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  • SeRocket

    Actually i got the support from helpdesk.

    his answer was "remove url chech"  as you know it's not the solution.

    to be honest that was my review. not another question.

    after remove domain duplicates i am only getting 30K - 60K targets. which means 40% of targets are duplicates.

    and everyday it's same targets nothings new. there's no point to remove url history and post to same targets.

    If i want to post to same targets again and again i wouldn't have to use this service and you don't have to advertise with "daily updated links" just look at your title.

    i downloaded all.sl file (contextual + non contextual )

    screenshot below.

     as for today it has to be 161,301 targets.


    after remove duplicate domains :


    after remove it has only 65,241

    and everyday ,daily same junk and support guy keep saying to remove url chech ?

    i have used ,

    looplines aa list
    trevor bandura list
    power list
    so on...

    and this is the worst list i have ever purchased. that would be ok if you sell this junk list only once (like serlist guy does - 1offlist) but keep selling same list with labeled called "daily" its a kind of scamming.

  • alexmale PM sent.

    davidlang I'm checking your case with support as you don't want to contact them directly. 
  • davidlang

    I'm back to you.

    At first I really understand you frustration - you have paid for product and expect it to work as described. 
     Just please, try to understand that behind product are human beings and not machines.

    In last update we had 5 days ago there was a bug. Mistake like any other mistake is always made by humans. 
    I'm really sorry about that. But things like that happen.

    Bug was about duplicate URLs only in Search Engine option, as only that option was affected by last update.
    Our other link lists were all time without duplicated.

    Ok, let me explain why developers made that mistake.
    Mistake happened because we are constantly working on improving our product.
    Based on what clients ask at our feature suggest board we build new features.
    Our goal is to provide the best product and support on the market.
    And trust me, there are clients who respect it.

    Only during last 5 days there were dup URLs and only in SE option not in all other list types.

    As you reported this few hours ago - issue is already fixed.

    Please try now.

    So, bug was fixed in under few hours.

    About quality of our lists:

    There are many many reviews all around SEO and Webmaster forums and blogs. 
    Who is interested can easily find them.

    One of most detailed reviews and compression to other GSA Link Lists services is here:

    Review is based on real facts and tests. And there are other sellers on that list.
    You are free to try them all and do your own tests .

    We are still here if you need any help or support.

    Btw, thank you for reporting this bug to us!

  • Can you please answer ticket [#3D6-Q23-Q5XH].. I bought the service but can not access!  Thanks....

  • SeRocket

    okay sounds great. Let me check this for some time. i know human does mistakes. but in commercial manner if some one does again and again ofc its kind of scamming.

    I am your subscriber from oct 2 and i am getting same list everyday.

    i concern this and will update with performances.

    i don't trust anyone's reviews since many of them are affiliates and i know that person who spam around the forum with affiliate links.

    thank you for letting me know.

  • alexmale - Your ticket is replied.

    davidlang - Our link lists are updated daily, not replaced with new lists daily. It means we add new targets and remove dead links every single day, but links that are working are staying in database. Please try some other link lists yourself and compare results.
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  • Sure, discount code sent. 
  • SeRocketSeRocket

    Our link lists are updated daily, not replaced with new lists daily. It means we add new targets and remove dead links every single day, but links that are working are staying in database. Please try some other link lists yourself and compare results.

    mate don't lie.if you thinks every gsa ser user is a noob with gsa ser its wrong.

    why people have to pay you monthly if you don't add targets daily basis.

    my all projects has stopped week ago with no targets to posts with your lists.

    after you said you guys had a bug and its all clear ( worst sugar lie i ever heard )

    i tried myself ..

    here is the results :

    it supped to be 159,420 unique domain targets

    Over 400,00 duplicates

    here is the biggest funny thing after download this week all downloads and after remove duplicates


    if we get same old list again and again why would want to pay monthly ?

    don't take this forum marketplace like noob warrior wso forum.

    the biggest mistake you have done is " think every gsa ser list buyer is a noob"

  • davidlang 

    Let me check your issue with support.
    I will be back to you soon.

