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A Blog a post a day - Introduction

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Hey guys I just wanted to introduce myself to the community and just tell you guys a little about how I plan on using GSA.

I am currently building a business where I will be writing a blog a day.  I will be writing a minimum of 500 words or more, all  which are keyword targeted/optimized.  So far I have 48 articles posted.  All which are written by me. I plan to stick to with low to medium competition keywords according to Traffic Travis. As you can see GSA Fits in perfectly with this business model.

I am also going to start consistently putting up 3 YouTube videos a week.  These will also be targeted.  Although i might go after slightly harder keywords from time to time.  Do to the fact that if they don't rank well in Google, I should still be able to rank them  in YouTube fairly easily.

The only tool that I am using for backlinking are GSA along with onlywire and tribepro.  Gsa is on a Berman vps duo core withh 2 gigs of ram along with Captcha Sniper, Errsy proxies and ACW.  GSA will build backlinks on auto pilot and Tribe pro will build social signals on autopilot.

With GSA, I will be using the t1, t1a, t2 , t2a  method.  Where only the only thing that get backlinks pointed to it are the article type sites.

Well let me know what you guys think.  Is this a realistic plan to rank these post. 


  • One quick question.  Maybe collywobbles can answer this.  What settings do you recommend for producing tier 1 articles with ACW?
  • how do you use tribe pro? How can Tribe Pro buld social signals on auto pilot?
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  • @unikbit There two parts to making tribe pro work.  

    1.)  Onlywire.  It's a service that bookmarks automatically sends links your links to social network and bookmark sites.  (Use fiverr to create these sites for you.  You don't want to use your real accounts.) Ie. Facebook, Twitter, ect.

    2.)  Tribepro.  Tribepro is a community of marketers who all run onlywire.  The way it work is, you plug your onlywire account into tribe pro.  You have to syndicate/ share other peoples content and in return they will share your content on there onlywire account. All you have to do is plug in your rss feed into tribe pro and everything takes care of it's self.

    I have personally gotten like 1400 shares on a blog post within a couple of minutes of posting a blog post.  It's pretty cool.  Hope that helps.
  • It cost like $70 for tribe pro and onlywire kind of varies depending on what package you choose.  I you only blog every once in a while you may be better off letting someone on fiverr just run gig to submit your stuff on tribe pro.  For me since I produce allot of content, it's more cost effective to just pay for a tribe pro membership.
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