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Hi, anyone who used GSA to build Tier 1 links?

faithseofaithseo Philippines
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I'm trying to figure out a way to build direct links to the money site through GSA.

I know it isn't recommended but I believe that if the list is filtered well enough, we can come up with a list of high quality sites where we can build level 1 links from.

Any thoughts?



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    The only problem is these links get deleted over time, and that's the reason why it's not recommended to blast it directly on money site.
  • Tim89Tim89
    its not difficult to do, as you said, set filters.
  • TaobaoGuidesTaobaoGuides Guangzhou China
    I have the same questions, I am running a tutorial online shopping site to teach foreigners shopping on Taobao, it's only 1 month old, although I post quality tutorial and tips on my website it gets too less traffic from Google. 

    My question is instead of using GSA to build tier 1 links for my domains, can I build tier 1 links with the keywords on the posts for theose deep links in my websites to rank the keywords without being pulished by google?
  • shaunshaun
    This again :(.

    Check all my posts out in this thread....a few other BHW users get into it too sharing some stuff.

  • faithseofaithseo Philippines
    @anonymous - thanks. Those are my thoughts too. Still undecided in doing this but just want to check if someone have tried it actually and what were the results.
  • faithseofaithseo Philippines
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    @TaobaoGuides - didn't quite understand what you mean. lol can you explain a bit further? Thanks :)
  • faithseofaithseo Philippines
    @shaun - thanks. Will check out the link you sent. Not sure though on your stand on this. You are against doing this?
  • shaunshaun
    @faithseo, read the link :P.

    I am pro SER to money site I put a fair amount of explination into that BHW thread as well as a basic method I use if I remember correctly. FC also posts his method in that thread.

    I only have one site that I am trying to rank right now via SER as I am crazy busy but I put it up 3 weeks ago, it is 3rd for its main keyword and steady. Today it has jumped to the first page for two secondaries but one is already dancing but it is normal. Pretty sure in time the site will be first page and steady for all it five targeted keywords with its main keyword top three at least.
  • TaobaoGuidesTaobaoGuides Guangzhou China
    @faithseo, I mean I have a website that only 1 month old, can I use gsa to build tier 1 backlinks to the deeplinks in my website instead of the homepage to boost the keyword rank?

    Or should I pay someone to post articles on his blogs then use gsa to build backlinks for those links to boost the keyword rank, does it safer? Any advices for me would be appreciated, thank you.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @TaobaoGuides - if your site is just one month old, I wouldn't worry too much about what's safe and what isn't. It's not worth anything right now, and if you get a penalty you can just move the content somewhere else and start over.
  • faithseofaithseo Philippines
    @shaun - its clear now lol. I do believe SER could do something like that. I am just too afraid to get penalties of some sort. But thanks for sharing your own testimony for using it. I'll read through that BHW thread. Thanks again!
  • faithseofaithseo Philippines
    @TaobaoGuides - I dont see any difference if you will use homepage or deeper links as both links will be credited to your domain.

    I agree with @redrays as there is nothing to lose at the moment. However, if you want to use that website for years and years then better be careful in building links. Dont just build tier 1 links to any of your page using SER. You might need to create a filtering system that will build quality links to your site.

    Or in my case, I do build manual links coupled with a few gigs from fiverr or people per hour then blast tier 2 and 3 links to those. Hope this helps.
  • shaunshaun
    @faithseo if you are scared of penalties then this is not the game for you.....
  • Tim89Tim89
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    If people are scared or worried to experiment then indeed the SEO game isn't for you.

    Be bold, what's the worst that could happen? If the site gets hit, remove the content, get the gbot to re-crawl the penalised site again a couple times and start up another site with the same content, I can understand why people get so attached to a site with all the time and effort it takes you to set up and write content for it but all that effort isn't going to earn you money unless you're a web designer which we're not, we're SEOs.

