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How do I use shared definitions in CB?

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Again, is there a manual/video that covers the basics for CB?

How do I use shared definitions?


  • SvenSven
    There is no manual as there is not really much to tell in it. It's a "start it, and forget" program in my eyes. Sure there are some things to explain for the SDK but most people don't use that anyway.
  • i wrote a guide about sharing definitions. read this.

    and again. browse the forum, all your question were answered already.
  • Sorry I do always search before posting but don't get any helpful results back. I'll start using the Google search as I have seen suggested.

    Thanks @sven, its just that there are many options in the settings and without a guide its hard to know if I have them set right.

    There are some great videos on GSA SER, something similar for CB would be great. If I ever get to the dangerously competent level I promise I'll attempt some myself. Don't hold your breath!
  • Hey just thought I'd share an aha moment. The Google search of the forum is the doggies nishkas! "keywords"

    Thanks @ron for that one in: Helpful Advice
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