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Newbie Here :) - Question about tiers

Hi Guys/Gals!

Jamie here from bonnie Scotland! :)

I just purchased GSA yesterday, I played about with the demo and loved how flexible and tailored it can be to your needs, I actually used it a good few years back but had SENuke at that time (when it was good) but I hate senuke it just seems to be a spamming tool nowadays rather than an efficient tool for seo.

OK, so I am in the hotel promoting business with affiliate links, I have 1 primary domain and I create a page for each hotel and promote them on 1 domain, so I am ranking "pages" rather than different domains.

So my question is, I understand you can create and setup tiers within gsa which is super cool and as I understand can be powerful but I really need a sort of visual look at what Tier 1 backlink types should be checked within gsa & what Tier 2 types should be checked,how many Tier 1 links I should be building, how many tier 2's I should be build etc.

I am going to ignore doing a Tier 3 for now, I want to see how 2 tiers will do.

Can someone point me in the direction of a guide setting up tiers that are modern rather than a guide from years ago which might not be as effective today or lend me some tips here so I can get started :)

My domain is aged, was purchased on the 28/10/2011 and website has been up for several years but only really started to get serious about it mid 2016, all my on-page seo is on point and ranking decently but now its just the backlinks I require to push me up to that sweet #1 spot! :)

I understand its a case by case basis on how many links you should build etc but I just need some direction.

Thanks everyone! :)


  • shaunshaun
    I'm pretty sure noone has a method with just SER on T1 right now mate.
  • OP You can still rank fine in google with just spam (I do it all the time), but it's risky for a site you care about, especially if you're just using an 'out the box' install of SER.

    What you're planning to do most likely won't end well TBH. Better to build a network of relevantly themed websites, or buy links on relevant websites for the majority of your tier 1 IMO.

    SER still has it's place, but for what you're doing, I'd use it further down the tiers, or find a better, safer way to use it to drive traffic to your website instead.
  • Sorry guys I was under the impression the purpose of this tool was to create backlinks right?

    I thought you would use gsa to create teir 1 web 2.0, articles etc then you would create a teir 2 and build lots of backlinsk to your teir 1 links?

    I have spent a lot of money on this software and have also spent money on 5 private proxys and decaptcha credits im ready toi go, i have my own very precise settings, iv ran it for 20 hours and it generates about 368 guest comment links submitted but none verified :( 

    I just need a sort of guide or assistance of a strategy guide that works.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • shaunshaun
    Everyone wants a strategy that works :p usually it only comes to the people who test and adjust enough to work their own out.
  • I know every case is different.

    I just need a rough guide.

    Have I to create some tier 1's to my money site then blast the tier 1's with teir 2's ?

    I expected a sort of helpful community to give me just a little guidance thats all.
  • shaunshaun
    Search the forum, theres tons of info on here.

  • OK thanks, will take a look.

    Does it sound normal that out of 370 submitted links I have 0 verified ?
  • Anyone?
  • shaunshaun
    Mate you waited like half an hour, this is a pretty quiet forum.

    It totally depends on your settings, this guy had the same problem.

    My SER projects are highly optimised and thats why I am able to knock out hundreds of verifieds or links per minute depending what I am doing.
  • Well as I said I'm new matey, I thought this would of been a great busy community of SEOers so i assumed I'd get prompt responses from several people.

    I am just really keen to get crackin with my projects but I am in the dark here and just need a little direction.

    I of course have a narrowed down list of settings as I don't want to spam my money site with un-related links, so I have set it to only find blogs with my keywords and not to post to blogs with more than 30 outgoing links.

    I have left it running for almost 24 hours now and have close to 400 submitted but no verified links.

    I haven't imported any extra footprints or anything (if thats even possible) is this maybe something I should find and add or better yet maybe you can supply me with them :)

    Cheers mate!
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