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Has anyone tried Article Kevo with GSA SER

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I'm not affiliated with this company nor software.  I'm just a consumer.  lol.  Now that that's out of the way....

I tried Article Kevo a while ago and liked it.  It had a pretty good submission rate.  So today they had a sale on so I decided to pick it up ($67).

I'm planning on using this to build a contextual tier to my money site, since it has very high success rate with this.  This software also has the ability to do web 2.0's a well.  I will then use the advice from @ron  and @Ozz and use GSA to build a tired quality campaign under this.

Other than this change I will still be following the post I wrote here:

Feel Free to critique this setup?  Or Share Your opinions on how you use these programs together.


  • ronron
    Do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are totally on the right track.
  • I'm running the 7 day trial of Article Kevo at the minute,

    Bit disappointed with the web2.0 creation, as it only created 3 sites out of the 10 it supports.

    Checking on their forums it appears they are planning to update the Web2.0 element for the next release.

  • @ron Thanks.  I'm just taking massive action and tweaking as I go.

    @davbel I haven't tried the web 2.0 portion yet.  When I used the trial a while back I was impressed by how many articles it could successfully submit.  So I figured I'd let Kevo build my tiers where a bulk of the links are contextual (like tier 1).  I do plan on using the web 2.0 as well though.  - Thanks for the heads up by the way.
  • i use it two, but only the web20 module! momently this module is a little bit buggy, yes its right, but if it will work, and it has worked, than its really powerful, cause you could build up, maintain, and add new web20 sites easily... momently its better (for me) than senuke and Magic submitter; still waiting for the premium SERengine service!
    using 10 always working web20 sites is far better, i think, what senuke is support! there you could build up web20 sites (only not the biggest) and after 2 weeks, you can forget them, cause they are no longer supported!

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    @klaus007 Thanks!  I haven't gotten a chance to even check the software yet.  My VPS host had to under go maintenance.  Now that I'm past that temporary roadblock.  I'm going to try it out.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    is anyone still using this software? any updates on its performance?

    would be interested to hear from you guys who have been using it, on the fence at the moment whether to part with some cash
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