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Problem with veryfication

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I know that it's my X topics's, but I have really big problem for me.

Somebody on this Forum have really AMAZING results of verified links (e.g : LINK )

I used yesterday ~130 private proxies, but today only 1 private proxies is working (I don't know why).
I get projects and GSA SER options from this topic: 
Schedule options: 5 project at one moment per 20 minutes, and it's my results:


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    What's the question???

  • edited January 2013
    Why i have too few verified links? Much less than others Users...

  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    thats because of your settings ^^.
    sorry, but we can't give better answers unless you post some quality question like @hyde did for example.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Have you read the FAQ?
  • @GlobalGoogler Yes, I read the FAQ.

    @Ozz I forgot check 'put URL in places where its clearly seen as Spam'. I will test new settings and tomorrow I'll tell something about new results :)

    Thx for reply :)

    See you tomorrow

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    GSA worked all night, and it's my results

    Yesterday and Today

    A) It's a good results per one night?
    B) And why day before yesterday I have 130 worked private proxies but yesterday I have only 1 worked?

    C) My average score of verified links is ~12%. It's good?
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    I read FAQ, a lot of posts, I've seen a lot of video... I used many tips and..nothing..
    I used 130 private worked proxies, but yesterday only 1 private proxiex worked, why?

    It's mu restults from  the last days:


    I only use global lists and I Import site lists (articles, SN, SB, Web 2.0) from Import site lists and URL's. 
    I use search engine from this tutorial: 

    thisisalex tell me "I can get 80% with articles.. " so I tested only articles and this is my result's for articles:


    and statistics:


    Nowaday's I use Schedule (7 project's at one moment per 20 min)

    And it's my setting's:

    I submit links to:
    Web 2.0

    My project is running:
    ~22h as Active
    ~1h as Active (VE)
    ~1h as Active (V)
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    maybe change your proxy provider if they suck and buy 10-20 proxies from proxy-hub.

    and instead of posting your stats again and again which don't help by any means post screenshots of your settings like i told you two times already.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    1) First resolve your proxy issue. Once you know that at least 10 private proxies are always working, we can go from there.
    2) Maybe try 50 threads, 50 timeout, and 10s custom search time between queries.
    3) Ensure you have at least 10 SE"s selected. 

    Then get back to us with results after 2 days. 
  • edited February 2013
    Welcome back :-)

    I tested my project's 

    TEST A (Day 01.02.2013/02.02.2013) 7 projects per 20 min:
    Settings: 50 Threads, 50 HTML Timeout, 130 Private Proxies, 10s - Search Engine Time

    -Threads - 50
    -LpM - 2,9
    -Mem - 327 MB
    -CPU 18-85%

    -Threads - 50
    -LpM - 3,03
    -Mem - 383 MB
    -CPU 16-40%

    -Threads - 50
    -LpM - 3,19
    -Mem - 533 MB
    -CPU 60-89%

    -Threads - 50
    -LpM - 3,27
    -Mem - 555 MB
    -CPU 27-75%

    -Threads - 50
    -LpM - 3,99
    -Mem - 450 MB
    -CPU 70-92%

    TEST B (02.02.2013) 10 projects per 20 min:
    Settings: 50 Threads, 50 HTML Timeout, 130 Private Proxies, 10s - Search Engine Time

    -Threads - 44/50
    -LpM - 1,66
    -Mem - 180 MB
    -CPU 60-89%

    -Threads - 50
    -LpM - 1,87
    -Mem - 258 MB
    -CPU 85-98%

    -Threads - 32-50/50
    -LpM - 1,65
    -Mem - 432 MB
    -CPU 70-95%

    -Threads - ~38/50
    -LpM - 1,41
    -Mem - 651 MB
    -CPU 90%

    TEST C (Day 02.02.2013) 10 projects per 20 min:
    Settings: 100 Threads, 120 HTML Timeout, 130 Private Proxies, 26s - Search Engine Time

    -Threads - 100
    -LpM - 1,39
    -Mem - 641 MB
    -CPU 86%

    -Threads - 47/100
    -LpM - 0,79
    -Mem - 687 MB
    -CPU 95%

    TEST D (Day 03.02.2013) 7 projects per 20 min:
    Settings: 230 Threads, 120 HTML Timeout, 130 Private Proxies, 26s - Search Engine Time

    -Threads - ~50/230
    -LpM - 0,77
    -Mem - 668 MB
    -CPU 80-99%

    -Threads - ~20/230
    -LpM - 0,77
    -Mem - 627 MB
    -CPU 95%

    -Threads - 20-146/230
    -LpM - 0,72
    -Mem - 668 MB
    -CPU 90-95%

    TEST E (Day 03.02.2013) 7 projects per 20 min:
    Settings: 50 Threads, 50 HTML Timeout, 130 Private Proxies, 10s - Search Engine Time

