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Lets get somethings straight!

I feel that this was needed, I've been getting a lot of my customers asking for my advice so I'll post what I think here and hopefully create a discussion for everyone to chime in. I'm hearing a lot of people struggle recently but they are saying they are building 50 billion links per minute using SER but they aren't seeing results, well I'm going to give you guys some advice.

Links per minute or verifieds per minute is so 2012 and as it stands now in 2015 it's irrelevant how many links you can build per minute, you could purchase a list from any one of the 10000000 providers in the BST section and be building a ton of verified links and still be sitting at your desk thinking why isn't this working?

At this point in time, SER has one primary source of easily obtainable contextual links that are absolutely trash and they are Joomla K2 sites, I guarantee you that anyone that is building contextual tiers only probably have 70% of these link types sandwiched within their tiers and they are of poor quality, trust me, you would obtain far better results with other platforms, even building forum profile links would give better results and that's saying something.

Run a test for yourself, set up a campaign using your normal strategy with and without the use of Joomla k2 and you will see for yourself, a campaign with half the number of verified links will yield better rankings than a campaign using joomla k2 links tenfolds the amount of links it builds.

Moving forward I would suggest that you set your scraping efforts towards other contextual sources that SER supports, sure they'll be much difficult to find but they are worth the time and effort to find and I guarantee you will see easier, faster rankings appear.

I'm not trying to say this is the be all or end all, that this is the only way to rank because this isn't, there are other methods for ranking using various tools/services that are available, but I'm talking to the people who solely use SER, you need to prepare yourselves because ranking keywords is all about link authority and you're all wasting your valuable time by building trash links.

In order to effectively rank, it's quite simple in theory, much harder in practice though but it all comes down to being organised, you need to increase the authority of the links that are pointing to your site, obviously... You need to stay on top of your anchor ratios at the tier 1 level, obviously.... you need to increase the authority of your tier 1 links, this is why a tiered linking campaign works so well, to be the best in your niche, go that extra mile and build extra tiers, how badly do you want to rank? No one will give you a hand out so it's up to you to compete.

I don't want to harm any list selling business here but they are part of the reason you aren't ranking as fast as what SER is capable of ranking you, if a list is being used by 50 people, who are submitting multiple posts and using multiple accounts per domain, let's say each person is registering 10 accounts and posting 20 posts per account, that's 200 posts per person on that same site, 200 x 50 = 10,000 new posts per 50 people per domain, these numbers are probably only a fraction of the real figures but you get my point, these sources are being spammed, what is the point in using the time to set up a campaign only to spam these useless sources? I don't quite understand the reasons behind this and I never will, you're setting yourself up for failure at the most important part of ranking.

I've made a couple of suggestions within the post for everyone who is struggling at the moment with ranking, it's my advice and what I currently do, you don't need to take anything on board but it's food for thought and if you're not able to rank using your current strategy then I've given you a couple of reasons why that possibly is.

There isn't any guide or book about seo, there is only hear/say and the best SEOs create their own guides through testing, testing and testing.


  • WazonWazon USA
    edited October 2015
    You are right I have tested using K2 links my ranking jump up and down but see any improvement at all! 


    1. Do I only scrape do-follow contextual links only? There are many contextual links like forum link, blog comments, directories, micro blogs, social bookmark, social network links. They are not really contextual links, as they are not links inside an article. They are really better than K2 links?

    2. So purchased list on BST don't help a lot? How much it can help to boost ranking? 

    3. Use the default footprint on GSA to scrape? 

    4. All the other contextual links requires good recaptcha breaker, what recaptcha breaker you are using. 

  • Wazon

    Not agree with this. I am getting got serps along with contextual and GSA SER.  Also for my doorways - satellites even i am throwing just do follow kitchens and ranking very good for spammy niches.

    Also i don't use any indexers  , 3rd party captcha solvers i dont care about anything except blasting
    ( i don't even worrying about readable contents)

    What can i tell you is spamming really doesn't matter you throwing contextuals or exact high-quality engines.

    my self i own pr jacker and verified targets filtered to different metrics this works best with para sites. Even that i only concern uniqueness.

    as an example i have thrown some KS to high spam niche and here is the results

     i don't have much idea about long term projects. I highly believe if you are using GSA SER it generates just bullshit .. all you need food for gsa ser and blasting.

    Little hint : check on serpwoo and see how others are doing can do that even with ahrefs but i like serpwoo i always do my analysis before starting any project. its a wise idea. my 2cents.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2015
    @Munchi if you reread my post, I mention that this advice is for people who are primarily using contextual tiers.

    I agree, you would see much better results using other link platforms than to simply waste your time building JK2 links, this is what I was trying to make apparent.

    If you're spamming, you're probably better off using all types of links, but to only use contextual type links whilst using a purchased list, is silly.

    From the sounds of things, the stuff you are saying that works, is not a long term strategy, as you said, SER links are "are just bullshit", this is right and wrong, at the end of the day, you're feeding it "bullshit".

    @Wazon I only concentrate on do follow links but that's me, some people may thinking differently.

