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[feature request] reporting of recaptcha / captchas

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Can we get a report of what sites used recaptcha so we can optimize these lists with proxies to avoid ban?

Would also be good to show where captcha was needed at all. Status of both of these can be in the submitted list spreadsheet.

Also it should show which service solved it, so we can have CS and paid and see if it was a paid or CS captcha.



  • That is an awesome idea. It would be really good to have a nocaptcha list to run full speed ahead and then run seperate recpatcha lists with paid, and other captcha lists with CB/CS. +1 from me for sure!
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    i think google treat all bans differently. when you get a recaptcha ban that doesn't mean that you have a google-search-ban, too. if you got a PR-check ban than it doesn't mean that you won't get recaptchas anymore and so on.

    as temporarly solution to avoid recaptcha bans i would decrease 'captcha retries' to 0 or 1, so they don't get hammered when you requesting 5 or 6 recaptchas in a very short time.
  • edited January 2013
    yes they are different wasn't saying they are or referring to any other kind of ban. I dont use google search though as I use pre harvested lists.  I also don't really care about Pr as don't worry about that.

    Would be better to just have the list separate to use proxies for recaptcha and without proxies for everything else.  And then a paid list and non paid to easily sort out what CS/CB can do without wasting the submitters time trying to solve stuff it can't just to move to the next method.

    With large lists doing retries doesn't help, we just need separate lists.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    They still get hammered.

    I found the best way to reduce them was to check submissions and verified stats

    Options > Advanced > tools and its there somewhere to check the stats

    Low result verified is a good indication of engine types that use dcaptcha if your only using csx / cb

    I know its been mentioned to Sven to at some stage include the option in CB to send certain captcha types straight to a decaptcha service. I was the one that suggested the idea

  • Running recaptcha on 50-100 priv proxies will do much better than all on the same IP though no?

    Just don't see the issue with adding this as would help optimize our lists much more with less hassle trying to sort lists manually.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Good idea to have a list of these platforms. 

    Another thing, is do all the platforms in GSA work? I think it might be quite neat to know if any platforms are not working. OR if any platforms require a special setting...
  • This is a great idea.

    Without using captcha service, currently half of the submissions are recaptcha. With 20 private proxies, captcha strings are getting more complex very soon.

    A feature to uncheck "Recaptcha" sites will double submission speed. For now I'll be using suggestion from @LeeG. Very helpful.
  • Yea an option to skip would be fine too, and then in the log show that it was skipped due to this, so we can then extract those and do on a separate run more optimized to handle recaptcha.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    If your using cb, you can untick decaptcha

    Which might be a slight submission speed increase


  • Not using CB and it's not a matter of speed, the issue is complex recaptchas coming from not using proxies.  I want to do these separately with proxies and none for the rest.
  • ronron

    +1 @medway - I really like your idea, but not for your stated reason. I don't see this as a proxy vs. nonproxy issue.

    What I like about your idea is knowing if only one captcha service was used (CB), or were two captcha services used (CB + DBC).

    Then that tells me that this site/engine really needs human decaptcha to solve. 

  • Great feature requests. To help Sven and developers since there are so many threads lately. 
    3 good ideas to consider:
    • Can we get a report of what sites used recaptcha so we can optimize these lists with proxies to avoid ban?
    • I think it might be quite neat to know if any platforms are not working. OR if any platforms require a special setting...
    • A feature to uncheck "Recaptcha" sites will double submission speed.

  • ronron
    +1 @CreditDoc on feature to uncheck recaptcha engines. Great for speed boost.
  • Sure this feature can have many uses, obviously captchas play a big role in success and having more information on what's happening in different targets will help increase submissions.
  • ronron

    @medway - can you explain something to me because I think I'm missing something important that you are focusing on.

    What do mean by "complex recaptchas coming from not using proxies" ?


  • Those are great ideas,

    post in
    and globalgoogler will probably incorporate it with into the rest VERY important feature requests

    the posts on this forum are getting out of hand and Sven mentioned that he can't keep up fast enough with all our feature requests so lets make it a little more clean for him
  • Thanks for providing that thread link @GiorgosK
  • edited January 2013
    @ron once too many requests come to recaptcha from a single ip then the words get covered with a 'cloud' so that they are un solvable.  Eventually you will get no image at all and just an error that too many requests have come through.

    In other words Google starts to limit and then bans you from seeing recaptcha from that ip, hence the need for proxies.

    See this for an example:

    In the photo only one word has the problem but after too many tries on one ip then both words will look like the one on the right and be unsolvable.
  • +1 @CreditDoc on this feature also to uncheck recaptcha engines. I'd really like to see that!
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