    And in all fairness, I've not yet seen any of my sites get any penalties, these -50 or -100 SERPs penalties that people speak of are very rare, this primarily happens if you're under surveillance which is manual action and basically if it does happen then I wouldn't bother with the niche anymore, most of the time, when someone sees a drop of -20 or -50 or -100 they quickly assume that it's a penalty when infact it's not, most of the time its pure link loss or tiers breaking, you'll know if you've been slapped with a penalty, the entire site will not get out of the top 50 for all keywords, not just 1 as I said, quite rare in not so competitive or "reviewed" niches monitored closely by Google and I'm saying this coming from financial niches.

    Don't be afraid to go ballz deep.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @faithseo your statements don't make sense together. If you are only building links yourself or buying links, no matter what kind of links, you shouldn't be worried about using SER on a domain. If the SER links tank your domain, you can just point your 'good' links somewhere else. If you are attracting organic links from other webmasters, either naturally or through outreach, then you have something to lose and should be more careful. These links won't move from domain to domain with you, so if you tank a site you're losing them.

    @Tim89 is spot on about moving content to a fresh domain and starting over.
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    SER links by themselves won't tank your site. It depends on how well the content is spun and your overall backlink profile. If you post readable articles on powerful domains then back it up with tier 2 links then you should be good.

    Link velocity is also a factor here. Don't start building 1000s of links to your money site, that's just asking for a manual review.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2016
    @710fla Indeed, SER on its own can rank sites... I don't believe in link velocity though and I never have done, how can the search engine track link velocity to an extent that it would be a beneficial/reliable ranking factor truth is, it can't, links are too volatile for link velocity to count as a ranking factor, some new businesses have a count down to when they launch their websites whereby a massive amount of links are and can be created naturally in a short space of time think product launches, what? is google going to slap that domain? I personally don't think so.

    I've built thousands of tier 1 links to my money sites then halted to none and concentrated on tier 2 and 3 for a while with no negative impact what so ever so I have definitely ruled out link velocity, also back links are crawled and indexed at different time periods, there's not an efficient programmatic way of counting this link velocity as a ranking factor, links are found, crawled and indexed contributing to your backlink profile as an entirety, that's it.

    Edit: Link loss, is a far better ranking factor ;)
  • shaunshaun
    Cant agree more with @tim89 on link velocity, never understood where that theory came from...
  • Love this thread. I think there are two perspectives mashed together though. If you are a churn-n-burn person, you have a much different perspective than someone who is using SER on their corporate website.

    C-n-B, absolutely SER is a dream come true. No doubt and no worries on that. Load it up with the right settings, list, proxies, and catch-all email and have at it while you can.

    For those of us who seek to obtain and sustain long term keyword positioning on an important domain, you simply cannot be so carefree with SER. In this case, you have to have more strategy involved and do a lot of non-SER research about your niche, competitors, etc. But even in this case, SER is a valuable tool to have.

    I have commented before on another thread about some U.S. based , global corporates where I have fly-on-the-wall privileges with their digital teams. I can tell you with absolute certainty two things; firstly, they are actively involved in blackhat trickery. All day long and with a lot of employees. Secondly, they have an entire team from G visiting them regularly on the advertising side, but of course they are advised as to 'best' practices for seo, and with the millions of dollars they spend on ads, you would expect that they get pretty spot-on advice. So, if you think you can be timid and rank against that on your own, you are fooling yourself. SER levels the playing field for us. What Sven has built is the equivalent of their backrooms of minions that churn out white noise on the web. Just have to create a strategy/link profile that works for you and that requires as I said a lot of planning and research.

    Also agree with @Tim on links. Velocity isn't as important as losing links. That is why I rely on my PBN for Tier 1 and 2.0's for Tier 2 as they tend to stick better than SER links, and then Tier 3 I hammer with SER.

    I am also experimenting with a traffic bot to see how changing my on site metrics affects my ranking.

