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Make Captcha Breaker work with SEnuke

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Ok, I have Captcha Breaker setup with default settings and I left Senuke to try "Captcha Sniper" before falling over to DeathByCaptcha. 

When I run a test to try "captcha sniper" Senuke reports a successful test, but when running nuke I don't see any captcha's coming through or the counter going up.

How does everything need to be configured to get Captcha Breaker to intake captcha's from nuke just like CS?


  • SvenSven
    Use some other captcha service like de-captcha in SENuke. That should work. I have no clue why using CaptchaSniper in SENuke should not work or how they communicate with it. Im not owning a copy of SENuke so I can not debug this and I have doubts that the author is willing to contact me as we are competitors (if you read this...feel free to contact me) ;)
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited January 2013
    @Sven - SEnuke users should also choose the option to "Not use captcha type for image detection" right? I don't have SEnuke either so I can't test. Might have to grab it to test it out a bit.
  • SvenSven

    Oh good point @s4nt0s, without that option on, you will get a low solving rate. Let me explain why that is...

    Captcha Breaker knows what image types (gif, png or jpg) are used for a captcha type and skips those who do not match the one that was sent to solve. SENuke and SickSubmitter however do not send the original captcha as seen ont he webpage but always reencode it to jpg and send that one. So ignoring this type of detection is required.

  • edited January 2013
    What about magic submitter what should i do to work with it ?

    Edit: Nevermind,if you select "captcha sniper" function, it works fine with captcha breaker.

    Do you know if magic subimitter reencode the images or not ? is there a way to check it ?

    Should i let all captcha options enabled,or only select the specific platform that i will submit to ?
  • SvenSven
    @pirondi, save some solved/unsolved captchas and see if they all come in as jpeg. If thats the case you have to enable that option, else you can leave it unchecked.
  • Thanks for the heads up on tip for images types s4ant0s.

    Sven, I think the reason nuke won't communicate with CB in the same way it does with CS has something to do with a problem on my end. Please see my other thread:
  • does CB determine type of captcha when using with senuke? as u said senuke converts captchas to CB use image size for identifying captchas?
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    It also uses colors and in some cases file size (e.g. < 5kb for captcha#1 and >5kb for captcha#2) for detection and maybe some more I don't know of. 

    But I like to ask if the captchas that using hash values are working correctly when the captchas are converted?
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2013
    Latest version should work with all SEnuke captcha options possible. It even works when having CaptchaSniper enabled. Thanks to @honor90 for providing a test case here...was really helpful to see how this program communicates with other services (they didn't use e.g. \n\r as written in dbc protocol but a simple \r which causes some problems).
  • Great job @Sven!!
  • Can someone help me with this. Am i missing instructions for Captcha breaker as I cant find any.

    I have two pcs both with captcha sniper and 1 now with captcha breaker?

    If i can get CB to work - which i cant at the moment andf then want to get advanced. How would i set it to go to cb first and cs second?

    I'm all a bit confused?!?


  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    yes, it definitely lacks of documentions by now, but this will change hopefully in the next future once all major bugs has been fixed.

    about CS/CB: this thread might help you.
  • Hi Ozz - many thanks for that. That did help a little when I am using GSA. I can see its sent to CB first and then CS.

    I appreciate there are performance issues but i will monitor that. I'm not  abig link builder so I will rather the quality. If cs is not solving any of the ones not solveable by CB then ill turn it off.

    My real headache is this:

    I run GSA SER and SENUKE on the same PC. GSA is set to use CB first then CS. CB is set to not use 'run as webserver'. My question is -- what happens to senuke??

    At the moment i have that (NUKE) set to use captcha sniper but i am assuming that CB is intercepting it and sending it to CB??
  • SvenSven

    if you want to use CB with SEnuke, you need to enable the webserver. Though you don't need to enable any captcha service simulation as you can use the CaptchaSniper option in SEnuke as well which works for Captcha Breaker if started.

    You don't really need CaptchaSniper anymore as CB solves faster and more accurate than CS (even though CS author says something different). And even more important it does not crash (at least for most of us) ;P

    The only thing you must make sure of is to enable the option "Do not use the image type for captcha detection"

  • @Sven,

    So just to confirm, we have to enable the webserver AND enable CaptchaSniper option in SENuke? Or just webserver + service emulation OR CaptchaSniper option in SENuke?
  • SvenSven

    1. enable webserver in CB

    2. enable CaptchaSniper option in SEnuke

    3. you can disable all captcha service simulations (optional) as it is not required to work for SEnuke

  • Hello, 

    I have one server with CB and GSA SER and 2 more with SENUKE and CS. I want to buy 2 more licenses of CB for SENUKE but i want to know what is the percentage of solved captchas with SENUKE (using CB).

  • SvenSven
    Sorry but someone else has to answer this as I don't own that program.
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    i don't know how long a SENuke run takes, but maybe it is possible to stop your SER campaign for a while (few hours) and test it by yourself. 
    just install CB on one of your SENuke machine, close CB on your SER machine and test it on that. you are able to run CB on every of your machines as long as its not running on two (or more) instances at the same time.

    furthermore i like to know if SENuke integrated CB directly in the mean time as they claimed some weeks ago? if thats the case then i think it would be usefull to save the captchas to file for a couple of runs to optimize or add new captchas for SENuke to get a better solving rate for them with the help of the SDK.
  • Great idea. Thanks Guys.
  • 1. enable webserver in CB (any port you want)

    2. enable DeathByCaptcha option in SEnuke

    3. enter anything as login and pass

    4. check your balance (should be 9.99)

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