poor result of my campaign !

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 I am using 100 proxies for my campaign , All are working perfectly.I created a campaign in morning but till noon there was no submitted and no verified links. I have selected all platform except indexer, pingback and referrer . No progress in Lpm too. Just thread value was going up or down.. 

This is my campaign settings of SER, captcha, global setting and project option setting..

where i was making mistake ?








your answer will be appreciated and help me a lot..!!



  • private proxies, semi-private, or public?
  • OzzOzz
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    your proxies may be working fine for posting, but not for PR checking as it seems??!. the small part of your log that is visible in your screenshots shows all URLs were filtered out with "PR?".

    please monitor your log for a while which tells you whats going wrong.

    furthermore custom SE query time with 30 seconds and use proxies for posting only could hurt your IP when you are banned for searching. this depends on the SEs you've selected though.

    also deselect ALL captcha types in CS. 
  • dear @shaw : I am using Private proxies.
  • i guess you are using a high PR filter

    keep in mind this for (blog comments, image comments, guestbook, trackbacks and pingbacks) you can use PR filter.

    but for all the other platforms never us PR filter use DOMAIN filter.

    What PR will have an article you have just created or a blog page? obviously will be N/a, but the domain will probably have some PR maybe 2 or 3.

    if you want to use filters split your projects and use logic, you cant select all platforms and use filter that doesn't make sense, every platform is different.
  • Thanks a lot @ rodol and @ Ozz for your helpful advice...... :)

    Can you tell me some things more Like.. which engine i need to select for my Tire1, Tire2 or Tire3 ... Apart from that,, What should i select or deselect in setting option of my new project by which i could get good result (verified links).. I am still confused.. 

  • @simon check this out: https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/879/guide-high-quality-campaign#Item_1

    A good starting point. Then just hang around and read. I've learned a ton just by reading EVERYTHING on this forum daily.
  • dear @saga , i have checked out this link but i have one question,  tell me about secondary link .. what kind of link is it ? 

    Thanks !!
  • OzzOzz
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    primary or secondary links isn't that hard to understand.

    just imagine...
    ... if you would backlink to a forum profile with a social bookmark? no, than its a secondary.
    ... if you would backlink to an article with a social bookmark? yes, than its a primary.
    ... if you would backlink a social bookmark with a social bookmark?
    ... if you would backlink a guestbook-entry in a blog comment?
    ... if you would backlink a blog post (of a social network) in an article?

    just answering those kind of questions for yourself and you know what a primary and what a secondary backlink is.
    you just need to consider if you would backlink to a nofollow type though. apart from that its just what you would do in reality to backlink to other URLs.

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    During running my project in SER, in message area, i saw many error with named of " Verification failed/timeout " What is the reason for this message and what will i have to do ? kindly tell me ?

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    @simon, nothing...that simply means that the URL submitted to that site is not appearing (not approved) and probably never will as too much time passed between submit and present time.
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    Thanks @sven for your reply, i got it. but : :-*

    Can you tell me one thing more. As I got 250 verified links from my 500 target urls. in which, i did  only select Mediawiki, moodle and budypress engines of Article Directory . because these 500 target link have been scraped from Gscraper with only these engine's footprint....
    Now.... the question is ?

    if i again target these 250 verified link for my next project and select the same directory engines (Mediawiki, moodle and budy press ), so Can i get all 250 verified links from these 250 target sites because these are verified sites of a successful project. Is it possible and if No then why @ sven..i am confused about it.. kindly provide me some suggestion....?


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    If you use site lists and enable the site list for the new project, you get nearly same submissions  for the new project. But you might not see as many verifications as some sites are manually reviewed, some might be down or other issues. You can also import these sites again on the new project if you want.
  • hello @sven and everyone out there ,, can you take me out from a confusion ? I got 1000 verified links from SER but my website was not indexed in google and no rank. So how many verified links are required and to index my website and when it will rank.. i have also made its tire2 or Tire 3 with 110 or 180 verified link .
  • ronron SERLists.com

    There is no magic number. If the site is new, it can take a while.

    In general, your questions are about seo, and to be quite honest, this isn't the forum for those kind of questions. This forum is for questions about the software.

    It is very evident, just by the fact you are asking these questions, that you really need to spend some time understanding seo. So please, get involved with some seo forums. You have powerful software in your hands, and you need an seo roadmap.

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    hi @ron and @ozz... How does this option work for the campaign ?
    Project===>>right click===>>modify project===>>verify all link How can i verify my verified link by clicking on this ? what benefit i can get ? share you experience plz...

    2)Project===>>right click===>> priority > 1)Low 2)Normal 3)Low 4)Lowest what's the benefit of this ? And which one i should select .. Usually i select normal ?
  • 1) this will check if your links are still alive
    2) whats the question? priority speaks for itself. if you think that some projects needs more attention by SER than prioritize them more
  • Hello @Ozz and everyone out there,  Can any of you tell me that how many projects can I run at a time ? Sometimes, it becomes hang.. it shows "Not Responding" error...
  • try to reduce threads and/or use the scheduler
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    Okay thanks @ozz .. I will try for it..
  • Do I also need to reduce HTML timeout value for this error..?
  • Hello @ozz and @sven , Yesterday i got around 5000 verified till the evening. But from today's morning, I am running my project with the same yesterday's setting.. But verified is not increasing , Yes but some submission have increased.. Kindly tell me about it.. it's any technical issue or other setting issue.. I am using 60 threads valube.....
  • help me out @ozz and @sven, i wanna know answer of my query. Is this any new update problem. Before updating GSA ranker update, my project running at very good rate (Verifieds).. I am running all project with my same setting by which i got good verified results....but after updating..it is giving very low rate of verified links. but submission is increasing .. Tell me something please...!!!!
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Again, you have to provide more details to this. How can anyone help if you just provide the problem but no details (logs)?
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