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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Daily Updated Link Lists by SeRocket ★★★★★ GSA Verified Link List

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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Link Lists that are Burned after 2 Days

Get the Most from Your SEO Tools with SeRocket Link Lists

Daily Updated 
Identified and Verified Link List

☑ Fresh Daily Updates

Forget overpriced link lists that become burned after just a few days. Get new fresh link lists every day.

☑ Synced Directly to your GSA

Members of Premium plan are getting all new results synced in real time directly to the GSA using Search Engine feature.

☑ Contextual and Non-contextual Link Lists

You can use only non-contextual platform link lists for churn and burn projects, or choose only contextual for first layer campaigns.

☑ Links Sorted by Platforms

We sort all link list based on GSA platforms, so you can use only those that you need or import them in other SEO tools.

☑ Results Without Duplicates

We dedupe all results - you get only unique link lists.

☑ Ultra-Fast Custom Scrapper

Our custom-coded scraper is installed on a strong cloud server farm that works 24/7 building link lists for you.

☑ Clean Verified and Identified Link Lists

Get the best success rate - to ensure high quality, we verify each platform and check page load times for every site.

Don't waste proxies, CPU or server time, or other resources for scraping. 
Be smart, and use them for link building.

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Regular price: $39/mo
For GSA Members: $19/mo

Get non-contextual link lists Updated Daily.

Link Lists Downloadable from Member Area.

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Regular price: $49/mo
For GSA Members: $29/mo

Get both non-contextual & contextual link list Updated Daily.

Link Lists Downloadable from Member Area.

Directly Synced into Your GSA.

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  • Take a look at small experiment we have done: 

    Over 90 Verified Links Per Minute!
    In 20 minutes over 1900 Verified Links!


    Dedi server (50 EUR), SeRocket Links List (premium plan), 30 shared proxies ($25 at and one email per project.
    Experiments are recorded and upload at youtube - take a look here.

    * Note: In experiment above we are using only 1 link per platform in settings. 
    If you are doing tiered or churn and burn campaigns with more links per platform - VpM will be much higher.
    And with stronger server, more proxies and emails per each project, even higher.
    Thanked by 1essaflovers
  • Ive been testing this for a couple weeks. The direct SER integration is awesome. I am getting LPM of like 200 as well as a tonne of verifieds. I use this in combination with my own custom lists and together I am really happy with my ser performance.

    One suggestion I would make is for those without auto sync that every time an updated lsit is posted that you send a notification via email. 
  • edited August 2015
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp  Thanks a lot for feedback!
    We have built custom system that works 24/7 - scrapping and verifying links.
    System updates all links that you can see in member area and also SE feature EVERY DAY.
    So, every 24 hours results in our database are fresh!

    Btw, lists stats at sales page are real and saved daily.
  • Here is my review of the list provided by SeRocket.
    Disclaimer: I am part of the beta tester/reviewer and got a premium for 5 months

    First off, they have started the service with only identified list being provided. I was so happy that I did not have to spend time scraping links and buy proxies as the identified list provided are already deduped and sorted per platform. During that time I was already getting around 50-60 LPM and was at 20+ VPM.

    A few weeks later they released their verified list service. To be honest, this has been the best list I have used in my entire 2 years of using GSA SER. With their list, it was the first time that I was able to hit almost 350 LPM and was very orgasmic experience for me lol. The identified list they are providing also improved quite a lot.

    Below is the setup I have:
    • 30 Semi Private Proxies
    • Captcha Breaker Alone
    • VPS from Shapehost
    • Cathall Email

    With that setup, I am able to get almost 350 LPM using their verified list with 20+ churn and burn projects running.

    Overall, I am fully satisfied and I see a lot of value being delivered by their service. I am not telling you this because I have been given a beta access but because I see how good the list is and I am willing to put my name on it.

    Thanks and have a great day everyone!

  • @whatdoesthefoxsays This is excellent! Thanks a lot for feedback!

    I dont usually buy linklists. I usually preffer to scrape targets myself using scrapebox and gscraper.
    But what Serocket is selling here is a great product.
    I create new gsa campaigns daily (I am a GSA blasts seller) and I constantly need fresh targets.
    Using his list I got a LPM of over 300 (very close to my own list).
    What I mostly like is that I get a lot of verified contextuals, not only crappy platforms like other list sellers are offering.
    My clients are very happy with the links they received.

    I fully reccomend this gsa list.
    Thank you!
  • edited August 2015

    I have been using many lists so far, some having free, personal, shared and premium. Most of the lists are already spam to death and they no more have any value. I always need some fresh lists specially when i got the bigger fish to rank their websites or videos. 

    Second, i am tired of scraping my own list because it is taking lots of time, plus money to get some quality lists, so i got the LinkLists to test and see the quality. I am daily getting new lists. My VPM is also increased and not only with that, i am happy that my verified list getting stronger by filtering into moz.

    I got around 200+ LPM only with LinkLists by running 3 projects together, my server is weak, so it may only handle such type of LPM, i am wondering if i run my projects into a more stronger server then i should get around 500LPM, no doubt.

    I am fully 100% satisfied with the Linklists and no complaints about it. :-B
  • Thanks a lot for feedback guys!
  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon

  • @jjumpm2 PM with discount code sent.
    Please read first our guide for best GSA setup and let us know your GSA VpM and LpM after applying it with out link lists.
  • One of members asked about Captcha.

    We have two type of links lists:

    1) verified link lists - we use GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker to create this one. With using Captcha Breaker with this type of list you will get maximum results.

    2) identified link lists - where we scrape huge amount of target sites using out custom coded java scrapper distributed on cloud server farm. 
    If you look at our sales page for live list statistics you can see that number of these links is really hight.
    If you use any other "captcha breaker" service, this what you should use.
  • Will try this system with "Give me $20 Discount Coupon".
  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon. want try this list. Please PM the code. Thanks
  • PM sent to all above. Thanks!
  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon, Thanks
  • PM sent. 
  • Another review from BHW forum:
  • Could I get the coupon code please?

    Thanks in advance.
  • PM with discount code sent.

    Right now we have 5 Days Free Trial, but this offer will be closed very soon.
  • Hi
    Please Give me $20 Discount Coupon
    Thanks so much
  • Hi guys!

    Give me $20 Discount Coupon!
    Thanks! .-)
  • Discount code sent.
  • Very happy with the services of SeRocket. Used it today for Articles and the LPM really went up by a lot! 
  • Thanks a lot for feedback!
  • We will keep free trial few days more and then we are closing it.

  • luckyman2luckyman2 Aku ada di sini untukmu :*
    Give me $20 Discount Coupon mate!
  • Give me $20 Discount Coupon

    Interested in the service. Thanks!
  • PM sent to all above.
  • can you give me a Coupon Code? like to try. thanks.
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