Request: Inbuilt Captcha Solver

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Its awesome to see GSA finally having a forum!!

I have a request: Captcha Solver

I spend about $100 a week on captchas, and many other users of GSA spend even more.

We need a inbuilt captcha solver for GSA, or even a paid stand alone like GSA Indexer. I'm spending hundreds on captchas and would buy it in a heart beat. I'm not the only one, many people have requested this feature on BHW. Not only that but it wouldn't be that hard once it's coded to add captchas. Unlike captcha sniper you only need to add the captchas used in GSA's supported engines. 

I would really love to see this!



  • Definitely +1 for me. I think we would pay a monthly subscription (on a fair price) for something like this.
  • Exactly! Captcha Sniper is great, but GSA is a beast. If he coded a captcha solver it would blow everyone away I'm sure!
  • I would just like to state that if a GSA captcha solver was created, and was better than Captcha Sniper, I would easily be willing to pay $300 for the software.  I spent $288 in captchas last week alone.
  • Another person backing this idea!

    I completely agree! I spend way too much on captchas.
  • SvenSven

    We have collected over 5000+ captchas now with the correct input to it (from all kinds of platforms). It is not that much but a good test to build an app around it to solve it (train with a natual network maybe).

    We have coded a basic inbuilt captcha solver for "GSA Auto Website Submitter" and "GSA Auto SoftSubmit" but the new one must support way more captchas to work properly so it is no easy task. We also don't want to use any third party software like CS or CI is doing it.

    Anyway this is on our list, just not a plan when to get it ready for public.

  • If it happens, i'll buy it, but i appreciate the amount of work required.
    I have looked into all sorts of ways of breaking captchas, and there are some interesting code projects that i am looking into with the help of an experienced c# dev i know, which offer way more potential than tesseract-ocr.
    Take a look at this for example:

    Anyone with .NET knowledge (not relevent to gsa, i know) that wants to discuss such things PM me.

    The biggest issue with CS (the only working external tool i know) is with identifying the captcha type in order to know what algorithms to apply to it - size alone is not a great indicator.
    A GSA built tool will be able to accept additional parameters from SER, such as the engine match, which should dramatically increase detection rate, so that would be great.

    CS is still a good option if you arent posting to a hundred different platforms at once though.
  • SvenSven

    thanks for the project url.

    Everything that comes to your mind (algorithms, other projects and so on) are welcome.

    BTW, who said we can't code in c# ? ;) I just prefer others to code in.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I think this is a great idea and support it completely. CS is so unstable and keeps crashing and giving errors...


    What about if we got a few of us together, pooled some resources and paid some people to improve the CS capcha solve rate of the GSA platforms supported? Surely this would also work? 

    ALSO - would it not be possible for GSA to send a token with the platform type (as a temp solution) to CS which can then improve the solve rate as well? 
  • SvenSven
    Thats already done by now as the CS asked me to add it. Just that CS needs to get updated now I guess.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Neat! That's good news. 
  • Sven, really glad to hear that something is in the works.  Completely understand the time involved. Whenever it happens will be amazing.
  • Thats already done by now as the CS asked me to add it. Just that CS needs to get updated now I guess.

    Great minds think alike! Will keep my eye out for that update. I'll send you across some code project links that are worth looking into.
  • Definitely behind this.  Spending way too much on captchas, I wonder how Xrumer's internal systems work.  It's coded in Delphi isn't it?
  • I wonder how Xrumer's internal systems work.  It's coded in Delphi isn't it?

    Take a look, its not exactly simple:

  • ALSO - would it not be possible for GSA to send a token with the platform type (as a temp solution) to CS which can then improve the solve rate as well?

    According to the developer of CS this will be added by the end of the week. We won't have to select any Captchas in CS anymore :)

  • if the developer can upgrade this software with captcha solver, then i personally didn't mind to pay extra for it! i mean you can charge maybe $27 - $47 to us for previous customer and sell the software in 2 version

    lite version for only $89 and the elite version with captcha solver for $197. I think this will be a great feature to add.

    Please really consider this to be done. i just buy the this GSA search engine ranker but if the captcha cost so high i will have a problem to use the software. I know if i swith the captcha off i can still use the software but the success rate will tumble.

    Admin.. you can do it...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ozz - is the update out yet? (it's a new week :-) )
  • @globalGoogler The CS update is expected by the end of this week!

    @darman82 I think its a little early to be concerned about pricing options. If you want a here and now option, CS is a pretty good choice, and looks to be getting considerably better fairly soon.

    In other exciting captcha breaking news, using a code project linked to the video i posted earlier, i have successfully broken the fiendishly complicated captcha seen below at 100% success!


    Im sure i'll be done with recaptcha by next week!!!!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @m3ownz - do you use any extra capchas apart from the 32 extra ones released by CS?

    I spent days (2) on trying their deconstruction kit...only to get a 41% success rate on various capchas!
  • @GlobalGoogler I have tried a few simple captcha types with the destuction kit, with varying degrees of success. Anything complicated needs additional tesseract training files, which i have no idea about.

    The update due soon may well change that though, as size conflicts are the biggest pain - no point training it to break an infrequent captcha if it conflicts with a popular one as you cant run both at once atm.

    The success with the simple little orange captcha i posted about above was with a completely separate c# code project i am playing with, though i have no doubt CS could handle it in a second.
  • I've spent also some time with the destruction kit with mixed results. Furthermore I've sent the dev about 20 captchas with 100+ examples each, sorted by size and sortet out the "bad apples".

    Dev replied to me that he will "take a look at adding them" but didn't even dowload the file according to my mediafire stats :-w
  • Oh that sucks. If users are taking so much time to collect information, this is very demotivating. I'm also looking forward to their update, I'm not using CS at the moment because my main target is stability.
  • there is also captcha infinity which should be out soon with version 1
    it look promising on the demonstration videos
    some competition with CS would not hurt end users because captcha service costs are overpriced ...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Let's see how the CS update goes at the end of the week. Then maybe we get a few of us regular forum members to pool together some resources and get a higher CS solve rate. I for one am very keen to always improve my success ratio, as if you've gone to all the effort to find the link you might as well get a successful verification. :-)
  • Hey guys,

       I have been talking to one of my developers as everyone and their mother is pissed off with captcha's at this point. 

    We are gathering data and will be testing some software soon to see how it goes.

    The way I see it is that captcha sniper is just not doing good enough and it has no competition, making them lazy.

    Let me know the main things that you would want improved in a captcha software and I will be running them by my dev tonight :)

    P.S. if you want you could also send me any captcha's you already have 

  • SvenSven

    @TheTruth, isn't that a bit rude to ask for support on your upcoming software in a forum of another software company who is about to code the same thing? Well at least unethical.

  • @Sven

       Sorry for the misunderstanding, I had no idea you were coding the software lol 

    I know you said you might down the future (which obviously could be a long time), so I started looking at other options to see what it would take to get something like this done.

    Care to share the details on when you might be releasing it (or even working on it) ?

    Again, I want to clarify that I did not mean to come of rude or engage in unethical behavior. I think you are doing a great job with GSA and I am loving SER :) 


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ozz - any news on the CS update? Was it released yet? Currently travelling and have limited internet...need to see if I need to get a proper connection to do the update!
  • I or somebody else let you know.
  • Global,  Nope it was not released yet.
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