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Better Ranking for an authoritative youtube channel?

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I asked on various forums but not much response has been given. As I planned on grabbing SER anyway I figured I'd ask here.

Any insights as to how to proceed backlinking on a youtube channel with over 300 videos on it? Sure, its ranking for a few terms but I am hoping to strengthen it and rank it higher for broader terms.

Its a partnered game channel, so the revenue is mostly from ads. I mean, I know people can just scrapebox a video or two, but I could only imagine trying to do that to as many of my videos could raise a few red flags. Any suggestions?


  • asked that a while a go.......... too..

    Did a great 2012 with lots of ytube vids.. I can give you some ideas to rank them naturally..

    But automatic? ATM, I am blasting some forum profiles on them. but I am testing just the newer ones or with less traffic.

    I dont think youtube channels are es sensitive als domains...

    But I still dont want to blast that spam crap blog or image comment on them..
  • I am ranking for a lot of smaller longer-tail keywords due to my on page optimization, but my goal is to try to go after broader terms without boosting views, as I am partnered with a network and still want to look natural.

    I guess, if anything, is there something I should avoid? I figured just blowing tons of forum profiles on over 300 videos (on a single channel) could look a little off. I mean, if thats still considered safe then so be it. 

    I've had some luck with pliggs but that seems less effective than it used to be; or at least, I got worried as soon as some of my videos that I was using pliggs on started bouncing between page 1 and then disappearing for a few days to come back randomly.

    I have videos clumped into series' of 15-60 videos, so originally I thought of doing 3 tiered backlinking campaigns over them but wasn't sure if that was the most efficient way to go.
  • OzzOzz
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    how about to embed your videos in some nice articles + clipbucket and bomb those with SB and niche related blog comments plus some others for example?
  • a really GREAT youtube marketer is ( youtuberevealed . com/success/ )

    lots of IM products is trash, but his course is GREEAT!! also a ton about on page seo..

    but to be honest, I HATE writing long articles, with keywords, addings tags, headlines and so...
    but thats good "onpage" seo.
    add tags to your channel info

    LINK your channel to other channels.

    WRITE comments - thats like TURBO blog comments...

    for the offpage "automatic linking......." I will try OZZ his style.

    I would not blow SPAM on it like image / blog comments (I would never blast that to any money site..)

    get some PR1+ profiles. 10 / day will shure not harm. mix 30% anchors 30% generic 30% URL .

    link to your channel and your vids.

    could you name your channel? or tell me the AHREFS rank of it?

  • @Ozz: Thanks :) I just wasn't sure if to go to direct route or tier, and see if anyone here has had much success with that and SER. Thanks for the example. My eventual goal is to just strengthen my whole channel and to rank broader.

    @Thisisalex: Yeah, On-page can be a bit of a pain. Though I believe that part is fine and ranking naturally for long-tail. I'll check out the course though anyway.

    Yeah, my youtube marketing is a bit rusty to say the least. Last I did much of it was about 6-8 months ago when I could infact rank with just a scrapebox blast and some article spam. Thanks for the %, that goes along to what I was thinking. I definitely need to change that up a bit.

    By exploring a few pages of ahrefs alone, I can see where I am going wrong lol.. I am not surprised as to why I dropped 50% views all of a sudden. heh.
  • i've been runnign 3 tier GSA campaigns directly to some new youtube videos and also boosting up the views and ensuring that there are a few comments and likes.  i'm still experimenting but i'm running some fairly aggressive campaigns as they are new throwaway videos and they are ranking reasonablyquickly.

    not sure if anyone can confirm but theory is youtube is a trusted domain like the web 2.0s even for new videos / sites you can be fairly aggressive with GSA with no noticeable side effects so far.

    u do need to boost the view count on youtube for NEW videos though i find building links to videos that haven't been boosted hasn't yieled much improvemen to ranking.  as google owns youtube i'm sure they look at all the youtube metrics like bounce rate, views, view longevity etc. to help determine ranking in addition to backlinks.
  • I have been using SER on a YT video in competitive niche some time ago and created 3000 links or so. It went up a few more positions than previous, but when i stopped it slowly went down again..
  • what type of links? tiered?
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    @sonic81: While I know I can boost new videos, I have 300 videos in my arsenal that I currently need to tackle and try to rank for broader terms. Also, I need to be careful with that as I am partnered with a network.

    @squirrelhunter: yeah, thats what I've started to notice with mine, though when I did it, I wasn't very smart about it.


    What I think I will do is two-fold. On the first few parts of a game series (I have playlists/shows that have 15-70 episodes each), I will focus to backlink those perhaps, as I cross-annotate to promote more clickthrough anyway. Down the line I'll switch it up and slowly blanket the rest of the videos with a light dripfeed.

    I'll go the article+clipbucket route with SB/NHSEO, as well as a more timely contextual large 3-tier pyramid and take a few hours to set it up with the content, for each one (I am more or less taking another page from @Ozz as I've been starting to follow his high quality campaign guide - I hope that won't be overkill.)

    I grabbed myself another 10 proxies that I'll use for this and for tweetadder, I intend to add 15-20 slave accounts that'll basically retweet my main account and post random/hashtagged tweets while following/unfollowing in a safe way... though setting those up will be another day.
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    Just a bit of an update here. I started 5 projects.

