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Site Engine Updates - What Happens?

davbeldavbel UK
edited March 2013 in Other / Mixed

When @Sven releases an update and it has site engine updates / improvements etc, does SER retry the sites it couldn't post to previously?


The Buddypress and Dolphin engines have just been updated, so we should get a better succes rate posting to those platforms.  So will SER now retry Dolphin / Buddypress sites it tried previously, but couldn't post to?


  • delete target history and it will do.
  • Cheers @Ozz
  • @Sven just as further idea about this, would it possible to have a global delete target history button?

    I'm guessing you'd also need to be saving identified and failed to the global sites list for this work at it's best.

    Ideally you'd want to be able to choose only the engines that were updated, but that would more complex to code
  • SvenSven
    @davbel there is a command line parameter doing a "delete target url history" for every project. I don't want to add this in the gui as this is a very special thing not needed for most.
  • +1for Sven. I do a new round every few days, what's past is past, why bother
  • @Sven is that the "-delhistory"?

    Where can I find help with using the command line parameters?

    I'm guessing it'll be something like:

    path\to\SER\ser\search_engine_ranker.exe -delhistory
  • SvenSven
    yes, it's -delhistory.
  • @Sven Danke :D
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