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Express Indexer vs InstantLinkIndexer, Which one is best...?

Hello guys, I have taken the time to record a little case study for my personal benefit and I thought I would post it here, I am not affiliated with any of these services and these results are from what I HAVE EXPERIENCED so I do not want any service provider hating on me and i dont want any arguments in my thread please.

Lets begin with the actual data/results which are below.

Case study Results

control index rate

Day 1 = 2%
Day 7 = 2%
Day 14 = 1%
Day 21 = 3%
Day 30 = 4%

Express Indexer index rate

Day 1 = 12%
Day 7 = 24%
Day 14 = 22%
Day 21 = 74%
Day 30 = 82%

Instant Link Indexer index rate

Day 1 = 8%
Day 7 = 19%
Day 14 = 28%
Day 21 = 55%
Day 30 = 62%

Main differences between these two services, instantlinkindexer prohitbits you from sending through unlimited urls per day, which is very tedious, I must admit, even for this case study, I had to limit my urls to 500 links for this case study simply because of my 500 daily limitation.

On the other hand, Express Indexer allows you to use your credits as you wish each day, this gives me an advantage because of my work flow and the way I set up my campaigns.

Instant link indexer has a nice looking interface, this is quite evident whereas Express Indexer really has only one submission page. Both Indexing services allow you to check on your submissions/campaigns which is very nice, for personal checking.

I believe Express Indexer stores your submissions for 30 days, this allows me to be able to download all of my campaigns with ease so I can do my alive checks and index checks, instant link indexer stores urls for 7 days before deleting.

At the end of the day, I don't normally use the dashboard and I prefer easy to use things, a simple submission box is all I require when sending urls through for indexing, most of the times I use the API functionality and very rarely submit via the dashboards anyway so in terms of good looks, this is not my concern, I'm only concerned for indexing rates! :).

Price differences between these two services, I will compare these to the best of my ability as each service has different plans, I use around 1,5 million credits each month so I will compare the price on these numbers.

for 50,000 credits per day (1,5 million credits per month) instantlinkindexer charges a sum of $47.77 bearing in mind the daily limitation cap.

for 1 million credits per month (no daily cap) expressindexer charges slightly higher at $48.99.

Although instantlinkindexer provides more credits for their plans, they don't allow credits to roll over each month and this is where I personally think expressindexer has the advantage, depending on work flow, I might not use all my credits, which means, if I use instantlinkindexer, I would in theory lose any remaining balance, however, expressindexer allows me to store credits at the end of each month, this is from my personal understanding, feel free to correct me.

Ok, now for the case study, the way I have managed this...

I wanted to make sure I had a good mixture of link types, I built wikis/forum profiles/social networks and articles, I used the exact same list for all three campaigns so both indexers/control will have the same sources to try and index.

I also created a control campaign and this will display the natural indexing rate without any services or indexing method applied.

I took time out to do this case study because I wanted to actually determine which service is the better performer and I wanted to give credit to the rightful winner.

I have limited my study to 500 links for each group (due to daily cap on instantlinkindexer), I built 500 links using SER and then I checked their status to make sure they were all alive links, I then ran an index check before submitting the links for indexing, I made sure that all links were alive and NOT indexed before I submitted them, so I swapped out links that were indexed already with non-indexed links, so this would be a fair test.

500 non-indexed links for expressindexer and 500 non-indexed links for instantlinkindexer and also 500 non-indexed links for my control group, this is what I will be basing this case study on.

Upon submitting my urls what I did notice is that instantlinkindexer does not instantly index links, I did a quick index check 25 minutes after submitting my links out of curiousity and expressindexer had already started to index my urls, it had indexed 49 urls within this time, I checked instantlinkindexer and still no links had been indexed. (i made sure I selected the process all links NOW option within the instant link indexers dashboard). This doesn't really mean anything at the moment as I will be recording the entire rate based on days and not minutes/hours.

After an hour of submitting my urls to both indexers, the indexed numbers are as follows... 45 of 500 links indexed for instantlinkindexer and 62 of 500 links indexed for expressindexer.

It seems that there was a slight delay in processing my urls with instantlinkindexer, but no problem, it looks like it has started, excited to see how these indexers perform side by side! Interestingly, the control group has 10 indexed links, but it is evident that having an indexing service does improve indexing rates from the results so far.

I only took index checks on the 1st,7th, 14th, 21st and 30th days so these index rates are accurate to those dates, as you can see, at first glance, I thought Express Indexer and InstantLinkIndexer were using same methods of indexing due to the similarities between indexing rates but by the 21st day, things were very different between the two! Express Indexer excelled beyond this point and things were obvious at this point which service was the better one of the two.

As you can see from the control group, it is VERY beneficial to use an indexer service!

anyway, these are my findings and this is my case study and I just wanted to share it with you guy.

Happy Christmas all and have a nice festive holiday!


  • Great study thanks for sharing.
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    edited December 2014
    Thank you @Unkown717 I spent a lot of time recording results, I'm happy you apreciate it :)

    What I find helpful is that the longer term statistics are alot better with EI, like, my urls remain indexed and more become indexed over a period of time whereas I think ILI's indexing process maybe stops before and EI's indexing process maybe continues further which results in much higher rates as time goes by.

    I also like that EI stores my subbmissions for 30 days but ILI only stores them for 7 days then they are deleted... you must also appreciate the server space this requires, so for what you get for your money in that respect is alot~!

    Merry Christmas all.
  • Nice case study, thanks.
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited February 2015
    Sorry, I don't have same results. Just using same content your % is not working for me. If you have good content you can't have 4% without indexing service and 60-80% with one index services.
  • Really good test, thanks for that. It's also the reason why I've been using Express Indexer for months, it just works so much better than the rest. Plus @Tim89 is on here and knows SEO and what SEOr's need. I'm on the million link package and often have to renew early in the month, but it doesn't matter as it is a service that pays for itself.
  • Yes of course...:)
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