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Better Ranking for an authoritative youtube channel?



  • Yeah, I'm working on ranking a video that is a cover of a pop song. If I can get it done I'll get this clients other videos. I'm not worried about views and likes and such as the girl making the music videos has a large enough fan base to cover that (40k+ views, hundreds of likes, shares, etc...). With #1 #2 & #3 in ranks all being YouTube videos. I'll just keep blasting it now with the helpful info. Thanks.
  • ronron
    Nice job @Heisenberg, I don't do youtube videos, but I would have expected them to be as resilient as web 2.0's when it comes to linkbuilding. I think you confirmed my suspicions.
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    Interesting bits of info. I may try to send less tiers to my videos and just strengthen the upper tiers with more daily links then and see how that works. I've been working with 2-3 tiers. Kind of a cross between Ozz's good backlinking strategy post and video/clipbucket/social bookmarking + blog backlinking spam.

    I backed away from sending so many links to the top tier because one of my videos disappeared a bit from youtube results (for about a week). It worried me so I stopped. a week later it came back stronger than before.


    I guess I could turn off monetization by default and send some high retention views + likes/real sounding comments on the videos for the first day while starting the backlinks. hmm hmm. As a networked partner I just always figured to be careful with that.
  • Small update: I backed off from this low verify blog comment "spam" stuff.
  • Hmm so if i understand it, for ranking youtube video, you just need to make variety of links every day...and thats it. That is great, going to test this.
  • Small update: Now up to 44K backlinks, 1170 likes, and views showing in analytics are only around the 4K mark since YT wiped a whole heap of mobile views last week. Either way it doesn't seem like a whole heap of views are needed to rank a video in google anyway.

    New positions :

    Keyword 1 (33,000 exact match) position 11
    Keyword 2 (33,000 exact match) position 10
    Keyword 3 (18,000 exact match) postion 8
    Keyword 4 (8,100 exact match) position 14
    Keyword 1 "for sale" (4,500 exact match) position 3
    Keyword 2 "for sale" (1,600 exact match) position 2
    Keyword 3 "for sale" (1,300 exact match) position 6
    Keyword 4 "for sale" (880 exact match) position 3

    Don't want to give away too much about the video cuz if i start trying to explain it il end up giving away too much info, but the video basically only hit the top spots for the "for sale" phrases this week and already it's made nearly 400 euro since last saturday.. not too bad :)

    P.s I also found likes are defo as important as backlinks :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @heisenberg - thanks for the share. What tool are you using for the likes and social aspect? 
  • I heard som broscience from BHW: for ranking on ytube, you need good "statistiks" (coments, likes, retention, etc..)

    for ranking your vid in the google SERPS, just a bunch of spam bookmarking links (or lots of links anyhow), to make it look as gone viral.....

    would you agree ?
  • reddit is some good way .. someone posted a vid of me bam 100 000 views a weekend
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    @ thisisalex ye i head the same on BHW about ranking the vids on youtube, but on a couple of other videos i had, i had built a couple of thousand links and wasn't seeing much improvement... added more likes a few weeks later (without having done any more backlinkg during that time) and a couuple of days later they were ranked second in the serps so i reckon the likes defo play a major part too
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    so, what to do know...

    youtube, the unknown SEO land?

    the only www space you cant offpage autmatic link-optimize?

    I am confused too..

    Let me rank my exisitng websistes, and I come back to youtube.

    well, the easy way would be to embed your ytube vid in some page that IS ranking.... that way_ more views, higher #, more traffic..

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