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Helpful Advice If New To GSA SER

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I just wanted to share what I have done since this forum started that has really helped me:

1) Always start with the FAQ that is pinned to the top

2) Always watch the videos pinned right beneath the FAQ

3) Notice on the right hand side of the forum where discussions are tagged by keywords. Click Categories. Look for Tags. Use it!

3) Create a Word document, and create categories, like LPM, Tokens & Macros, Captcha, Spinning, etc.

4) Copy and paste into Word great comments that helped you understand something, like those "Aha" moments

5) Bookmark great threads (star on top just to right of thread name). Or bookmark in browser, create GSA folder and save thread in there.

6) If you want to see what else a particular person has posted, click on their username. Then click on comments or discussions.

7) Use Google search to find stuff *fast*. For example, if you wanted to find out about using catchall emails in SER, just type into Google: "catchall email".

Here are 4 great threads where people talk about how they set up tiers, and how to tweak settings to make more links:

High Quality Campaigns

High Quality Campaigns Discussion Guide

SER Tiers

Links Per Minute

There are now close to 100 pages of threads in this forum. There are something like 30 threads in each page.

That means there are over 3000 threads and each one averages about 10 comments. That means there are over 22,500 comments.

You won't remember it all! Copy and paste things you can reflect on at any time, right on your PC.


  • very nice :)

    two further tips i want to share. 
    1) use bookmarks to save good discussion. just click the "star-symbol" which is alsways on the right side of the thread title
    2) if you like to know more what a particular user has written than click on the username --> comments or discussions
  • ronron

    I use those too! Just added.

  • hehe, i meant the bookmarking symbol of the forum, not the browser. the star on the right side of  the title right after "Helpful Advice If New To GSA SER - Other/Mixed" in this thread.
    however, both methods work fine.
  • ronron
    Sorry...never fell asleep last night I-) Fixed.
  • scpscp
    edited February 2013
    The 3 threads EVERY Search Engine Ranker user needs to read are:

    Links per Minute

    High Quality Campaign

    High Quality Campaign Thread

    Between these 3 threads there is enough information to take any SER user from beginner to advanced in no time as well as how to SEO your money sites. Thanks for sharing all of this great information!
  • ronron
    Great tip @scp ! I agree.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    You forgot to add:
    USE PRIVATE PROXIES before posting I can't get links.

    ALSO - the bookmarks, only allows a limited number of bookmarks. I can't seem to get to page 2 of my bookmarks!
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    I forgot to mention one super duper useful tip which is replacing the onboard search function, which sucks hardcore btw.

    USE GOOGLE instead. this board is very well and fast indexed by them.

    just use the site operator like this:  "search term"

    you can leave the "" in case you don't want to search for a specific term like "Always use keywords"

    just test it by yourself with google: "always use keywords"
  • top tips!!!

    should have found this when i first started but didn't see it until now :(

    oh well... live and learn

    this needs to be pinned to the top :)

    thanks to all that contributed to the listed threads
  • Someone needs to sticky this thread cause I was about to melt the F down and now I can see there are useful threads in this place.

    Thanks to All of the People Above!

    Thanks, Tom
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Ron - Awesome thread man!
  • ronron
    Thanks dude. I wish it was stickied.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - can you add a link to this thread on the FAQ. 
  • edited March 2013
    +1 to sticky this... i *wish* it existed when I started with GSA too

    awesome work @ron and everyone whom has chimed in.
  • edited May 2013
    @ron @Ozz @scp +1 Thanks for this!
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