    -Threads - ~40/50
    -LpM - 0,69
    -Mem - 698 MB
    -CPU ~50%


    -Threads - /50
    -LpM - 0,23
    -Mem - 178 MB
    -CPU 60-70%

    And GS'a Statistics

    Project (only article):

    comparative results:
    1. Why I still have BAD RESULTS?
    2. Why LpM constantly decreasing?
    3. Is the GSA itself searches for new URL's? Or I should sometime clicl to 'search Online URL's/Site lists for..'
    4. Is this option: 'Use  global lists if enabled : verified, failded, submitted, indetified ' should be checked or unchecked?
    5. Why I still have 
    6. What is the diffrend between Import URL's and Import site lists ?
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    and again. tons of statistics that helps nobody to improve your submission rate and answer your questions.

    post screenshots of your settings and explain how many keywords you are using, how many and which SEs and what filters. is this so hard to understand????? you can also upload your log to pastebin for example so we get a clue what might be wrong with your setup.
    i think this is the 4th time i wrote something similar to you  ^^

    Edit: also try some other proxies. 130 seems more than enough and way more than most of us are using, but what if all of this 130 are crap? if you get many "download failed" in your log than this is your main issue.
  • @Ozz it's my settings


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Using anchor text as your login, am I seeing that right?

    If so, the mind boggles as to why you are using that

  • I used that to quesbook cooment, It's wrong?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Push your time between search queries to 7s and see how that goes. 
  • Settings - Captcha Settings - put retry to 5, CS doenst cost you to solve so its worth trying more often
    I ll recommend getting an additonal captcha solving service as backup, or 2nd option
    Settings - Submissions - Custom Time between Search Engines, Remove the checkbox
    Settings - Submissions - HTML Timeout, put it to 130
    Proxy List - UNCHECK!!! - Auto disable bad proxies on use - if you have private proxies!!!
    Forms - as LeeG said - WTF for login, remove it and put it to randomize

    ... i doubt you read the FAQ thou

  • oiloil
    edited February 2013

    sorry double post, had some browser issues

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I was being polite.

    In all honesty I was at the stage of calling my eye surgeon to have the surgery reversed so I could not see unbelievable things.

    CSX, I personally run on zero retries

    Run through this thread, it has pictures to aid your setting up of ser


  • @LeeG I read this tutorial one week ago :-) and nothing..
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    yeah, the "login" is one of the weirdest things i've seen so far ;)

    just click randomize or if you want it more advanced than use a spin-text with usernames (and {|}) according to your niche along with with random numbers or so like
    {keywordA|keywordB|keywordC}{random-10-100}  <---- without any spaces obviously!!
    this could make sense if you like to have your keyword in a url of a new created page. and according to the engines you've selected this will be sometimes the case.

    why did you pause your project after 150 submissions for 30 minutes? doesn't make sense to me, because the links you are creating aren't indexed right away anyway. this will happen somewhat randomly by google (if ever) so it doesn't have an effect at all.
    if you only want to submit or verify a number of XXX links per day then change the setting accordingly to "XXX verifications reached a day".
    in case you want to schedule your projects use the 'arrow down' button right after the "Start" button in SER.

    You've also selected 'Don't remove URLs' which could make some sense when you try to create links to (article-) directories like you do, but don't wonder if the verification process takes forever when you have created lots of submissions after a while, because the submitted links will be checked again and again and again....entirely. the submission counter goes only down when it has found a verified link.

    HTML timeout is too low and need to be increased as mentioned above.

    Also just use 'submitted site lists' in the beginning. You can leave the global options checked but change it in your project options on a project basis.

    Check your log too. If you get many 'PR?' or 'download failed' messages than it indicates that something is wrong with your proxies.

    One last word. With the platforms you've selected don't expect that you get invinite target URLs to post to as they are limited by nature and it needs some time to find a reasonably amount of links.
  • edited February 2013
    @Ozz , @GlobalGoogler , @LeeG and @oil hhanks for all the tips ;-)
    Ozz said: yeah, the "login" is one of the weirdest things i've seen so far
    It's work for me, but I will change it and I will check the results
    I uncheck 'Pause project after..'
    Today I reste all my verified all submitted and verified links.
    @GlobalGoogler thanks for the tip ;-) Its really works!
    It's my resutls
    but not for every projects, why ?

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town

    Now try select all projects and right click and select "Clear Target URL History" and "Clear Target URL Cache" 

    Then start and let us know how that goes. 

  • edited February 2013
    sometime I see on log:

    20:33:21: [-] 1/1 download failed -
    20:33:22: [-] 1/1 download failed -
    20:33:22: [-] 1/1 download failed -

    it's proxies fault ?

  • download failed and PR?, are normally proxies issues...

    are you sure your proxies are working?
  • edited February 2013
    Ok, I know what happend with my proxies - tthe end of the transfer. Every day I must reset transfer of my private proxies ;-)

    @GlobalGoogler , when I do that, GSA will send my links to this same url's? (I don't want 2 this same backlinks on this same article - I think that You know what I mean)
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