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USES Alot of CPU!!!!!!

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I have this on a fairly fast VPS at 2.8 GHZ and Captcha breaker bounce from using the most of my cpu then it will say not responding... something has to be done to optimize this program so it doesnt HOG so much CPU/ between GSA SER and GSA CB they have my cpu at 100% all the time.. both programs hog more cpu then anything.... ram is at about 75% .. i have 2gb of ram.. my vps was fine until i installed Captcha breaker and now its so slow i cant even use it... im on server 2012 using Superb  the VPS pro package which should handle both programs fine, not sure why they are using so much resources...... im only running 1 profile on GSA SER 


  • Intel Xeon E5420 @ 2.50GHZ   2.61GHZ
    2GB Ram
    x64 BIT
    Windows Server 2012 fresh install
  • play around with Time between each search / Threads
  • SvenSven
    @fibercarbon whats your AVG solving time in CB?
  • apparently my server is a single core, which is why it runs slower then hell... 
    CB Solve time is 1.855 SEC
    507/823 (62%) Success Rate
    Supported Captchas 472

    i thought it would be higher then 62%...
  • 1.53 paid version CB
  • I am having the same problems.

    Have Berman hostings Extreme VPS, with supposedly a 4x 3.40Ghz CPU and 4gb ram.  It is constantly at 99% cpu usage and that is only with 100 threads.  Also running the indexer at 10 threads and captcha breaker.

    Is it just Berman hostings servers that are shit?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I think that GSA SER uses a lot of CPU! There is another discussion on same issue on another thread. 
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    @franktank123 Im using berman lower package, 1x3.4 ghz 1gb ram, but still can run 100 thread/7 project smoothly, around 50% cpu. Just upgraded to middle package and waiting for the setup. Maybe you can try increase the thread and see how it goes.
  • @zenn Really? That's weird, because the server I have seems to struggle with 100 threads.  I have 30 projects, don't know how much of a difference that makes though.  Maybe there is something wrong with my server.
    Are you using the indexer and captcha breaker as well?

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @zenn & @franktank123 - how many actual threads are always running, not what you set it to?
  • @zenn: with private or public proxies?
  • @GlobalGoogler It fluctuates a lot, it isn't a constant 100 threads, can be as low as 10.  When it goes to 100 threads for a certain amount of time though the server will freeze for a few seconds at a time, intermittently, as if their is a bottleneck.
  • im using 20 private proxies from proxyblaze. and i lowered my threads to 50 and still is hogging 100%
  • @franktank123 i doubt you'll be able to run 30 projects simultaneously at 100 threads very well on Berman. I was with them previously, on their extreme package, and when running that many projects, i had to set it to schedule mode, running maybe 10 projects simultaneously or so.
  • I was able to run 15 projects with 4 tiers each.
    Lately, one week or so, GSA Crashes all the time. Even with scheduler activated. Do you guys know what the reason might be?
  • I can come up with a custom plan with more CPU and less RAM for GSA users if you guys want.

  • I am on poweruphosting and not experiencing any of these issues... I am running on scheduler and its going fine as long as I dont try to do too much simultaneously... the scheduler is a wise choice to reduce pain.
  • How many threads would I be able to run on the Hyper-V Pro plan at powerup hosting? I'm only currently getting about 8lpm, not good enough tbh when I see some of the numbers others are putting out.
  • pfffff. I have my own server here, quad core 3,3 ghz. tested it with 2500 (!) threads. maybe could still play counter strike on it..
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    LeeG opened my eyes to threads not being the solution to high LPM.
  • @franktank123 LPM depends on a lot of factors, your settings and tweakings for GSA apart from the server. But you can run GSA easily at 150-200 threads on Hyper-V Pro (Depending on the platform etc you can pop up the threads even higher).
  • hi there,  I am getting addicted to the forum.  I don't find GSA to be a resource hog.  If you are on a shared vps then you truly have no way of know what is truly going on.  I know that dedi's are more expensive but when I made the switch there isn't a comparison.  Google around a bit and you can find some affordable solutions.   I have a couple of tips that I really don't want to throw out there.  I see that no one is talking about them and I don't want to let the cat out of the bag.   

    I had Ser running so hard on about 6 dedi's that 2 proxy providers close me down as well as my hosting (catchalls)

    I ran them all above 1000 threads-

    Since then though I have learned thanks to Lee-  It isn't about the threadsI have machines at only 200 threads that hold above 175 lpm consistently.  
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @krushinem - what's the advantage of a dedi? It's just that GSA is capped at about 1gb RAM for various OS's, so the only thinking can be a better CPU...It doesn't need disk space, just a good CPU. Surely it's better to have 2 or 3 VPS's with a better CPU than 1 dedi? 
  • i have the same issue since the last version, or last 2,

    my cpu is always at 99 or 100%, GSA works like maddog, submits like crazy so i kinda like it, but before i can touch a thing on the VPS i must press the SER stop button, and close it, and restart SER, to release some RAM it ate up :D

    i have 50 priv. proxies, 100 threads, CB, Indexer running as well, nothing else
    VPS is  3 GB RAM, 2 CPU

    i have this feeliing that monitor system ressources doesnt really work anymore,

  • ronron
    edited February 2013

    @oil, I found I cannot use GSA Indexer while using SER - it just sucks up all my bandwidth. I send everthing to Lindexed, but then every week or two I reverify the verifieds, export all new ones to check on indexing since the previous time I did that - and shoot the file into Indexer. I let Indexer run by itself (I have it set at 'full').

    I really think you should see how SER runs without Indexer. I absolutely love Indexer, but that program is a beast creating like 1400 links in 30 seconds. My SER suffers if I use them together, and that is probably because I am using at home on 36Mbps. Just not enough bandwidth for both.

  • @ron how do you feel Lindexed is working for you? Does it help?
  • ronron

    When you do a lot of links, there really is no great solution. Cost is a big factor with all those servies, and link limits. I would consider lindexed the best value for the dollar because of the cheap price and the 50,000 link limit you get per day. Plus the 100% crawl rate with google, which is the first step of getting indexed.

    It definitely helps, but it helps to have multiple indexers. GSA's indexer is a big +1, but it can only process so many in a day. That's why I give lindexed the first try, and after a couple of weeks I see what still isn't indexed, and put the stubborn ones in GSA indexer.  

  • Thanks, I just signed up.
  • ahh true, without indexer running the same time, SER runs like a charm
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