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  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon
  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon
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    You have already submitted ticket at our support desk. 
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  • Send me a discount code please. thanks
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    There are two updates this week.

    [UPDATE 1] 4 new types of syncing lists to GSA SER:

    Contextual Platforms: Delivers Wikkis, Article Directories and other URLs for your first tier. Choose this engine if you only select a few platforms.

    Contextual Random: Choose this engine if you only select a few platforms.

    Non-Contextual Platforms: Delivers Blogs, Forums, Image URLs which you need for the second tier. Choose this engine if you only select a few platforms.

    Non-Contextual Random: Choose this engine if you select all or nearly all platforms.

    [UPDATE 2] New Package (Plan)

    Starter Plan is changed and now delivers 50% of Contextual Links and 50% of Non-contextual Links
    Starter Plan does not have EDU/GOV lists and GSA SER Auto Sync option.


    *** Special Limited to First 50 Members Discounted Offer - Get $20 OFF Monthly ***

    Simply post "Give me $20 Discount Coupon" in this thread 
    and I will send you PM with discount code.


    Take a look at 10min live preview video.
    GSA SER with 150 to 250 VpM (Verified Links Per Minute) 

  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon
  • PM sent. Thank you!
  • Client feedback from other forum:

  • Hi nick,

    I am not really happy with number of targets i am getting. I am getting good LpM and VpM for 5 - 6 hours. After that all stopped.

    using 50 proxies , 500 threads , catch- all emails and i need only contextual except JK2 engine.
    After 5 - 6 hours ser starting to ask no targets to post. oh yeah i don't want to post for duplicates either.

    thank you ,
  • davidlang 

    Hello Jako, please submit ticket at support desk and somebody will take a look at your GSA setup.
  • I already did weeks ago and answer was remove chech urls.

    but it's frustrating with duplicates.

    below my settings. i am using search engine method.


    after 5 - 6 hours no targets to post


    also i tried contextual and non contextual all.sl file and i found over 48% duplicates.

    before remove duplicates :


    after removed remove duplicates


    how this possible if it updates daily ?

  • davidlang

    Our support team is helping members via support desk and our private facebook group.
    I'm sales person and this is thread mainly for pre-sale question.
    Support team is not visiting forums but work only at support desk.

    Anyway, I will tell support stuff to take a look at your case.
    Can you please tell me your support ticket ID (send me PM), or just simply reply to your ticket.

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