another thread but I think its quite relevant to this thread to.

    Catchall is not the magic solution. I used it extensively when using Senuke. A few things happen:

    1) A forum moderator (or other paltforms) can look down a list of new sign ups and easily identify a recurring email address, Its very, very, easy then to just blacklist the whole domain i.e  Therefore any new projects will be banned from this link potential site.

    2) Now you have been identified the admin can easily search for all existing profiles e.t.c with in and delete them on mass. Therefore any aged profiles and links you have can be deleted overnight. If you are running lots of projects, over a long time, with global lists then this can be a major disaster for your links and tiers.

    The worst part is you think the catchall is shielding you but you get banned quicker yet check less so it may be ages before you find out. If ever.

    I wasn't sure if I have missed anything but no one seems to be aware of this?
  • edited December 2012
    backlinker is right, catchalls are not the solution.

    a big feature would be a single function in the software that:

    1. checks projects for blacklisted email accounts
    2. picks all projects with blacklisted emails and verifies the emails in inbox for this projects
    3. replaces the email and settings for every blacklisted project with email settings from a specific file like unused-email-accounts_hotmail.txt
    4. deletes used emails from unused-email-accounts_hotmail.txt

  • @backlinker

    I have a few questions that I replied from the another thread you are talking about. If you got a chance can you please take a look.
  • edited December 2012

    I just want to clarify. I'm not complaining about the sytem. I think its great as it is. If the ability to pick emails to replace blacklisted ones becomes available then its value will go through the roof.

    What I wanted to do is to warn people that the catchall solution that so many are raving about will actually decrease your response rates and multi tier links over time. My suggestion is don't use it my above post explains why.

    I just read the previous posts and could not believe that no one had said this as there are some extremely smart people here - far more advanced than i am.
  • there are few thread going on regarding the catchall and I expressed a similar concern BUT maybe the way I'm using the catchall strategy somehow can get around the situation that is why I ask you those questions on the other thread to determine the strategy you have used.

    if you think catchall is not the solution, how did you resolved your dilemma that's if you want to share ?
  • I use hotmail accounts and change them out. In senuke no projects are long term like with GSA so they are not comparable. The only emails that get reused ar for reposting to social networks. All the rest are for  3- 21 day (typically) campaigns and never get uaed again. Nuke only creates sites once per email address and very slowly. As long as proxies are used they rarely get banned. The issue is sites that dont allow hotmail which I live without.

    Its different in GSA because of the longer term use and quicker, multiple postings so its sooooooo much easier to be banned. So i've not experienced it before but catchall is NOT the answer. As I'm new i can handle changing them manually but Im sure I will be soon clammering for an automated solution.
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