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How do I use the software so that my site SEO will increase well

And not get dropped from my ranking


  • 1. You learn the basics of SEO.
    2. You learn how to use the software and search the forum for possible solutions that could solve your problems.
    3. Use the accumulated knowledge when setting up the software.
  • Can I get a one on one tutor that shows me how to go about it
  • And thanks for your response
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2020
    Hi Mikevicone! :)

    Welcome to the GSA message boards. I am a user of GSA software like you, and also a student of SEO. I've been learning for a while, but I still often feel like I'm just at the beginning.

    Any questions you can ask about GSA software, or more generally SEO, we will always try to answer on here. This is probably the best place to come for intelligent discussion on such matters.

    I would also suggest checking out BlackHat World, Warrior Forum, and reading as many blogs and articles on SEO as you can. Some good blogs are Matthew Woodward and Shaun Marrs, but there are countless others.

    To start, of course you need to think about:

    -on-page SEO: "signals" on the web site/channel/whatever you're trying to rank that help a search engine want to put your web content in their lists. This includes the writing, images, videos, use of keywords, density of KWs, but so much more.

    -off-page SEO: "signals" OFF of your web page, primarily consisting of other web sites that contain a hyper-link (http or https) POINTING to your site. (But a NON-linking mention may also be relevant, too!) That includes the anchor text, quality of the site and page, but also what other websites point at the page/site  that points at YOUR page!

    SEO is about trust and quality, primarily. Search Engines, especially Google, are more advanced at this point than you might guess. First, get rid of any idea that you're going to "game" them. Not going to happen. But you can create an SEO campaign that is high quality and helps your site to stand out.

    Hope that was helpful. Like I said, message on here or PM me with questions. I'd be happy to help you. Anything I do not know I will ask on this forum anyway. ;)

  • Thanks a bunch
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited January 2020
    If you're starting out, I would suggest that you start with a plan, execute that plan and keep track of your results, many people (new comers) buy licenses and then set up campaigns, purchase link lists and spam 10 sites, 1 site may rank well 9 may not, do they know what the difference was? no they don't.

    Always record your results weekly or bi-weekly so you can clearly see what you're doing, once you have enough data, you can see whats working within your workflow and then adjust.

    Start off small and take things easy, see what (methods) works for you and always, always keep a track of what you're doing, general rule of thumb, if you are wanting to use SER primarily for ranking, then start with a tiered strategy, tier 1, multiple tier 2 campaigns (campaigns linking to your tier 1 campaign) and multiple tier 3 campaigns pointing to your tier 2 campaigns, depending on your efforts you will start seeing some SERP movements soon enough.
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  • There is no tutoring service that I know of but where money is there will be somebody willing too.
    I would advise you before paying for anything else that get a comfy chair and read through the essentials:

    Set SER up on your home pc and try to set up a project.
    When you have questions come back to the forum search for it or ask.

    This will take at least a month depending on how much time you can allocate to this daily.

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  • Is it a software for SEO? can anyone help me to understand this?
  • @Jamesmichael Yes, this is professional software for SEO. If you are seriously asking this question, you haven't even done the absolute minimum of your homework. 
    Success in SEO requires dedication, quite a bit of money, a LOT of time and an undying  passion for in depth studies, like few other things in digital marketing. 
    Again, if your question was serious, you should reconsider whether this is the right playground for you. 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2020
    "Is it a software for SEO? can anyone help me to understand this?"

    YES... it DEFINITELY is the SEO scholar's choice! :glasses:

    It's not just some thing you hit checkboxes on. (I once thought that!~)

    If you enjoy this work and learning about SEO, there's no end to what you can discover.

    If you have any questions, ask on here or PM me.  Anything I don't know, I will be asking on here, anyway! lol

    The board members have been kind enough over the years to have the patience to help me, and many other people. In fact, this is >>THE<< SEO community of choice.

    Sven, the creator of GSA, makes sure that these boards remain a place of learning. No tolerance for nonsense here. No scamming. Very unlike other SEO forums!

    Don't give up! You didn't even start yet! ;)

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