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Target sites by DA/PA

Since PR is a bit outdated it would be nice to have the ability to scrape and filter target URLs by DA/PA using the API. I believe this is a much more accurate metric of a site's authority. Thx


  • This is an interesting idea :) It might be time to change the metrics we use to filter our targets..
  • requested this a few weeks ago. if anyone knows of a good way to do this currently im all ears.
  • if you need it now, run page authority addon in scrapebox which connects to mozscape api.
  • I was just about to suggest that this same feature - the last PR update was a joke - not even close to accurate (by all accounts the update was not even intentional) and since there are no further planned updates it just seems silly to even include PR in any filters as you are probably filtering out good sites! DA or PA would be a much better metric - I for one would love the ability to only post to PA or DA 30+ pages!
  • Sure, it´s really a great idea. Also, less PR checking = less proxies banned.
  • Moz.coms stats are rubbish - incomplete as theiir index is much smaller than ahrefs//majestic, and not updated often enough. If there is a change I'd strongly recommend looking at Majestiv Trustflow instead.
  • moz isn't bad for home pages.
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    +1 for MOZ PA/DA. PR is a joke this days. We need something like the scrapebox authority addon.
    Maybe @Sven decides to help us out here.
  • MOZ PA/DA are not that good at all, i have a view older websites that have a great backlink profile, good content and good rankings and only at MOZ is get a DA/PA of 1 while Ahref and Majestic gives a me more accurate (read higer :) ) rating

    Also they seem to have a much more accurate picture of my backlink profile, so i would vote for one of these services (or maybe Sven could add them all)

  • I am a Majestic fan. I think Citation Flow and Trust Flow via the API call GetLinkProfile is specifically what we may need. This is the data that generates a link profile graph. There is enough data there to judge a domain well I think.

    More can be found here. You need a Platinum or higher subscription for API access.
  • I think a custom authority addon like scrapebox has is the easiest and cheapest
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    spunko2010 ...there is no easy solution... Platinum Majestic is $400/mo and to hammer the API via Scrapebox you need many Moz accounts accounts. I had a buddy give me over a hundred to do some things recently, but I bet very few people have that kind of buddy with bot skills to make accounts for them...If I really need to do something like this, I will do it in the scrape processing phase like you said..... Just always need the Moz accounts.
  • There are better ways of doing this en-mass than using the API or paying. You can create a bot that opens the websites up in a browser and pulls the Moz DA/PA straight from the Moz toolbar. No need to bot the account creation process.
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    let @sven integrate all such pa/da services with ser and let users choose whatever option they like . Just like how proxy and indexer services work in ser . Or create a cloud where pa/da fetched by each ser is also added to a central database , so that other users can use it too .
  • Well if Sven pays $400 a month for the top Majestic package, he could charge any users $20 a month for it, would need 20 to break even...
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but we will not pay them 400 USD a month...insane price sorry.
  • Majestic have an 'Open Apps' system where developers can gain access to the API, create apps and allow users to get data even on the most basic plans. I use SeoTools for Excel which works on this premise, and I have an entry level account.
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    PA/DA can easily be manipulated, so not as reliable as you think. Don't see the benefit of PA/DA right now. We don't know what google next move regarding PR will be. For all we know they might keep it or they already have a replacement for it.
  • sven please add this function , google will soon disown pagerank as the original patent will become public . So PA/DA offered by these sites is the only other option to find higher quality sites . which will have to used in conjuction with something else .
  • Just so everyone knows, it takes Scrapebox like 10-15 hours to pull this data from 100K URLs. This is no small task.
  • From my experience, DA/PA is only useful if you also know the exact anchor text percentages for that domain. I did a lot of expired domain hunting a while ago. Always got very happy when I found stuff that had PA/DA each above 30 but most of the time, when looking at the anchors, it became obvious what happened and these domains were dropped on purpose...
  • PA/DA is useless. Google has no idea about these stats, so there is no need for us to worry about it as well.
  • @RayBan But these stats are indicative. Yes, Moz, majestic and co don't know the google algorithm but there is some common sense to quality links and authority which these tools try to emulate in their own little score. So the higher their score of a particular site, most likely Google will favor it as well.
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    @johnmiller @RayBan Exactly as john said, they are indicative metrics. We'll see if something like this happens in the near future.
  • Good time for someone to come up with an additional SER addon like SEREngines and charge monthly for it eh? ;)
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    Just leave it as it is. A mix of all different types of links is much more beneficial. I don't even check PR and get PR7s sometimes. I wouldn't limit SER too much, just let it rip*

    *as long as you have a good set up with filters etc ;)
  • I agree with Pratik. I would be happy to pay a monthly fee if someone wants to develop this. If you don't want it then fine but some of us do :) (same with google captcha idea)
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