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Last days really low successful rate of solving captcha codes


Does anyone have an idea what's happening with GSA Captcha Breaker? My article campaign can't run appropriate with all these unsuccessful tries. Does anyone faces the same problem?

If you check my image you can conclude that CB doesn't work for me anymore. All captcha codes throw the same error.

Any good advice, this program wasn't cheap at all.

Thanks in advance,


  • SvenSven
    All shown captchas in the log are those with a low success rate and you configured it to use a 3rd party captcha service to solve them. This is done but fails somehow. Either the account is wrong, out of credits or other issues on it.
  • I used to combine gsa CB with one service that had been bought before CB. Credits are now lost and the rate of unsuccessful captcha codes increases. I thought that I won't need captcha 3rd part services after I invest in this software.
    Please let me know os there anything what I can do here when it comes to the settings. Do you plan to update CB soon?

  • SvenSven

    You don't seem to understand. The log clearly shows you setup some captcha service to be used other than CB alone. And indeed this is a good idea as some captchas are hard to solve and CB has almost no chance doing this.

    You will have to let them solve by a human. There is nothing on how I can improve CB to solve the mentioned captcha types much even though I try to improve things a ll the time.

  • these are missed up captchas.. success rate low for those types

    i have solved correctly about 20,000 captchas  and only 1000 were skipped
    its all about choosing the right engines..

    if u have problem with specific type then reply it on my page 

    and i will upload ur request within the next updates
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