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Possibility to add DA/PA filter in GSA SER?

Since PR (Page Rank) have no more value in eyes of Google (like they also announced) now what matters more is the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). So instead of setting to build links with PR 2> we can better set to build links on DA / PA >15. (Was just an example).


  • i think there was already discussion about this.
  • Can you post link to discussion.  Thanks
  • Searching old posts, you should try by yourself going to google and typing: TOPIC

    where TOPIC are some words of the topic you are looking for.

    In this case, go here:

    or also here

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    yes an updated metric would make our work much easier, no matter if PA/DA or TF/CF
  • Already been discussed.  TF/CF would be best solution but too expensive to implement.  DA/PA is too easy to manipulate
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    Yeah but at least it is a better metric than PR actually. PR have currently no more value in eyes of Google, so we can better set up like i said above a 15 DA / PA rather than a PR 2 site.
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    "PR have currently no more value in eyes of Google"

    I hope you're not serious. Sure, Google doesn't publically update PR anymore, but it's still used internally and a VERY important ranking factor. 

    As a side note and (and a bit of a rant), I'm getting a bit frustrated about people NEEDING external metrics to judge a site. I know it sucks that Google doesn't publically update PR anymore, but that doesn't mean these metrics hold any real world value. It seems for most people it's too hard to accept these external metrics (which Google really doesn't give a damn about) are way too imprecise to hold any analytical value. Yes, I understand the argument that it's better than nothing (IMO public PR still is very valuable, despite the last 1+ year update), but in my experience these metrics are pretty close to meaning nothing.

    As metioned before DA/PA are utterly worthless and can be easily manipulated with spam. TF or TF/CF ratio is a bit better, but still pretty worthless. 

    In fact I'm 100% certain of this because in the last few months I've researched tens of thousands of expired domains to add to my PBN. Initially I used a DA/TF bulk checker to make a quick shift, but after someone coded me a python script which grabs backlinks and the PR of those backlinks I quickly noticed these metrics aren't worth anything at all. I have a list of 10,000+ expired DA/TF>20 domains which aren't worth anything at all, while I also have hundreds of domains with (genuine) PR5-8 backlinks (OBL < 10), which have DA and TF of less than 15. The correlation between these metrics and PR is way too imprecise - especially for websites/pages which only have a couple of backlinks.

    Anyone familiar with the technical mechanics behind PR knows that a high PR backlink can be worth more than thousands of generic links (not even talking about actual spam). The data of Majestic and Moz are way too rough and imprecise to pick up these fundamentally important things. Hence why they're basically worthless in my opinion.
  • rogerke so how do you suggest we should filter quality sites for tier 1?
  • andreig03 

    I might come back later with a longer answer, but the short answer is I wouldn't bother.

    SER is absolutely awesome to build huge amounts of links automatically, but if you need I'd just buy them (be it SAPE or another link network or a PBN). It's far more feasible to use the right engine settings than focusing on the quality of the sites (which is in many cases pretty much impossible anyway). 

    I'll try to expand on this later tonight. :)
  • you mean we should buy the tier 1 links?
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    andreig03 I agree that it's not perfect, but the only real sensible way to filter your list of urls for automated link building is to bulk check it with majestic, then discard any that fall below a certain TF threshold, and any that have a TF/CF deficit greater than say about 10.  If you do that, you'll be building 95% of your links on decent properties.

    Sure, in an ideal world (like say you're buying domains to repurpose for a network) you'd go through them with a fine tooth comb checking everything from the type of links that they've got pointing at them (and the likelihood they'll stick), their age, relevance, the OBLs of the linking page(s), all the way through to the wayback history of the domain itself, but for what we're talking about here it's probably not going to be necessary.

