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How to index link social network which created from rankerX ?

I created 30 link social network from RankerX .
I waited for 10 day , but They're not index although I used fast link indexer service
Please help me  . How to index link social network from rankerX ?
Thanks .
Best Regard


  • Tim89Tim89
    Hello, Google has slowed down with its' indexing regardless of the instant or fast indexing methods that have been introduced recently which are not cost effective but traditional indexing services should do the trick for you but 10 days is still a little early to say that they won't be indexed at all, although 0 out of 30 links indexed after 10 days is a little concerning after submission perhaps they are indexed but dropping in and out of the index when your checking them.

    You could simply use SER, set up a campaign and throw your URLs into it and build links to your links if you want those links indexed really fast, however this wouldn't really speed rankings up a whole lot simply because it takes time for a link to mature to hold enough weight to see any real benefits from the link(s).

    Also the benefit of indexing services is that they get your links indexed by using safe methods that aren't basically 10,000 links spammed at a URL to force Google into indexing them which also means that it's far unlikely for your tier 1 links to be considered as spam and then lose the entire juice you would want to pump at it.

    As I mentioned in another thread somewhere her recently, indexing services are the way forward to indexing moderately to high use of links by this I mean if you're building 50,000+ tier 2,3 links then it's worth, my suggestion to you though which is also an effective way of doing SEO would be to power up your 30 tier 1 links using 2-3 SER tiers using decent platforms with decent metrics then run your tier 2 and 3 links through an indexing service, the power from your web 2 comes from the juice you funnel to it, depending on the competition of your niche you'd need the power from tiered links anyway so it's far beneficial to process your outer tier links and the overall percentage of indexing rate will increase due to the volume of links you create at which point the cost of the indexing service is worth while which is what I suggest, I mean I'm assuming you have SER being on a SER forum, make use of it.

    All of what I've said above is fact, there will be some skeptics about that swear down don't your an indexing or pinging service (at least) and do things naturally but the way I see it, a natural index rate is well below 5% within a month which in most SEO cases won't get you very much power.

    It's a numbers game, there's a tipping point that turns good value and effeciency to great value and efficiency, the more numbers you build the more results you'll have, well in terms of using SER.

    If you're talking about PBN links, then my service usually gets PBN links indexed within a few days to a couple of weeks, instead of a possible month+ if your PBN domain isn't that great or possibly brand new which you purchased as a dropped domain.

    Apologies for the long winded reply but I think I answered your question and also given you a little more tips to take away!
  • codyjasoncodyjason New York
    You should add image/video in your article which using in RankerX. You will get index faster. Or Go to here to submit and get Index from Google after a few hours :
  • faithseofaithseo Philippines
    @codyjason - Ive downloaded Ranker X for free trial. Got curious through your answers on this thread. Its driving me nuts lol. This is the hardest tool I've encountered so far. There arent a lot of tutorials either. The one on site has no audio which makes it difficult to understand. Can you help me understand how this works in the simplest possible way?
  • jamessaylorjamessaylor california
    Thank you for your replying @codyjason
    I created over 100 site from social network platforms . 
    If I submit them to Google Webmaster tool .
    Google will detect footprint and It will penalize my money site
  • codyjasoncodyjason New York
    jamessaylor . Don't worry about it. You should submit after a week If you haven't get index from backlinks for Tier1. You can check my keywords "vietnam vacations". It still ranking page1 when I built for 5 months ago.
  • I am indexing almost every link i build throught the Google Search Console without any problem. Note that all of them are manually build.

    As @codyjason said you will get them indexed within 2 hours normally.
  • shaunshaun
    @jamessaylor the most stable way I have found is to just build blog/image comments, guestbook and track backs to them. With this method I am getting 50-70% indexed within a few days.

    I am also testing a fair few "indexing" services right now the vast majority are getting less than 5% indexed. Contacted all of the service owners about half never even replied. The ones who did sputed the standard line of give it time or there hasnt been enough time yet even though the blog comenting method is working much quicker used it for months.

    A few link you to reviews of their "service" to try convince you it works but the reviews are either paid like the one on the mathew woodward blog or from like 2012 two of them never even got back to me with the links.....

  • Tim89Tim89
    Hmmmmmm "The ones who did sputed the standard line of give it time or there hasnt been enough time yet"

    Thanks pal, - replied swiftly, gave you my answer and said others had written case studies, you then asked me for these case studies but they're ready available online. 5 days is not long enough to wait before assuming a final index rate and anyway, there is not final index rate because links are forever being indexed/deindexed, services just help them get indexed. In your example, that 5% in 5 days is better than no% in 5 days.
  • shaunshaun
    "Express indexer case study" in google doesnt return any other than this old one on here from before the indexing patch... 

  • jamessaylorjamessaylor california
    I have 200 URL from social network ( premium rankerX )
    How to check index for these 200 url ? ( Which tool can check index more url ? )
  • jamessaylorjamessaylor california
    @shaun  '' @jamessaylor the most stable way I have found is to just build blog/image comments, guestbook and track backs to them. With this method I am getting 50-70% indexed within a few days. ''
    Do you use list verfied link or just run GSA for building blog /image comments , guestbook and track backs ?
    How many links ( blog /image comments , guestbook and track backs ) do you run to index ?
    @deNiro72 I tried to check index by scrapebox , but Google ban my IP very fast although I set thread of index checker is 1 .
  • shaunshaun
    @jamessaylor I have my own list of segregated do follow verifiers for it.

    Indexing is totally fucked right now, fair few people having the same problems so the best way is it just test and cross your fingers right now.
  • What best indexer premium today?
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