    2 on new videos:
    - 1 which helped me rank for the terms I was looking for and some broader terms (a bit out of scope, too). Though it has low-ish search volume. It'll be a bit nicer if it picks up on Google's first page. I'll check back in a day or two.
    - 1 which I just launched, so nothing yet. It has a lot of keyword variations so it may take a bit. (using the article+clipbucket+web2.0 tiered idea from ozz). My new videos tend to freeze in their positions/views for the first few hours then Youtube places it, so I wont know until tomorrow, probably. (I also used about 100-150 high retention views to get it started a bit)

    3 on older videos:
    - 1 moved from 5th page to 3rd page, though now is semi-dancing. I've lowered the velocity.
    - 1 project that has 5 in a series (same keywords, so I increased to 80 (10 +/-) on first tier), using ozz's contextual tiered strategy up to 3 tiers. Hasn't moved yet, though my show now shows up on the first page.
    - 1 moved up to #5 in youtube (from #6 - that was a barrier for this video for a while), it randomly shows up now as the first video on Google's first page for the keyword.

    Overall. Thanks for the advice. Note that these are low volume. This was just a test to see if I could move them with the software. I have over 300 videos.
  • any updates?
  • doing some tests myself........... blasting approx 1000+ links sitewite from all my blogs to the ytube channels...

    blasting approx 1000k submits (approx 150 verified a day).........

    it does not move a bit :-(

    "offpage"-seo worthless for youtube?

    somehow they MUST take in account lots of other ranking factors........
  • I used to use BMD for ranking youtube videos and had success going this route, but haven't tried it with SER. Of course with BMD it's purely social bookmarking, which might be more suited to ranking a YouTube video than image comments or forums if you think about it....
  • what is bmd ?
  • bookmarking deamon
  • I did start testing ranking a youtube video with SER about 5 days ago as a test. 2 Tiers. It just showed on google in position 57 tonight after not ranking for a long time. Who knows? I'll keep an eye on it.
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    i have 1 video ranking #1, and another video ranking #5 using SER only.
    Both keywords have 1,600 exact search per month
  • @rodol any insight on the types of links you're building?
  • I really cant imagine that BMD can do something much better than SER......  how many verified links  / day would you recommend? 100? 1000?
  • @saga for 1 i used bookmarks and blog comments only for the other i used blog comments and image comments
  • rodol, did you target any specific anchors?
  • for 1 i used main anchor and nothing else.
    for the ohter i used different anchors variation.
  • so that seems like just get  bunch of lins......... do you remember how many links over a period of what time? just approx..........
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    Sorry, didn't see the activity in this thread.

    Though my VPS got shutdown and I lost about 18 campaigns. I have had success with SER on ranking newer videos that I just uploaded. The newer ones I talked about in the post are mostly ranking for their main terms, plus a few other ones I had done as well. (a lot are also showing up in Google search as the first result). I diversified the anchor text, as well.

    The older ones did go up in youtube, though haven't ranked yet. I'll be trying to redo these campaigns or work on new ones all together.

    I decided to also create a website to go along with the video URL on the top tier in order to diversify things a bit and gain some authority there for those key phrases, as they are the same niche after all.


    Before SER, I have ranked using just pliggs but those become less effective for me in 2013 which is why I grabbed myself SER.
  • Thanks for the info @rodol
  • @thisisalex i'm not sure, i believe i was doing around 50-100 submissions a day.
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    Just thought id chip in here as well.. i uploaded a brand new video on the 25th January.. gave it 100,000 retention views, 22,000 links, 160 likes, and 30 natural comments so far... in my stats only 44,000 views show in the analytics though so maybe not all were counted. Didn't build any links to it until about 2 weeks ago.. then threw the kitchen sink at it. Not for any reason, i just hadn't got around to building links to it by then.. Im just targeted 5 or 6 keywords (they're all synonyms of each other)

    (google search targeted)

    Keyword 1 (33,000 exact match) position 15
    Keyword 2 (33,000 exact match) position 15
    Keyword 3 (18,000 exact match) postion 14
    Keyword 4 (8,100 exact match) position 16
    Keyword 1 "for sale" (4,500 exact match) position 12
    Keyword 2 "for sale" (1,600 exact match) position 6
    Keyword 3 "for sale" (1,300 exact match) position 6
    Keyword 4 "for sale" (880 exact match) position 5

    Only one video on this account, very happy so far.. I have noticed before that no matter what you do to your video, it doesn't seem to rank in google no matter what for the first month, and there was a thread on BHW a couple of weeks back saying to just keep building links no matter what.. i expect my video to reach the first page in the next couple of weeks for the main keywords, but i don't expect it to stay there forever though im sure it'l get flagged at some stage..

    I saw it requested here before, and i want to +1 the request too... the ability to log in, and change where the links are pointing to... in the event that a video gets deleted, all you have to do is reupload and change it's URL from within SER and you'll be back ranking it again in no time?!

    Out of the 22K links so far id say about 10K are wiki links, 3K are scrapebox links, and the rest are everything else i could send with SER. There's really no need to worry about anchor text either.. i wouldn't personally only target 1 keyword and one alone, but on other videos i've targeted just 2 keywords and they're ranked top 3 in google now.. plus SER adds a lot of random anchors even when you have it set to not do it... like a lot of trackbacks are "Keyword 1 -" and bookmarks are random too.. And i wouldn't worry about link velocity or anything either, my video was only a couple of weeks old and i sent 10,000 one day, other days none, and other days a few hundred... No need to tier links either, just keep a steady flow of a few hundred links a day if possible and it should rank in no time :)

  • Nice info @Heisenberg and thanks for chiming in. I really dig your nick/avatar too.
  • @saga lol ah ye ya can't beat a bitta Breaking Bad! :D Ye i just thought it might give a bit of inspiration to others to continue on link building, i got the inspiration from this thread here myself..

    The video he was talking about must have been deleted by now, but it was there and ranking for a 246,00 exact match keyword... not too shabby! :)
  • great. I will continue then to blast links to some of my 5trilllion ytube channels then.

    but still I think high retention views help a lot.
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