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Is it important to extend to tier 3?

I am doing a high quality link on tier 1 and gsa blast on tier 2
Many people don't seem to be expanding their hierarchy to tier three. What do you think of your opinion?


  • Many people do expand their backlinks to tier 3 and sometimes tier 4. (I personally do) It all depends on each once campaigns. when I create tier 3 and tier 4 campaigns, I find that it helps the websites to maintain the positions in SERPs.
  • CynthiaSCynthiaS Planet Earth
    If I notice any reliable tier 2 links after a campaign, I do consider about tier 3 campaigns on them.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Tier 3 is when you see big serp gains in most cases.

    It is very much dependent on your niche competition, if you're ranking just fine with two tiers, why bother building three?
  • If you are new to backlink creation, tier 2 campaigns are great to get started. However, it really depends on your backlink strategy. 
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