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What about UD service for web2.0 links

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Ofcourse no one can beat GSA SER in terms of link building. But i have question here
i was reading a lot on this thread about web2.0 and JAMESE new service . So my question is  "UD life time lisence does have fixed amount of web2.0 websites or they do upgrade time to time ?? bcz there license cost 399$ or something and that is alot. 

But eagley waiting for jamse new service. I subscribed to that earlier.
Thanks alot.


  • US, Senuke, MS always update the web 2.0. Since they do have a monthly subscription base payment. So they can pay someone to update the web 2.0 for them.

    That's why i think it was a good idea for @sven to run a monthly subscription base for a GSA SER customer who want to use web 2.0.

    just a though...

  • Ud has only 4,5 big sites ..... Rest are all social networking sites .... Waiting for jamese or awint service :)
  • yes waiting for Jamese service :)  [-O<
  • i would never pay life time licence for web 2.0 service

    anytime they can give up, and the time it is given up, that become useless

    it should be reasonable price monthly subscription
  • I have bought UD but didn't use it any great tutorials on UD for tier 1 back linking ?
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