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Captcha Share 100% Captchas added to each update??

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Are all the 100% solve rate captchas that are added to the captcha share added to each update? I will refresh the captcha share some days it will have a bunch then some days slim to none I just added about 10 100% solve rate captchas I ran through sdk which took all day and I want to make sure they get added to each update of the program and not just deleted because this improves solving a lot... thank you!


  • I lost about 5 days worth of at least 30 of the top Captchas I saw not being solved in the log running sdk brute force to get the captchas to 100% and then I got the latest update today and it took all of them back down to like 5% and other random numbers... I want the 100% ones I take the time to run through sdk and share to be ADDED to Each update? it makes no sense not to add 100% success rate captchas to the program... or am I missing something?
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    it ok me a lot of time just to get those 10 you see on there right now. must be something to do with the forum because its adding to the front of the links this is the current list that was live on the share as of 2/6/2013  10:11 PM EST


    2013-02-07 03:48
    2013-02-06 Xanga Network 100%
    2013-02-07 03:47
    2013-02-06 vBulletin 100%
    2013-02-07 03:06
    2013-02-06 vBulletin (type 2) 100%
    2013-02-07 02:47
    2013-02-06 vBulletin (type 1) 100%
    2013-02-07 01:57
    2013-02-06 vBulletin (simple) 100%
    2013-02-07 01:33
    2013-02-06 vBulletin (black & white) 100%
    2013-02-07 01:02
    2013-01-31 SMF 79%
    2013-02-07 01:01
    2013-02-06 Twitter (mobile) 100%
    2013-02-07 00:44
    2013-02-06 inbox 100%
    2013-02-07 00:43
    2013-02-06 Cool PHP Captcha 100%
    2013-02-07 00:42
    2013-02-06 Oxwall 100%
    2013-02-06 23:38
    2013-02-06 reddit 100%
    2013-02-06 23:35
    2013-02-06 ClipBucket 95%
    2013-02-06 23:23
    2013-02-06 Dolphin 100%
  • I had a ton more before update wiped out days and days of sdk work.... if we all went through and ran them all through sdk find best solution for all images we could have all captcahs at 100% in a few days! once u do SDK save it!

    then goto the captcha right click hit refresh then right click Again hit Export > to Captcha share only if the captcha is at 100% after you sdk it export it.. I think once they are added to user share they are added to program so I was told by Sven.

  • i think it depends on if Sven adds them or not, from what i read in your former posts, you gain your 100% with just doing one single captcha, and you have to admit that 1 captcha is barely representive for a captcha type,

    so in other words if you do you 100% on focusing on one single sample captcha i am sure that sven is smart enough of not adding them,

  • I do it for all Selected images for every captcha.. some of them take 45 minutes to an hour for 1 sdk captcha run with brute force ... its a lot of work!!!
  • people please don't post anything less then like 90-100% I don't know why I keep seeing like 45% ones pop up... all the 100% ones are from me..

  • Downloaded. I'd like to ask b4 imoprt: how many samples did u run for every single type of captchas to get these 100%? I was not familiar with the SDK, but once I ran a 1700+ samples with brute force, it shows 328 hours left... I just quit
  • @fibercarbon:

    this is what's left when you test one of your '100%ers' against a decent sample size.

    Sven and I told you already that you need a sample size bigger than 1 but you seem to ignore everything we say.

    However, some of your definitions might be okay to add as another process to the captcha definition, but don't think that you can just get 100% with ease for captchas like recaptcha ^^

    Also I like to know if you are using CS or CB nowadays and if your issues are solved regarding solving-rate and -time?
  • OzzOzz
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    @Dunce: if you don't mind than upload your samples if all of them are renamed properly like 'yhxuvh.jpg' for example.
    that said its not needed to brute force such a huge sample size, but you should brute force at least 50 of each type. the more complex a captcha is, the more captchas are needed.
    some of the definitions and optimisations i did took as long as 12 hours though ^^

    haste make waste ;) 
  • Thanks @Ozz . Turns out I was using SDK in a wrong sample scale rather than a wrong way. One more thing, if I run a CB with SER on one PC to solve captcha, another 2 PCs to improve success rate with SDK at the same time, that's not gonna hurt, right?
  • OzzOzz
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    hmm. i'm not 100% sure if you've entered your licence code to all of them. @sven needs to say a word about this.

    however, if you install another CB version to a different folder and don't enter your licence code than it "should" work. the SDK remains fully intact when the trial period is over.
    you won't have any problem at all if you just have installed the trial version on your other PCs.

    let's wait what Sven has to say about this.
  • SvenSven
    Ozz is right about it.
  • ok im learning.. wow the captcha share just got full of like 80 captchas on it i just looked!.... wow... lol
    i understand what your saying now thanks for clearing that up!. 
  • please take some time and read my SDK guide

    this will help to get a deeper understanding how the SDK works.
  • to me it looks like someone reuploaded the complete captcha database. not so funny :(
  • wasnt me!! i was confused as hell when i saw that!
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