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Replace PR standard with PA or DA


Is it even possible to replace PageRank qualifiers in Ser with Page Authority or Domain authority.

Since PageRank is not going to be updated publically by Google anymore.



  • manubossmanuboss
    also thinks it would be nice
  • Yep, I was considering posting similar kind of question to @Sven    We need it, please try to find out a way for us.
  • +1 for this
    PR is toast
  • You'd need a MOZ API key for that and the cheapest plan is $500 per month for only 500k rows. Unpayable and PA and DA are crap metrics anyway. 
  • "PA and DA are crap metrics anyway"

    They are all crap metrics and can all be manipulated I get it, thanks for you help.
  • All metrics can be manipulated, however i found majesticseo's trust and citation flow most accurate, it would be nice to have PA and DA checking available anyway, if Sven would charge few extra bucks a month for that service i would pay, if you use it wisely it can be valuable.
  • I agree some metrics can be manipulated but PA/DA are very easy to manipulate with spam.
  • I primarily use TF for my comparisons.

    I can't imagine that it takes the API to pull the simple TF or DA numbers.

    Firefox addon's like RDS can do it, those are not pulling data with an API.

    I don't know though, I'm not a programmer or developer.  I didn't even play one on TV.

    I don't care if Sven makes up his own rating system, as long as we can get away from PageRank.

    Hell you can call ManipuRank if you want, as long as its measureable and I can use it for quick assessments.
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    What jpvr90 said :) 

    Also this issue is even more peculiar with GSA targets because they're more prone to spam than your average website/page. I don't think there is a way to use these metricse wisely unless you manually check the backlink profile - which defeats the purpose anyway.

    I'm also afraid it isn't just going to cost a "few extra bucks" per user. Even the most expensive MOZ plan ($10000 per month) only provides 40 million rows. This will probably be exceeded within a few hours and then I didn't even talk about the issue of the maximum of only 200 requests per second. I'm sure Sven will chime in to give his opinion, but I just don't think it's feasible. 

    Another option might be using your personal API key, but again, who's going to pay at least $500 per month for some utterly worthless metrics? ;-)

    Edit: Sigh. You're really stubborn. Yes you NEED the API key and YES the addon you mentioned must have an API key to access it as well. A simple, 2 minute Google search would reveal all this info. If you really want this info just set up a dummy campaign, export all verified and use your own API key to sort your lists. You can do it with the the PA addon in Scrapebox. If you're smart you even split it up between several free API keys. It isn't that hard.
  • @rogerke there are tons of different tools out there that are free that do bulk page and domain authority checking, and the sites are free.  Now if someone is paying 100000 per month to get the data from Moz then giving it away for free then they are dumb.  So I doubt that is the case, since a simple 2 minute Google search will show that there are several services that do it.

    Now I get what your saying, you don't think it can be done.  Thanks for your input. 

    I think it can be done, and so the question to @Sven still stands, can he replace PR in Ser as a measurement tool.
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    @ClintButler sven has already responded to this and made a decision.

    PA/DA is to easy to manipulate...there is no point.

    You know how many SER users are blasting contextuals,articles,forum profiles,wikis,etc. in there tiers. The PA/DA will be distorted/inaccurate.
  • @jpvr90 as I said in the thread several times, it doesn't have to be DA, it can be TF.

    However, thanks for pointing out it was already asked and answered by @Sven, appreciate it.
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