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GSA 0.05 or below lpm

For the last 3 days, I've been testing gsa and failing at every attempt. All my proxies are working fine (30 private proxies), emails are working fine. I believe the settings are also fine but it just doesn't work. I am not using any additional links list. (just the one that comes by default). The only backlinks I am able to create are the url shortners which aren't any use. I know I am doing something wrong but can't figure out what it is. Please help


  • shaunshaun
    You already have a thread related to this.

    Also like I told you in PM read as many of the SER posts from my blog as possible. It will help give you a kick start in how to use the tool.
  • Rizvi91Rizvi91 Pakistan
    edited January 2017
    Tried every single thing without any luck
  • shaunshaun
    What LPM are you expecting for the project?
  • Rizvi91Rizvi91 Pakistan
    edited January 2017
    here people are talking about lpm in hundreds, Sure they are using vps to get that result but shouldn't I be expecting atleast 10-15? :?
    The best I've got so far is 0.14
    Also wanted to mention that I have tested everything without making my targeting narrow. Still no luck :( 
  • shaunshaun
    It's not a matter of testing, it's a matter of understanding.

    That could be normal for the platforms selected and how you have your project set up.
  • Thanks for your help so far :) I've spent a lot of time in testing and everything and came to 2 conclusions.

    1. If I keep it running for long periods for example 4-5+ hours, the lpm would slowly start rising. I left the software running for 10 hours and the lpm is 0.3 with 93 submits and 79 verify.

    2. I must shift everything to vps and get better proxies, maybe internet speed is the issue here.I am getting 2-3mb on my laptop where as vps would be 500+ mb. I will keep experimenting further and will update tomorrow :)
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