    The main reasoning behind people saying "contextual links" are the best is because those types of links yield the most value to the user/reader (well in theory) googles indexes these links better than any other because they would rather have a piece of information stored in their index than a silly profile link which has a short description and a link, saying that, this is also the reason why if you want to rank long term, you must use these link types to achieve your rankings, what I'm advising though, for people who are using the contextual tiered approach, is to stay away from JK2 sources as these are a waste of resources and time.
  • Tim89

    Not sure what to say.. Have been using almost all BST sellers in gsa forum as well as other places (BHW / CPAE blah blah ) and getting results. Least for me they work.

    Also as i said i really don't care about long term .. If i do i would have to use web turbo / money robot or something else instead of GSA.

    Going to build long term project for well siloed micro niche site.. WIll update this.

  • Tim89Tim89
    But you could build a long term money site using SER for ranking, you dont actually need anything else, (potentially.

    As i responded in another thread already about your successes in ranking using paid lists, you are using all link types to rank, I'm primarily talking about a specific type of platform which should be avoided, some people purchase sitelists for the sole purpose of using the contextual links.
  • Tim89 Have you always felt this way about K2 or is this recent? I've been working on more long-term projects so I don't have a lot of test sites to analyze, but I do have one that was holding steady for 6 months of no link building. Around the end of September it tanked. Checked the links and they are still there, nearly all Tiers of K2.

    I was using Magic Submitter and customizing scripts. I was getting around 5,000 unique domains for K2 articles. Some were PR6 and had low profile counts. They worked great for awhile.
  • Tim89

    I am using only paid lists..

    I have been scraping myself...from the begging it was gscraper after they blocked number of proxy ports (according to proxygo ) i switched back to scrapebox.

    Also i have subscribed to to many paid list sellers.. some have got separated contextual only links..

    However my thought all depend on niche and it always wise to analyze competitor before choose the linking strategy :)

    Ahrefs / Serpwoo are real badass for that ;)

  • Tim89Tim89
    @Hubba when K2 first came onto the scene, many were in love with this type of link because there were tons of them available, but they do not carry any weight what so ever, you're better off tiering with blog comments.
  • edited October 2015
    Well no links cary weight until we boost them up. That being said- K2 are being spammed to shit .I get a lot of them the last month or two- thinking hey this is great im ripping it up with contextuals. I mean, better off using SERengines in its incompleteness than spamming shit links. 

    Anyone know why theres so many k2 links?

    I should also note: this is the best thread thats been on this forum in a long time. Theres no valuable discourse here anymore really, part of that is people dont want to talk about their strategy, but if you even look at a year ago with Ron and the SERlist crew- the material was way better back then. 

  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp completely agree. This forum has taught me a lot and it still does mostly by finding some old gems.

    I'm also scraping a lot of K2 sites, not sure about their effect though as I'm posting to others as well. Would like to do a small test on this one, because most of the contextuals I scrape are K2s.

    Great post, not trying to be flattery, but every comment(on other threads) Tim89 does has some great value for me. Thanks dude for making this forum a better place! :)
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    edited October 2015
    Do you recommend using footprints that are integrated on scrapebox v2 for scraping lists? Also did you played around with redirects, any success in rankings? I remember before spamming url shorteners worked.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks @spiritfly I do enjoy helping people when I can...

    SER inbuilt footprints + scrapebox is a great way to start yes, then just expand on your footprints by looking at a handful of your scraped links and find more similarities.
  • I find that i get maybe 10% actually postable links from my scraping using general kw and contextual footprints. Its frustrating. 
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp
    Thats normal, i have list of about 200k identified k2 sites, less thank 10% is postable. Not every site with K2 plugin have option to register.
  • Tim89Tim89
    K2 sites are easy to scrape, but part of this thread was to advise to stay away from them but each to their own.

    Yes, scraping can be frustrating but it's very easily improved when you expand on the basic footprints, the link sources you find will be like gold dust compared to any purchasable list, just set and forget your scraper and leave it to run for 24 hours, it really isn't that difficult.. then run the raw list through GSA PI and there you have it, you have a fresh list full of targets better than K2 sites.

  • edited October 2015
    K2 sites are probably fine for t2/3 if you boost spam below that in a kitchen layer or even down to the indexer level.
  • Tim89Tim89
    They'll ruin your tiers.
  • @Tim89 Great thread!

    Yes, K2 is crap. Agreed. I have evolved with GSA SER from being my only tool, to now one of many in my bag of tricks. It doesn't mean my opinion has lessened. To the contrary, I keep GSA SER in my back pocket when I need to hammer something on an upper tier there is nothing better.

    I am ranking well these days. I think more from trial and error (made lots of those) than anything else. But my Tier 1 is only from two sources; FCS 2.0's and my own PBN. I use GSA SER Tier 2 + 3. Easy Peasy. I have to really step on the gas for Tier 3 with heavy spam, but it is working.

    I think this is all pretty traditional stuff for us, but for me it is still working, and my sites are long term, not churn and burn. 