  • I changed hosting a month or so ago and my site got penalized. Well, it was either that or I got slammed with fake traffic from a competitor (fairly competitive niche), site was making 1000+ usd a month and now... nothing. Sad face.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp are you it doesn't have anything to do with your migration? Did you lose all traffic after the migration? Were you using custom name servers instead of an IP for your hosting? It's a bit of a coincidence that your site dipped after migrating, could be a migration problem.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    A lot of these theories start to break down if you sit down and think about the implementation and how difficult it would be to pull off. A search engine's spam fighting team generates no direct profits, and it's much cheaper to spread fear via propaganda than to spend money on constantly chasing an algorithm and beefing up computing power. And I'll leave it at that :)
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Granted but an ineffective anti-spam team would mean profit loss for the search engines' advertisements wouldn't you agree? If Billy Bob could outrank a big brand name easily then why would the big brand name bother paying for advertisements, they would just employ Billy Bobs sidekick for much cheaper than the cost of a CPC campaign.

    I agree there is a little bit of fear tactics involved but I think that search engines pump a lot of money and time into their anti-spam team and anti-spam algo equally to protect their income stream, it goes hand in hand.

    PageRank was a massive change to their algo, it was a revolution in determining search results, that must have cost a lot during development, they have now gone to the extreme as to take it away entirely from the equation simply because it could be gamed really easily by manipulating PR, they now look at other factors to rank pages more and more, why do you think they are doing that then? Propaganda? If they are willing to throw away a metric that was once used primarily for ranking to stop SEO and or SPAMMERS then I think they are investing a lot of time and money into developing alternative ranking factors.

    To be honest, they haven't got much to do anyway twiddling their thumbs in their offices so one side "improves search" and the other side "fights spam" what else is there to do if you work for a search engine??? :D
  • @redrays

    Well, I don't know about that. Anti-spam practices could lead to your business's website being slapped, you need to get that traffic some how to keep your business floating, so you get adwords the next day.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Haha cmon man.

    1. It's the current year. Everyone who matters already buys Adwords and sees it as just another revenue stream. This has been the case for a very long time now. Hell, at this point Billy Bob or whoever does too.

    2. A lot of money and time is relative, you yourself said they're not investing the kind of resources it would take to track link velocity :)

    3. They took away toolbar PR, which served no purpose. PageRank was a brilliant idea, it continues to work ridiculously well (, and they've already rolled in a bunch of other stuff, largely as a part of Panda. Links aren't going anywhere any time soon.

    4. Blowing money on a bunch of unrelated, failed business ideas? :D
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @tim89 - what makes you think that Google has stopped using PR?

    I am even surprised that they kept showing the visible updates (delayed) for so long.

    The top blackhat SEO people are way ahead of Google.

    I always check the SERPs for "buy viagra" related keywords.

    There was a time not too long ago when it looked like Google had cleaned up the SERPs in that niche.

    It DID NOT last long !!!
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp - missed your reply. This may have been true years ago, but buy-in on Adwords for legit businesses is ridiculously high. It works really well, no matter how you're doing with organic traffic. The company I used to work for would do 6-7 figures a month in profit from organic traffic and still max out Adwords traffic, going as far as having 2-3 accounts. And why not? It's just incremental revenue and profit.
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    link velocity is definitely a 'thing'.

    people think thousands of links if its in your t2 or t3 is safe because its not your t1.. its totally wrong

    its all about how many links go back to how many links in a certain amount of time. a t2:t1 ratio of 10:1 shouldn't be a problem. but my tests involved ratios of 100-1000+:1.

    i'll just say what i ended up with was discovering a new way to neg seo. not the results i wanted, but the results i got
  • Tim89Tim89
    A link becomes "unstable" if you spam links to it and it'll fall out of the index sometimes if you spam it too hard which makes your rankings plummet, but that isn't due to link velocity specifically, that's due to you spamming a single link to hard, it's a stupid idea to spam 1 link like a mad man.

    Using a better link source and the age of the link are big factors as to how much spam it can take, this would be another reason for not using SER at tier 1, the links it produces in comparison to a web 2 on a good platform or a PBN post are complete shit and will pop in and out of the index a lot and causing unstable bouncing rankings.

    I think what is being recorded here is not the speed of the links are being built but rather a record of a single link being spammed to death (negative SEO).
  • @kijix84 was it because of link velocity or the amount of links you sent to one property?
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