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I burned my site by blasting 2.3 million links directly to money site a week ago. The results r here



  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited April 2016
    Blasting a site like that might work sometimes, but most of the time you'll just burn it if you get too aggressive. Google has tightened up a lot on this since around last October time, and it's really easy to trip up now if you don't get the link building right. Catching the algo in one of its different phases will also have a bearing on the results.

    Also, you'd have probably had the same or better results if you'd just built 4k links on 4k domains - there's really no need to post multiple times on the same tier 1 domain and it will most likely hurt your results not help them.

    The no-follow probably also helped you by diluting the blast's quantity / velocity, if you used all do-follow it would have probably been a different story...

  • a few points:
    Testing is key to successful SEO. Good for you.
    G sees all links. Your statement about G not finding your links is not true. G has found them, they just haven't indexed them. That should worry you.
    I tried the test you did about 7 years ago. My strong site became even stronger...until it disappeared on the next update where those metrics mattered. You will get slapped by G, the only question is when.
    I would love to follow your story though to see how and when it happens. Feedback is critical to our community.
  • Just received the site as well and just FUCKING LOL

    Targeting English locales and using € as currency? Even if you ranked anything at all you'd de facto only be really targeting Ireland.

  • edited April 2016
    Here's his keyword breakdown from SEM Rush- this is just US results as no other country showed any results, including UK. Good for him for trying, but he could have gotten these results with just strong on page optimization and a couple decent unique links.

    *image removed by mod*

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    thank you bro for sharing everything here with all people :) I think google will not slap you but karma sure will
  • I'm not the guy pm'ing everyone your site url**
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    who is it than ?
  • @Doon I got some family in Naaldwijk must meet up one day :)

    Well done on the Blast - SER is quite simply amazing just people need to TEST TEST TEST then find a solid working strategy and then they will find the Key to ranking with it.

    I mean I just ranked 2 x YT vids with my eyes closed this month - local terms but then I sell the Rental Space to a client for $50 month hehe

    Peace out!

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