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Possible Solution to Email Problem?

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I'm not quite sure if this is a solution to the email problem. 

but I know something like this issue came up in a different program I had used once,  and the developer changed the program to use Catchall email address.  Maybe GSA could do something like that?   It's almost like the same thing someone else had suggested by adding in all sorts of variables but all the emails are forwarded to the same domain. 

If you are unsure what a catchall email is;

I know hostgator supports this with Email's from domains  you just have to specifically ask for it be enabled and it takes literally like 2 seconds through the live chat. 

Sorry if this has already been explored but I was just setting up another campaign and the idea pop'ed into my head


  • If this is something that could be done,  You could simply Spin all the email  like {||}  and than in the email verification tab you could just put the main catchall domain
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I think the best would be a seperate check that we can automate. Under settings, we set it to check daily, weekly, hourly under settings. 

    The daily check happens behind the scenes and if any are bad, it has a little icon in status bar. 

    We then can click on the button and check all emails for all projects. It marks any bad ones in red, and good ones in green. 

    THEN, we can update the email from within the window and it will update it to the various projects. 

    This would be so much easier than checking 75 projects one by one to see blacklist. Also - most people use an email for a group of projects. This way, it's easy to fix any blacklisted emails. 

    LATER the feature can be added where we can queue a set of emails that can be used. But the above would assist with the problem quickly!
  • Catchall emails should work fine with GSA. Set it up just how you suggested, GSA will just log into the catchall account as usual and get all your emails. 
  • You think the spinning of the emails would work?  like this {||}  and GSA would randomly just put one of those emails?  If so,  could just bust out a name generator with scrapebox for example copy that and than just insert at the end of every name  and than could literally have thousands of emails per campaign. 

    thus no more spam list.
  • I don't think the spinning of emails would be a good solution for many
    since people would not put the domain's email in the project
    they would use emails instead
    which need to be created first
  • If it exist, i prefer the spinning of email-addresses… I usual use own domains with email-spinning and catch-all 

    +1 for that feature
  • SvenSven
    than just enter... %spinfile-names.dat%{.|-|_}
  • Hi Sven,

    i should put this:


    in Project Data / Your E-Mail field.?!?!

    02: For the record. When i use a gmail with variations:


    Could i put this in spintax like this:: 

    Please advise… 
    Thanks for help, Marc
  • @Hunar yes thats fine, or use the built in name generator as Sven suggests

    @Marc Yes put it in the projects email field. For gmail you could just spin the 1st part, eg {name.familyname|nam.efamilyname|

    Just make sure the original is used under the email verification tab.
  • Awesome, Thank you very much everyone. :)

  • Works Perfect  Thanks again Just found my solution to getting my email blacklisted thank you! :)
  • @m3ownz Thanks for your help
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Can we use the moving fullstop "." for hotmail accounts as well or only gmail accounts?
  • Why does this have to be so complicated? 
  • It's not really..

    Enable Catch all Email address  Put in the info that sven supplied and bam.  You'll never have to check/change email address again.  takes like an extra 2 mins when setting up a campaign.

  • @GlobalGoogler
    "Can we use the moving fullstop "." for hotmail accounts as well or only gmail accounts"

    I know this only from gmail. But stopforumspam know this trick (i realized now)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Marc - not sure. I think the best is to just use a new email account, clear Target URL history and run the projects. (This way you get another link from platforms that only allow 1 link per email) :-)
  • I was asked to mention my own thread on this subject here -

    I have no idea what sven is working on now, I presume he's maintaining the programme.

    To me this problem is like having a diesel ferrari, 99% perfect until you drive it.
    I don't regard this programme as totally hands free until you can store multiple emails.
  • that is a great solution Sven, thanks
  • SvenSven

    The problem with multiple emails on one project...

    The verification is slowing down a lot as it has to log into many accounts as each submission might have used another email. For now the best solution are catchall emails.

  • I decided to go with the catchall - spinfile solution, it sounds like the right approach.

    Two questions:
    1) does a file called spinfile-names.dat in the program file populated with lines like "Bob smith" work?, or is more work required

    2) can the function that parses mailboxes for confirmation links be called in isolation?, so I want to just have a final run through old hotmail boxes before letting them go.
  • Another thing that needs sorting out it seems is having a project "not" do email verification

    So I have 8 projects using spinfile emails from 1000 names * 9999 random numberness, but one catchall pop account (being probed by all 8 projects), that's alot of SER time taken up checking the pop mailbox... would be nice to have 7 accounts not bother connecting to pop and leave that activity to just one of the low priority SER projects.
  • SvenSven
    1) does a file called spinfile-names.dat in the program file populated with lines like "Bob smith" work?, or is more work required will work just fine as that file only includes random first names. for last names you can use %spinfile-lnames.dat ... or even

    2) can the function that parses mailboxes for confirmation links be called in isolation?, so I want to just have a final run through old hotmail boxes before letting them go.

    No clue what you mean with this.

  • For 2, a button / context menu that when clicked will go to the pop mailbox and look for links to confirm for that selected project.

    I already worked around this though :)

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Can we consider this a closed discussion about the emails with the final answer being to setup a catchall email address?

    If you are promoting different sites, does the catchall have to be per website or a single catchall? (i.e. & - OR only 1 catchall for all projects across all websites?) 
  • SvenSven
    As long as you don't expect projects to receive the same verification emails from one site you can have one global catchall. But make sure you don't use the option to delete all emails.
  • Good day folks,
    So, I have been doing some testing with this whole catch all email. Here is my confusion, maybe someone could clarify for me:

    1) I have set the "your email field" under the Data tab within 10 different projects to - %spinfile-names.dat%{.|-|_} (as sven has recommended).

    2) under the Email Verification Tab I have set a brand new email account up with hotmail, tested it and it tests successful.

    3) I have checked the email blacklist against the brand new email account I just setup, just to be absolutely sure. No entries found.

    4) I have now run all 10 projects for 2 days on all the projects that require an email verification, like articles, directories and image comments, just to name a few.

    Now here is where it gets interesting.

    all the 10 projects have had multiple submissions, however, when i check the new email account I setup for these projects there are no emails in the inbox or deleted box.

    So, a question that I have is this: when GSA SER submits to one of these sites that requires an email with a random email, then when the site sends a verification it will send it to the random email, correct?
    Hence, no emails in my hotmail (real and verification email) inbox or deleted items.

    Someone please explain how this works.

    I look forward to this discussion.



  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Sven - by using a catchall surely after a few months you will get you inbox full of spam, as each catchall address you've used is getting spammed and this is going to the main email that GSA checks.THEN surely it takes GSA longer to find verified links amongst the millions of spam emails? (I though that is one of the reasons why everyone used new hotmail accounts every month, not just because of blacklisting)
  • SvenSven
    edited October 2012
    @bowechaim hotmail is not under your control so you can not use a catchall setup here. Else you would get access to every email account on hotmail. Impossible! This catchall thing is for domains that are under your control and that actually have the catchall ability.
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