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    i don't really have much experience with majestic, what plan do i need to check let's say 100k?
  • You can check up to 5 million urls per month with the smallest plan.
  • thanks, and what minimum TF/CF you recommend for tier 1?
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    It really depends, but I'd maybe start around TF15+ and see how you get on.
  • only TF should consider?
  • PA/DA are definitely easily manipulated but so was PR. At least its a metric though of some sort. PR that we see is no longer being updated and holds no value at all.
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    I meant if you really need quality links, just buy them. Unfortunately I can't edit that post anymore.

    Besides the discussion of the actual analytical value of these external metrics (which are basically worthless IMO), the usablity of them is pretty much non-existent as well. 

    Take contextual links for example:

    Since they get placed on a new page, the only way to judge the quality of them is by getting metrics of the homepage/domain (or more ideally the actual page which links to your article -i.e. where the link juice will be coming from). But that's only a small part of the story. The site structure is way more important and basically impossible to determine without taking up too much resources (more on this later). What I'm trying to say is that you can have a DA 75/TF 55/PR 7/whatever domain, but if your article is on a back alley it's still as worthless as any other generic link. 

    Visualize the site structure as a family tree. On top is homepage which will funnel most of the link juice to the other pages. But the more branches (pages) it has, the less link juice each page will get and the less these (root domain) metrics (which -again- IMO are basically worthless anyway) will tell you. Sven could incorporate code to analyze the site structure and disregard pages with a depth (from the homepage) /branches of >X (just like Xenu works), but that would take up way too many resources.

    Why not use SER to blast links and if you need quality links throw some SAPE and PBN's into the mix? It isn't that hard guys.

    P.S. I'm pretty sure Majestic only allows 500k URLs with the cheapest package. Yes you get 5 million data points, but each URL requires 10 data points. At least that's what they charge me when I upload them directly to their bulk checker.

  • "but if your article is on a back alley it's still as worthless as any other generic link. " can you elaborate this more?  You mean if a website has too many OBL links the DA/TF/PR etc metrics don't matter anymore?
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    Yes, the root domain metrics are basically worthless then. The more pages a site has, the more the link juice will get diffused - so each page will have less link juice. Any root domain metric is worthless without knowing the site structure. 

    If you're going to use these metrics, you'll need the metrics of the actual page your link will be on (for blog comments) . Or when new pages get created (contextual links for example) you'll want to know the metrics of the page(s) directly linking to that new page.
  • Well ser tells you how many internal and external links a website has. And we can filter by how many external links a website has so that metrics are not useless as you said.
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    What the hell are you talking about? SER doesn't tell you anything about the site structure. You really don't seem to what I'm trying to say.

    And the OBL filter -although very useful blog comments etc.- is not important for contextual links because the only outbound links will be your own (yeah disregarding the incidental sitewide links).
  • What ^^ says...

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    No i don't understand what you're trying to say because what you're trying to say is very had to understand. What is the site structure?

    I want to have some quality tier 1 links and if i don't filter them by some metric gsa will post to shitty websites with no authority so yea even if they are not so accurate this metrics are better than nothing.
  • @andreig03 : rogerke has a good point. If you dont understand what he is saying.. Well, i'm sorry.

    Regarding your problem:
    - scrape your targets
    - export the list and clean it (trim to domain & delete duplicates)
    - use a bulk checker for pa/da etc etc
    - import your new list
  • What would you guys say is the best type of links to purchase (PBN, SAPE, ECT) ?
  • @SuperSEO
    I would go with some HQ PBN if I were you,
  • @Aleksandrius

    Where is a good place to find a provider of this service?  How much should I be expecting to pay for a service like this? 
  • A HQ PBN will cost you at least $200 per 10 permanent posts.
    Even better, there are monthly subscriptions that will make sure those posts have better value.
    Don't like to mention sorces here since this is a GSA forum, but if you can find them easily, that means there is high possibility that this PBN sucks.
    Good luck!
  • rogerke i manage to understand what you were trying to say and yea i agree 100%, that is exactly the problem i have now, check out this post (

    Anyone knows how to filter sites by number of posts or the only way to get quality links is by buying/manually making them?
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