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Are social network backlinks any good?

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Would social networks be good backlinks to get? And would they be good to use as tier 2 ?


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    So for tier 2 in a link pyramid I hear people say using Social bookmarks, wiki, and social networks work good does this sound right? 
  • ronron

    I will challenge you on bookmarks.

    First, think about what a bookmark is. It's not an article. It's not a mention of your website in the context of a larger article. It is simply a text link with a description.

    Who in the real world, in real life, creates links to a bookmark? Not only is it completely unnatural, but it is not a 'valuable' property that will grow in authority. Zero authority whatsoever.

    However, it does send a signal to Google that people are bookmarking a website. So that does have some social significance. In other words, it can help your money site if linked directly to the money site.

    The other two examples you cite are examples of properties that can accumulate authority through linkbuilding, and then in turn help your moneysite gain in rankings. Those are ideal for Tier 1 because they will help your moneysite.

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    so would wikis and social network work for tier 2 too not just 1?
  • ronron


  • I am sure he DOES NOT understand the difference betwien T1 T2 and secondary links..
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    @hatterftw1 I found this post useful to get my head around not linking to the wrong type of links, wasted efforts:

    And I put this together for myself based on tips and advice picked up on the forum here, mainly from @ron:

    Welcome any feedback on it, anything I got wrong?
  • i dont use indexer... and manual comments to Tier1 is a bit to much work for me! ;-)

    what means high pr network in Tier1? is it your own blog network?

    the other, like ron and what i do! great! go on!
  • @Mitch what's the difference in the colors of your HQ & KS links? Purple, Light Blue, White?
  • @klaus007, yes the High PR Network is my own private blog network. 20 sites, PR3-5, hand written content, not spun, plenty of video/images. All on separate c class ip's, etc.

    @saga the colors remind me I need different content format; purple is full html with images/video, blue is plain text and white is guestbook.
  • @Mitch i have a question - do all Social Neworks (Jcow, Dolphine, PHPfox etc) allow to post images/videos? Have you tested this?


  • @traged haven't checked. Since reading a post by @ron on what's the point of adding images/video when its not going to be read by humans, have stopped adding them to any content. Too early to see if any change in results due to this yet.
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