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[ASK] VS Proxy-Hub Vs Errsy

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I like to ask about proxy question, i use dedicated for now but when LeeG told me that proxy-hub is better now i have a doubt in my mind. Now i like to ask fellow GSA SER... What proxy service do you use?

Please let us know what private proxy are you using?


  • ronron

    Buyproxies all the way. I've heard nothing but good things here on Proxy-Hub, so that one too. Errsy seems to have too many problems.

    @LeeG has a hot pointed stick in his eye over buyproxies because of their support. And knowing LeeG and how direct and candid he is with no sugar-coating, well, you know where I'm going with this :)

    But leaving aside that one incident, I have heard nothing but good things about them on this board. 

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Blunt :O

    I was being nice to them when they spat the dummy with me

    Typical polite English gentleman

    And at the time, several other members on here were having similar problems with them over sharing their proxies

    After three batches of crap proxies, I was to the point

    With Proxy Hub, there are discount codes around. I get 40 proxies a month for a little bit more than 30 from buy over shared proxies

    Plus I get very few pr-? of doom if any

  • also make sure your proxies are somewhat near to your VPS to gain some speed.
  • ronron
    Where is proxy-hub located?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The owner of proxy hub is in India

    I had a week with proxy problems, which I admit to. But on having my ticket answered, there was an apology about health problems

    But the guy is back on top of things now

    You can get him on Skype and get problems sorted quickly

    Im sure I talked him into buying SER yesterday :D

    My VPS is located in America and I use European proxies

    Which will give some idea of the speed of their proxies

  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    @LeeG: Maybe you should try a mix of US & EU for testing.

    I had a mix of both from Proxy-Hub in the beginning and the EU-Proxies were much faster as my VPS is located in germany.
  • bought 10 shared from buyproxies 4 days ago and 2 died yesterday. Emailed them and they replaced the 2 dead ones within 1 hour. My humble experience so far LOL....
    @LeeG LOL I've had similar negative experiences because of my British directness when I think I'm being polite. Not with buyproxies as yet though. Glad it's not only me. 
  • and i thought we germans are the rudest?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited February 2013

    You are, now stop moaning Ozz :) :P

    This is the GSA ser forum, not poor hard done by Germans with hurt feelings forum :D

    I prefer to be honest. Rose tinted glasses views are just crap views aimed at being nice when people need to man up

  • Achtung! now i'm feeling much better :D
  • ronron
    Yeah @LeeG, when you say that you wouldn't piss on the guy if he was on fire - that's pretty direct. At least Ozz would have pissed on him.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    And who gave you permission to be slacking and using up all the forum smileys :D

    Dont you know there is a world shortage on forum smileys :D

    I admire the likes of Santos and Ozz for their ability to be subtle and help people

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    From memory with Erssys, Santos was promoting them.

    He recently stopped after a lot of complaints

    There were problems, limited amount of threads could be used, lots of the proxies banned

  • edited February 2013
    It took proxy hub two days to provide me my proxies and during that time my support request didn't get answered (I didn't know whether I should see my proxy info already or if I'll get this later).

    Also off the 10 private proxies, 2 are not passing the test in SER. According to Proxy Hub they should be working. Requested to have the 2 non-working replaced.

    So far it's not the smoothest experience.
  • OK here is the summary....

    1. Proxy-hub
    2. Buyproxies
    3. never use errsy...

    @LeeG, i'm buying proxy-hub with 15% discount code i got from search online, Does your discount code is bigger then mine? :)
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    +1 for Buyproxies

    I have used bot the shared and dedicated proxies of Buyproxies and were and still am very happy with them. More so am i happy with the support i got from Buyproxies. All my support request were answered very fast.

    I tried Erssy but stopped after a week. Support from Erssy suck big time, takes almost a week to get a response from them and when they to respond it is not too the point.

    Have not tried Proxy-hub yet but will consider as i see many good feedback of their service
  • +1 BuyProxies
  • +1 BuyProxies
    I have 10 semi-private for myself and 100 semi-private for a client, I haven't tried proxy-hub
  • +1 Buy Proxies -5 for proxy hub.

    Started on 10 semi private with buy, upto 20 semi, over to 10 private and then tried 10 private from proxy hub as they were cheaper.  

    Customer service at proxy hub was very poor.  Gave me rubbish proxies and didn't respond for days.  I asked for refund but only then got new proxies.  They were okay for GSA but wouldn't work with scrapebox rank checker. More delay in communication so got a refund after kicking off and went back to buy proxies. 

    Any problems with these guys and they send out new proxies within minutes.  God bless em! I will pay an extra dollar for much better customer services any day..
  • Wow... got so many satisfy customer... hmm... i just buy dedicated proxy with proxy-hub i will test it for a month and decided it again. Cause i trust @sven will not recommend bad service like proxy-hub to his GSA SER customer.

    Is there no other proxy company better then buyproxies and proxy-hub???
  • +1 for Buyproxies... been using them for 2 years and I've been happy with them after trying nearly every other proxy provider on BHW and a couple of other SEO forums.

    Very fast, good quality proxies that last and you can use them with any tools.
  • I rent for monthes 10 "Dedicated Proxies" at, however, I can see other 
    users than me :(

    My new " Dedicated Proxies" are PRE-blacklisted at 70%.

    Yes, on 10 proxies, 7 are pre-blacklisted on StopForumSpam and/or BotScout.

    Support mail is sent.

  • :-( just did the same test...

    I am using PROXY HUB

    I  bought 10 private and 10 semi... the semi are LESS blacklisted!!

    some of the private proxies even have some "virus" mails blacklisted. sucks.. ticket opened...

    paying twice the price and getting pre used IPs :-(

  • ronron

    I don't know why that matters to you guys. Every proxy I use gets listed in those honeypots every day. It still doesn't stop me from making 100k links a day. (@LeeG is probably laughing at this number).

    Oh, I forgot to tell you about the VIRGIN proxy offers, lol. Come on guys. It's not a big deal. Once GSA gets its hands on those proxies, it will be blacklisted very quickly. With your own hands no less!

  • i never check if my proxies are blacklisted, that doesn't matter... maybe if you are building 5 links a day, but if you are building more then 20k links a day who cares.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Oi rodo, you missed a zero off your link amount :D

    And ron, Im not laughing, more like a snigger

  • ronron
    Yeah, thanks @LeeG. Would you like a new Titlest on that tee? Nevermind, I see you crushed it :D
  • +1 for Buyproxies as well.

    I actually tried out Proxy-hub due to the recommendations here and was letdown. Their shared/dedi proxies are more expensive than buyproxies and their slower too (tested on both SB and SER). At least this was the case for my batch. I had my 1st batch replaced with a 2nd and still, speeds were mediocre at best. Their support was nice, BUT they generally take 24-48 hrs to respond to anything. With buyproxies, I generally get a response within 12 hours if not sooner.

  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    the speed of proxies is also depending on the location of your PC/VPS and the distance to the proxies. if you have a VPS located in middle Europe than middle european proxies would be faster than US proxies in general.

    at least i noticed that with my first batch of mixed EU + US proxies of Proxy Hub, so i could compare the speed to each other.
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