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I burned my site by blasting 2.3 million links directly to money site a week ago. The results r here

I posted a week ago, if I burned my site by blasting 2.3 million backlinks to my moneysite a week ago.. because I saw a drop in traffic and rankings with accuranker.. so the results are..

im #1 in google.
the end..
Mystery solved..
for how long? i keep you guys updated


  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Oke that a bit of a troll message / show off.. 

    But seriously all my long tail keywords are #1.
    And to be honest one hell of a competitive keyword (just 2 words) 
    is #11 on google... 

    some other even higher competitive keywords are #30 - #55 in google.
    So i will see if it will go up :) or go down :) and for how long... ill keep you guys updated..

    if you guys want to know my method, im gladly to share.

    heres the Ahrefs stats of the 2.3m site

    So than i was thinking ? hey.. wil this boost my other non spammed website ? who has 0 backlinks? 
    so I added a few backlinks to my other money site, that is not spammed.. And heres what happened with that one !

    Yep :) Tier link building works (mystery solved, myth busted, illuminati confirmed)
  • except... ahrefs rank is meaningless and absolutely does not translate into SERPs.

    Also, this whole thread you started is the exact sort of thread you don't want to be starting because people will just think you are annoying. Why ask us if we want to hear your methods? Either post it in the original post, or dont start threads like these.
  • edited April 2016
    I agree, tiered link building still works, but you need to do it carefully.
    I will follow your results.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I was asking it because I would need to prepare a guide how to spam 2.3m in 2-3 days with GSA, so the question is if there were people interested i would prepare this doc, otherwise i will not, + some people want to take SEO slow, and not burn their sites quickly. 
    Anyhow, sorry for being annoying...
  • Tim89Tim89
  • 2.3m links in 2-3 days is not really realistic, google would know what you were doing immediately... Also probably not sustainable.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    google is somehow really really slow. it's not in this message but my others.. when ahrefs finds 17k links, google finds only 50.. 

    currently google found 580 links... 

    Another thing I didnt add is I spread my links around 1,700 pages of my site, i never fully blast my homepage only :) 

  • lol you're blasting SER directly at a money site. Good luck with that.

  • Your niche must be foreign am i right? I saw plenty of foreign niches where people blast all shit from SER directly on money site and even got anchor text with main keyword around 60-80 % and yet not penalized. It seems google is closing one eye on some niches.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Nah bro.. it's Vacation Rentals :)
  • @Doon I just checked your website and it doesn't receive any traffic at all. You got only 6 keywords in organic search and combined they have like 180 monthly searches. So as other said, ahrefs rank means nothing. :)
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I just have to laugh at stuff like this. Some people.... lol
  • Aplause all please
  • Why are you guys laughing? He is testing some methods, i see nothing wrong with his project. The only thing i would say is at least build up on Tier 1's or better T2's. These are churn and burn projects, he is aware that he might lose his site.
    Keep it up bro, and keep us posted! I'm really curious of the upcomming results.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    hey Thanks for cheering me up about my projects and testings :) Triplex !! doubel the karma for you my friend

    I was about to post how I do it, I think this methods is indeed a bit too much for a money site, but I think i'm save, I check regularly my Search console and google found only 580 links so far. 

    i think im save just the fact that my sitemaps who are Partially indexed have 18.000 urls. 
    so 580 is nothing spread around 18k links. 

    not only that... what are 2.3 million links ? (if google will ever find them... eventually, somewhere 2020 at this paste..) 

    it's still only 127 links per url I got on the site. 

    google is an algorithm, so I think like an algorithm... 2.3M backlinks on a 18k pages domain is nothing

    But, as you know, google updates regularly + they have a manual spam cases on their search console, fingers crossed and ill keep you guys updated.

    Just for the sake of all people here who want to blast tier 3 with this method, im going to post a new thread how to blast 800-1300 lpm and + - 600 vpm. 
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @doon - i would like to see your guide and can i have the list of your 2.3m backlinks?
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Oh bro... I would rather not give my list because i scraped targetted urls for it, and when we both blast them I think it will eventually have a negative impact. but I will write the guide right now for it and post the thread url here. will make a new thread for it 
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    Is your list mostly blog and image comments?
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I got a punch in the face twice sharing this method... 
    sorry :'( hate me, i deserve it.. will not share it here
  • It may work of course, you shouldnt deny anything, but that will be slapped
  • Doon gets a panda for this thread. 

  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @don, I'm impressed and wish you a good luck, nothing that better than learn by doing. And I think you found your own way!

    Btw, I'm wondering how come you have 17K pages in your money site??? are all of them unique articles?
    And do you aware about the risk to lose your kingdom (with fact you have 17K pages), because you seems still have a chance to get google penalty with that method.

    I would do your method only for testing or churn and burn project. Cheerss :)
  • You know what Doom?
    I might be completely new to the GSA SER.
    However, I recently started working in a danish company doing SEO and webpages for danish companies and webshops.
    I respect that you put the time and work in to the project, and then share it with us.
    To all of those who posted any negative here, should really close their eyes or move on to the next thread.
    You're doing great, and I wish I had as much success with GSA as you do.
    I Bought gsa ser, cb, indexer and scrapebox a week ago and still learning.

    Btw. I sent you a PM with a question you might be able to help me with.
  • It's true- you see a lot of negativity on here. I'm probably a big part of that unfortunately. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    haha :) no worries, I am superman, your negative comments bounce of my chest 
  • @Doon I'm similar to you. I test and test and test. I just don't tell many people about it as you never know, you might just tap into a loophole that launches every site up the rankings. 

    I like hearing about other people's testing. It's cool. It's inspiring. I've done similar to you, and still ranking years later. Millions of Xrumer profiles, ALN, BMR, SEnuke, SEnuke XCR, SER and it's still bringing in Adsense!! Yes, that's right. I have been banned once or twice but same domain, same content, different layout and different themes a few times, and it's still going. It's 6 years old in the health niche. Everyone thinks I should have got rid of the site ages ago, but I refuse. I go against the grain and I like it.

  • Can you tell us what is more used platform and how many unique domains are in your list?

    Thank you! Good Luck!
  • @Doon I think its a great experience and i would love to see details of it, please share it here, private or if you posted some where else
  • edited April 2016
    Hi @Doon,

    If possible please share with me, the way you blasted.


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Slightly annoying that you said you'd share the details and I had to scroll down to find you aren't going to.
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