    I'm 100% sure that our lists are updated daily and Sven can check it.
  • SeRocket

    100% lists updated ? don't make me laugh.

    already proved this with screenshots. same domain list for october 2nd to now .

    why did you say you guys had some issues and fixed if there is not anything wrong.

    i don't want to post to same targets again and again.

    if it is a really mistake that's something for understand. but this is not.

    PS : not Sven even god can see this if really monitor this.
  • davidlang  

    Please wait, I have forwarded your messages to support and waiting for their investigation.
    You are only one who has this issue from many many customers, but each client is important for us, so we will resolve this, don't worry.

    What I know is that we own big cloud network with custom scrappers and that they really work 24/7 and scrapping. And that on another side is cluster of GSAs that filter all that. If Sven request I can do video preview of all system with him.

    Why are you getting dupls I don't know now, but I will have reply for you very soon when support reply to me.

  • davidlang

    Just to update you. Support told me that they identified where is issue in your case and they are writing reply for you. I will be back to you soon with reply.

    * For other members: I'm sorry because all conversation with this client goes in public, but he has refused to use support desk. 

  • Dear David, I'm back to you with reply from support team.

    "It supped to be 159,420 unique domain targets", but there are "over 40,000 duplicates"

    No! You get it wrong. Not unique domain targets.

    There is a big difference between contextual and non-contextual link lists:
    Contextual links contains unique domains.


    You have extracted the .sl file, combined all link lists (all .txt files) to one file. 
    You have downloaded contextual and NON-CONTEXTUAL LIST TOGETHER.
    After that you removed duplicate domains. 

    So, in .sl file you have downloaded there are duplicate domains from non-contextual links.

    Clients who are using spammy platforms like comments and guestooks need as much as possible links even from the same domains.

    "If we get same old list again and again why would want to pay monthly?"

    No! You Are NOT Getting old list, but you are Getting Fresh NEW Clean List Updated Daily!

    If you look what you get each month is always fresh and fast link lists that will give you the best possible results with your GSA.
    Don't trust me? Compare our list with others! Compare results and you will see.

    If you have a strong dedicated server you can build links very fast. 
    So at some time you will reach the limit. 
    We are adding new links every day and removing old one. 
    But you can not expect that each day thousands of webmasters install article directory or other platforms where GSA can post backlinks. There are always much more non-contextual links then new platforms for contextual links.
    It is reality of internet and we can't do anything about it.
    Our scrappers are so strong that almost anything that is possible to find with search engines online is included in our link lists.

    My suggestion for you is to PLEASE PLEASE try to some other link list and compare results.
    You will see what I'm talking about.

    Anyway, we are preparing video for you...I will be back to you soon.

  • LOL !
    I am laughing at the moment and i am going to open a shit list on BHW tomorrow. right away i am enjoying myself // (No seo )

    I am not new to SEO and nor i am not new to GSA SER.

    Like have told i have used many list providers like trevor . looplines ser verified lists and you are the worsts.

    I am going to do a shit service video and upload it at BHW .

    BTW thank you for your nice scammy excuses non contextual bla bla .

    prove this if you are not wrong.

    why someone wants to pay for same shit list ?

    "My suggestion for you is to PLEASE PLEASE try to some other link list and compare results.
    You will see what I'm talking about.:

    Trevor banduras .. Looplines ... SER links so on so on almost all link lists are far far better than your same shit list!

  • Yes ...  I would suggest to Sven to check this very bad service as well.

    Don't lie man!  Again and again .. cloud servers ..scrapers..

    You don't have anything just crap list and bunch of noob clients. thats all you have got.

    remember this is not Warriors forum this is GSA FORUM!
  • Dear David, we are preparing videos and print screens that will show you how to use our product and that data that you have posted above are not correct. Please give us some time. I will be back to you soon.
    You are not only customer of our service and as much your feedback is important for us, there are many more positive reviews we have.

  • @davidlang ;

    Your question about duplicated URLs in list that contains both contextual and non-contextual link is answered.
    Did you get it? 

    What other question other then are our lists updated with new targets every day do you have?