    I think if you are trying to use GSA SER for Tier 1, you will only be spinning your wheels, and wasting your time. Those days are done, likely forever.

    And totally agree with your comment about scraping. Buy a list at your own peril. Outsourced lists are worthless and a waste of time and money. Scrape your own list and you will get significantly better results.
  • edited October 2015
    I use serocket lists for my non contextuals. The contextuals i get myself, any contextual link from a link list is already doomed. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2015
    @viking I'm glad you see things the way I do.

    I too am transitioning away from SER tier 1 links to FCS & PBN links (paid services or your own) then using SER as a tier 2 and 3 but even though I'm doing this, I still do not select the Joomla K2 platform either.

    Google do not even want these link types within their index and this is fact, people can sit there and say "Well I just spam them with more links to get them indexed" but this is simply wasting resources and EVEN with a spam tier on these worthless K2 sites, the ratio of indexed links is a handful, this says alot of things in my eyes, if you're trying to rank within google, then it's obvious to me you don't want to be building links from a platform google does not even respect, the reason for this could potentially be because of the influx in spam to such a new web2 script but there you go, that's my advice, take it or leave it.

    You can decrease your link output and still increase rankings using great link sources, I run various indexing tests constantly as it's a service I provide and I know exactly what indexes well and what doesn't, submitting 10 wordpress links to express indexer and they are indexed within a day or two, in comparison to 10 K2 sites which take up to 14 days from submission, many people think an indexing service "doesn't work" but if these people actually take the time to look at what they are submitting then they'll understand why.

    It's literally a no brainer to me, what is the point in building links that will only make your workload increase by having to hit each of those links 100x over to even have a possibility of them becoming indexed, it does annoy me at times because I have been a service provider for almost 3 years and I thoroughly test my service to make sure of its' performance and it works very well, but if a link type is not liked or marked "spam" before you even submit them, then do not expect them to become indexed and for gods sake do not complain.

    I'm saying all of the above for peoples best interests, at the end of the day, people want to rank and my advice will help them rank easier than ever. A campaign in SER would take you only a few minutes to create, so make those few minutes count and build a proper campaign with sources that work.

    Back in 2013 when express indexer was released, it was averaging a 70% - 80% index rate within a couple of days, it still does... the only thing that has changed since then to now, are the link sources/types people are creating nowadays, that being said, JK2 came onto the scene about a year ago and the knock on affect was lowed indexing rates across the board, this is something I have personally gone through and something that I've witnessed from some customers who contact me.

    I'd actually go to the extent of asking sven to remove the platform from SER, I believe that their crap, but people just see 500000000 built contextuals and think it's amazing, more fool you people!
  • I ran a quick test of SERocket's contextual link list through Platform identifier- check out the stats.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2015
    Thanks for that @BigGulpsHuhWelp and that just proves my point.

    Platforms you want to be hitting are like; Drupal, Buddypress, Wordpress, XpressEngine and most of the Social Network platforms.
  • edited October 2015
    I mean, think about this:

    these guys SERocket, as nice as they seem, are pushing out a paid for link list where two of their top most common contextual targets are PINGBACKS, Joomla K2, and unrecognized URL's. That's kind of rediculous. 

    According to you guys, Joomla K2 are worthless links that are costing SER users time and resources and probably money if they use a captcha service. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2015
    Lol, I would be really upset for users that use a paid captcha service for JK2 sites.  :(
  • i am seeing great results with K2....just add proper filters as with anything else and you should be good to go.

  • jpvr90 So, you haven't seen a decrease in the effectiveness of the K2?

    Recently, I've seen sites that I've used a lot of K2 for Tier1 and Tier2 slip in rankings, one completely fell. There's some algo. shuffling right now, so I don't know if G simply discredited K2, or gives less weight?

    Around 2 weeks ago I built 1,000 unique domain K2. Blasted them with 15,000 blog comments with SER. I'm not pinging or using indexing. Just checked the index and 10% are now indexed. That does seem low compared to 6 months ago. 6 months ago I was able to build K2 articles off of PR5+ domains with extremely high metrics including TF. At that time G seemed to give them weight, but they probably tweaked the algo.
  • RainManRainMan UK
    edited October 2015
    Just curious, why do you think they are worthless? They are dofollow contextual links on sites that have some kind of link profile. You are implying that Google are penalizing K2 sites? If so, won't they then be penalizing all the legitimate users on that platform?
  • Well, think of it like any commodity. If it becomes more prevalent, it looses value. If it was really really rare to find high quality k2 links, it would hold a lot of value. However now, we can so easily scrape these sites, that everyones using them for spam. AS a result, seems like its leading to poor performance and recognition. I am going to try to do some proof of this theory this afternoon.
  • @rainman i wouldn't say G is penalizing those links. But I would say that from my view they are simply not counting any value for them in terms of ranking. So there is no real benefit to adding them, and as others pointed out it is a bit of wasted resource to go after them.
  • It does make sense, but there are millions of sites that run Joomla and link out for legitimate reasons. It just makes me wonder if they were willing to do that. If someone could provide some actual data that would be pretty sweet.
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