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VPS Hosting - Berman vs PowerUp

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Are there any disadvantage to berman hosting? GSA recommends powerup which is $35/month and berman is only $15/month. The specs are almost exactly the same. Any other suggestions?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    Actually, there is quite a big difference between the two. You're comparing a 100mbps network to a 1gbps network. Pretty big difference in speed .. hence the price. ;)
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    Berman will give you a 1gbps port upgrade for $5, though you are unlikely to ever need it if you are just using GSA SER.
    They are fast and the support is good.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I've never used them personally but if you're on a budget, I'd say go for it.
  • That Bermann hosting seems to be very nice option - any experience with it? With the GSA and lowest plan? Will it be fine for ~50 threads and CS ?
  • I've been a customers of Berman hosting for a few months now and i can't praise them enough. Sorry if I'm standing on anyone's toes here but for me they've been great. Not tried powerup, and there's a good chance that they're awesome, but for me I've been running GSA on Bermans VPS Extra with the extra 1gbp port, a few senukex campaigns also, and my main tool which is fantastic GSA flies at the same time. £22 p/month for me from Britland and it's worth every penny. 
  • Berman all the way. 2 years and only ever had one problem in which he refunded me the month. Simply amazing service and fast servers.
  • Interesting, I've had two problems where my server was shut down for two days and all of this within the first week and I wasn't offered a refund.

    It's running fine now but that was aggravating and there was no communication at all.
  • SvenSven
    The problem with a VPS is alway "Do they accept the software you use on it". For powerup we can say they do as we partnered with them and made sure they don't have anything against the use of our software there. I can't say anything for the other one.
  • What operating system do you guys normally use? There seems to be loads of choice but I have no clue as to which is needed!
  • i'm using berman for almost 5 month... i was very satisfy with them and also the support was great. +1 for berman.
  • @up
    Are you using GSA (and Capchta Sniper)on Bermann ? On proxys (public or private)? On lowest plan? How about the perfomance of GSA?
  • The server I have from Berman is down again today. This makes the 3rd time in one week that I have no access to it and it'll be down for a couple of days with no contact from them. BTW, I've only had this server for a week so you can imagine this is aggravating.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I've used Berman and have only the best things to say! 

    I have two VPS's with them. Just make sure you use the 2gb RAM one. It's option 2. You also get a good discount if you pay upfront. 

    They run fast, are never down. They respond within 3 hours to all my emails. 

    I asked them about the network port, and he said, check the amount you are currently using...with GSA, it hasn't even been close to needing it. But you can upgrade so quickly...probably within 4 hours, but he showed me how to check if I need it. 

    I also use GSA indexer, as well as CS on Berman. 

    Only the best service received so far for Berman. 

    BTW - with Berman you must use your own proxies! This is no issue as it's best to use private proxies anyway!
  • I have had a couple of berman servers for the past 4 months, and the only downtime i had was once, and it was pretty much my fault (i was testing some home made software and accidently flooded a certain website, that returned the favour by RDP bruting my server to death, which was fair!)
    The support guy (also called Sven) was even supportive for that, which was entirely my own fault.

    @ Stanger: Did you contact support? And when you do get access, please check your event logs as you may be facing a similar issue, which is common with all windows servers. If you are, you can disable RDP and use something else, like teamviewer.
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    "Berman... 2 years and only ever had one problem..."

    The Berman website was only created in Oct 2011, so it's very unlikely you had them for 2 years.

    Sure, go ahead and use them if you're on a budget. But cheap does always mean best. I had them earlier this year, and they went down 7 times in 5 months (their fault not mine - "nodes were unstable"), so wouldn't use them again if I wanted reliability. 

    Best option (if you have the budget) is a dedi server with enough RAM and bandwidth that allows all your SEO tools.  

  • @meowns, I contacted support right away and it takes a full 24 hours minimum before they contact me back. I'm looking for a dedicated now that I can setup my own vps's on.
  • Just another, now they have to reload the os on this server wiping out my projects. So I have to install GSA and the indexer again.

    And it went down because of another "node" issue.
  • hmm, i dont know what to say, i guess some nodes are better than others, and i have just been lucky. Only 3 critical events in 4 months accross 2 servers, 2 of which are my own doing.
  • so any advice on the berman vps operating system and package size? Whats everyone else using? 

    I would want to run GSA, CS, and scrapebox and occasionally AMR.
  • I would also like to know..Can the basic package handle GSA, CS, SENuke X And Video Market Robot?
  • @Brumnick, you should be able to use the Extra VPS no problem.

    @Domainer, you would easily need the Extreme and I'm not sure it would run all of that at the same time.
  • I've been with Berman for a few months, and although initially i did have a few problems (couldn't connect to my VPS), everything else has been fantastic, and i haven't had any issues for over a month now. I'm on the extreme package, which has been perfect for GSA. I did upgrade to the 1gbps initially, but found it overkill, so went back down to 100mbps. I'm currently considering downgrading to their 'Extra' package, so would be interested to hear from those on that, in regards to how GSA performs.
  • I'm traveling to Houston today but when I get back I'll post some stats for you.
  • Keep also in mind that you support Sven if you're using his affiliate deal. Can't talk for him, but we should keep him motivated to continue spending such a lot time for SER (it's atm a one time payment - don't forget this).
  • Tomorrow I'm getting set up with Berman, starting off with the 'Pro' option of $15/month. I'll also be running CS on it. The 100mbps, $15/month Pro option should be enough right? My sites (3 of them) are between 2 and 3 months old and I will not be going ballistic with backlinks - probably 5 to 10 per day for my T1, then a week or so later about 10 per day for T2 and so on. Appreciate your input for those of you who've used Berman before. Cheers. 
  • John at that speed you might as well build them by hand!
  • i took the option with 2 gb ram for 28 dollars. using GSA and SB. i never had any problems or downtimes. i didnt try poweruphosting, but i can really recommend bermanhosting. the customer service also replies fast.
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    Guy, forget about the two of them, solidseovps is the best of the two, i had berman and i switched, besides berman supports sucks.

    you can check even the benchmakrs of all these company real test here,

    solid kicked all their butt big time

    EDIT from Admin: It turned out that @zalouma is the same person as @solidseovps who do self promotion. So ignore all of that in this thread.

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    and this is solid speed test


    EDIT from Admin: It turned out that @zalouma is the same person as @solidseovps who do self promotion. So ignore all of that in this thread.

  • OzzOzz
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    speedtest is a joke (sorry, I only have a german source for this).
    ISPs free up their connection once they detect that you "speedtest" them (no kidding).

    however, if you are happy with your VPS than everything is fine :)
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