  • Dear David, I'm back to you.
    This is correct order to import list in GSA:

    1. choose downloaded linklist


    2. before dedupe stats


    3. remove url dups


    4. finished


    5. remove dupl urls result

    6. remove dups domains


    7. stats after all dups


    If you login to SeRocket member area, download link list and follow these steps you can't get numbers that you have posted in your post above.
    We are preparing video that will show the same process. I will post it soon.
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    Hello David,

    Please watch this video and follow steps in the same order:

    If you have ever used Identified, Submitted and/or Failed link lists, in this step:


    Do not check all lists types like in video, but only Verified. Otherwise you will see different numbers.

    If you follow this video and the same steps you will get the same numbers like we show in video.

  • Dear David,

    Here is another video that shows our FTP server and link lists day after day:

    You can see folders and folder dates and inside each are link lists for that day.

  • Dear David,

    In video below we are compering two link lists. One is from 07.11.2015 and another from 12.11.2015.
    You can do the same tests on your side. Simply download link list today and keep it and in few weeks download it again and compare following steps from this video.

    What is important to look at is this:


    Look at changes for each platform. We are removing dead links and adding fresh new.

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    And video with our scrappers running live:

    And database:


    @davidlang Please click on YouTube logo on video to open it in YouTube and increase video size so you can see better quality video.

  • 1 . It doesn't matter it's non contex or contex. every lists must have unique domains without duplicates. you are wrong.

    2. You don't have to show how to remove duplicates .everyone knows that. You may update it with new list. If its great. I will come to you after testing again. My subscribe ends this 22. So i can test more at spare time,

    i am going to do a video with each list i have purchased from past with other list sellers and show what really uniqueness.

    will get back to you.

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    Dear David,

    1. You have some strong words here judging us to be scammers without any proves.
    2. You have posted names of our competitions directly in our sales thread.

    Both of that are not allowed on this forum, neither Warrior Forum or any other place.
    We could get all those posts deleted and your anonymous profile deleted here, but as you can see we are living it.

    Next time before putting finger to someone, please make video that shows step by step how you use product, like we did here.

    That is excellent idea to make detailed review with different list sellers!

    Here are some tips:

    - Skip posting that research into sales threads, but open a new thread. 
    It is not allowed to mention competitors into someones sales thread.

    - Take a look here to see how professional did similar review with all Link List Sellers - http://www.inetsolutions.org/a-case-study-of-the-top-4-gsa-ser-site-lists-providers/

    - Document each step with videos showing empty Identifies,Verified, etc. folders

    - Most of our competitors who has bigger number of links at sales page actually has many dead links in database, so make real test by letting GSA to post to entity list and look and what you will get on the end.

    - Show to audience all your settings, what emails are you using, what proxies, etc.

    - Record end results of each lists, not just numbers at beginning. Show how many links of what type you got after posting and how much time each campaign has taken (link lists with many dead links will just lose your GSA time). 

    And most important:

    Before posting any conclusion to the public it would be better if you unhide yourself.
    People trust to authorities, to real people, not to fake anonymous forum profiles.
    You have 0 posts at this forum.
    Show your twitter and blog URL.
    Show others that you stand behind your work.  
    Show them your nice blog and valuable blog posts (like this guy did).
    You mentioned that you are experienced SEO, so I guess that you have many resources where you have written some valuable content.
    I'm sure you have something to show other then blaming others. 
    I understand if you want to stay anonymous and that is fine, but if you had just one valuable post on this forum all this would sound different. 
    Show some content where you have contributed to the world. After that your words will have some value.

    Look at these examples - member who made GSA FAQ, another who wrote detailed post about multi layer campaign setup, all those who made nice tutorial videos in order to help others,  all members who are posting in GSA SER forum and suggesting some new features and on that way contribute to the development of this tool, members who are selling services in BST and giving extra value to the product ...etc...etc.

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  • PM sent. Thanks!
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    Some questions::

    -Can autsync  be used on more than one GSA intallation (with one suscription)? I have 4 VPS running GSA and i like to use the sync features in all, it is possible?

    -I am running PR+1 projects only, does this list works for me?

    -Are 20 OFF coupon available? I want to try to started suscription and latter upgrade probably or maybe even start with the premium suscription, all depends.

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