All New Captcha Request Goes Here

Hi, Am M.A.Shafeeq 

If you are looking for new captcha type or there captcha your gsa can't recognise then reply here the captcha source + type 

and you will receive the gcb file + ini file + samples in zip file or new update will released including your requests.

Thanked by 1gsauser999


  • solved 92%  image
    will be included in the next update
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    How many samples did you use to get 92% solve rate on that captcha?
  • i usually put 20 sample on a captcha

  • For anything useful, you'll need a lot more than 20 samples fella
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    20 samples is no where near enough. 100 should be the minimum. I use 200+ many times.
  • in statistical analysis, the minimum sample size is 30. For CB i agree you would want more.
  • mashafeeqmashafeeq iraq
    edited October 2015
    for hard to solve i use 80 >
    for static image i use 30 in order to use hash
    for simple images i use 20
    for dummy one i use 10-20

    if u set ur setting in gsa ser to try 10 times even if ur captcha breaker get 2 or 3 fails then u will get 100% success rate

    my CB solve up to 20000 captcha daily and fails on 1000 only

    the next update will be enormous

    i solved up to 40 new captcha type and improved up to 30 captcha

    -all discuz captcha were improved and new 2 types added very hard to solve (even hard to solve by human!!) i scale the pic 500% in order to enter the correct answer for them yet CB learned to solve them properly... image
    -all zeno types were added and improved
    -many new types added for drupal,phpnuke,phpbb
    -solved many hard captchas including those with success rate 5%

  • mashafeeqmashafeeq iraq
    edited October 2015

    100% solved image

    100% solved image

    100% improved image

    working on image

    83% solved image

    100% improved image many background colors added for recognition

    working on image

    85% solved  image  80 sample

    working on requested captcha image reached 20% from 100 sample
    working on requested captcha image reached 30% from the samples i received (20)
  • mashafeeqmashafeeq iraq
    edited October 2015
    new captcha 100% solved image 30 sample
  • when this will be updated?, Sven gonna put all the new solved captchas and filters?
  • yeb on the next update soon.
  • do you want i send to u my unsolved folder?
  • also sven will add new button to request unknown captchas

    after u request the captcha it will be posted here and i will solve them in order to provide them on the next updates

  • thats a nice idea :)
  • how hard u see to break recaptchas?
  • i need at least 100 samples and renamed as answers in order to solve them because i dont have any recaptcha samples
  • damn.. i was with 5k solved recaptchas on my old vps, im sure someone will have some solved recaptchas, if not i will make 100 samples
  • new 4 captchas solved 100% and 1 improved 100%
    image 2 char on the sides most ignored
    image 2 char on the sides most ignored
  • can this type be added too?
  • nope. ocr can't solve this type
  • Oh okey, i have here another type of captcha
  • any news on when next update will be online? :)
  • soon.
    sven was ill yesterday that why he delayed the updates.
    i think he will update the software today or tomorrow.

    i will try solving this math today
    i also improved all ExpressionEngines Captchas

    and added new one image

    also improved image


    and php nuke 2 new captchas will be added on next update

  • give me 100 samples of this math captcha (answers renamed)
  • i got some captchas of filebyid .com on PS says it can solve 73% but i have 1k images unsolved, i got 100 solved where i can send to u? :)

  • upload it to any site as zip file

    they most be answered so i import them directly
  • image
    i send you in private another url with 100 solved
  • image
    another to improve private msg
  • they are 20% and 50% solved but are they solved correctly? 
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