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[Feature Requests] Please Discuss & Add Your Thoughts

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited January 2013 in Need Help
Feature 1: Extra 2 Columns With Verified to Submitted Ratio per Project Over Last 24 Hours AND Over Last Week/All Time
Advantage: Allows us to quickly see which projects need attention. I know it's not the best ratio, but a decreasing ratio shows us which projects to focus on. This would be a good signal that there is something that needs improving if the ratio drops.What might also be useful is to have submitted per project in last 24 hours. 

Feature 2: Merge Projects (Feature Added). (Right click project, merge)

Feature 3: Extra Column to Show Remaining Target URL's
Advantage: Quick overview to see which project you need to load some more URL's too. Much better than going in project by project as in it's current format, its never used (by me anyway at least). Too much hassle to go into every project across multiple VPS's. If it was in an optional column I could scan and see which project needs more URL's!

Feature 4: Use Master Accounts for Reposting & Tickbox "Only Use Existing Accounts"
Advantage: I know you can import account data from another project, but having an option that allows you to manage your account data would be neat.So maybe a tickbox "Only Use Existing Accounts" and then an option to select an account file.

Feature 5: List Management Improvements:
Interim Solution Feature 1: Allow us to save the verified, submitted and identified lists on a per project or per group basis. 
This way, we can start creating niche lists that we can use again and again.
Interim Solution Feature 2: Save the PR & OBL data into the list. Then give us the option to set this as initial filter when using lists. 
This way, we can select "Use List filter" and it will only submit to urls in list that past test. So it would only use the list entries that pass this "List Filter Test" and then get data for those. YES, PR & OBL do change, but this would be quicker than running PR & OBL on ALL list items and then rejecting the URL if it doesn't pass. 
Advantage: Rather apply a PRE-Filter, so the chance of it passing are higher. Huge efficiency improvement!

Feature 6: SE Improvements
Feature 6.1: Measure SE Overlap. 
I.e. allow us to enter a single keyword measure the % of duplicates each SE generates. 
Advantage: This will allow us to see which SE's generate new results, and saves us time from parsing duplicates.
Feature 6.2: Measure Keywords Overlap
Allow us to enter in a primary keyword. It parses all results on a selected SE (e.g. Yahoo or Google international). Then it allows us to import a list of keywords and for each keyword it parses the results and measures how many duplicates or unique %. Thus, we know which keywords are worth using and can reject keywords below x unique %. 
Advantage: If you have 1000 keywords and they generate 80% similar results, you can improve efficiency by 80% by deselecting keywords that generate duplicate results. 

Feature 7: More Natural Looking Articles
Advantage: Basically allows us to insert external authority links from a file, a set number of times, on a specific set of keywords, in random positions. This is to ensure articles look even more unique. The first thing Google must use is the link position, and where the links point to, to see if it's duplicate. You might have 1000, 95% unique articles, but if in each article the link is always in the same place and always to the same 10 sites, it's obvious their very similar. Here what I suggest is option to add in external links, so make it more diverse and natural. 

Feature 8: Ensure Tiered Links Exist (Set Option To Reverify links xx days, with tiers)
Basically, when you are running a tiered project, it takes previously verified links and build links to these links. Over time some these links die and disappear, so we spend resources building tiered links to links that don't exist!
Advantage: Improved resource usage. Only building links to links that exist!
These aren't critical features but would be very very nice to have. :-) I'm going to keep listing features that I think are good ideas in this thread, rather than place them one by one in all the individual threads. I've come up with a lot of ideas recently as I've spent over 2 weeks neatening and restructuring my VPS's. 

Feature 9: Remove Duplicate Domains/URL's
1) Remove Duplicate Domains should select all platforms except Blogs, and remove duplicate URL's should only select blog platforms.
2) We should have option to run this feature every xx days to keep the lists clean. Make it automated so we don't have to worry about it. I often forget to clean this up. 

Feature 10: Average Number of Threads in Last 24 Hours
1) Most users are just selecting max threads at xx. They assume that it is actually running at this level. I'd like to see a little status task at bottom, with average thread count over last 24 hours. 
Advantage: See if you have optimised GSA or need to edit some keywords, global lists, etc. 

Feature 11: Using Private & Public Proxies
(as per Ozz & Giorgos)
I like the idea to have a fallback option with public proxies.
- when the count of private proxies is below XX than search, test and add public proxies
- when private proxies are below that number than retest them every XX minutes
- when private proxies are in use than give a hint in the status bar (different color of the "P:" box for example)
- give preference to private proxies.
Advantage: Better results and less downtime!

Feature 12: In Proxy Test Offer Us A Few URL's and Strings from a Dropdown list
All strings that I use give different would be useful to have a few preadded.

Feature 13: Use Anchor & Secondary Anchor Text as Tags in Articles, instead of keywords
Keywords are often unrelated, especially if you use scrape keywords from sites.


Best Answers

  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    +1 (again). I am worried that people don't understand how important this information is. They just love blasting links with no idea how many got created for each project.
  • edited January 2013 Accepted Answer
    The most important feture that i need is 'Pause project after XX links for XX minutes for XX DAY' . ..So I can create 1000 links spread over 10 days with 100 links per day :-)

     If we get XX Day, I can set up so many tier2/tier1 links project and don't have to baby sit each project to pause/stop it
  • Accepted Answer
    +1. Great ideas here. I especially love Feature 3 as I often use custom lists and it would be awesome to know when to "reload" projects with URLs.
  • Accepted Answer
    +1 for me particulary #1. Lets also not forget the automatic reverification of verified links after X days to ensure our tiers are current and we are building links to 'live' links.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    I have bookmarked this for later review...I add things when I have time...sorry, can't comment on all. But thanks for editing this so I can work on it better.


  • +1 for Feature 1. Should be added to the Show Diagram/Chart tool.

    Also requested this
  • +1

    List management first and foremost.

  • +1 great suggestions
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron, @NocT, @GiorgosK - which feature request is most n.b. to you?
  • @ron Some people have no need for all that info. I have no need to know how many links get created per project. The only thing i care for is that my site ranks.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    For me, Feature 7 is right up there with the most important. 

    @takeachance - see Feature 8 (added it now) :-)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Feature 10 Added. 
  • @globalgoogler
    if you think private and public proxies working together is important please add it to the list because it gets buried
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Feature 11 Added. 
  • just request for a feature 8, i hope it will add soon....
  • ronron

    I love everything you said @GG, but I still would love to see #1 implemented.

    There is no way of seeing if you are weak on your linkbuilding for each project unless you have a column that shows what you did in the last 24 hours.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron - totally agree. 

    I'd love to see Feature 7 first, as it's needed for all contextual link has a huge impact! 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - can you comment on these features when you have a moment? Which ones are doable? Which are impossible, etc...
  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited January 2013
    @Sven this is worth to be sticky as others will see it an not post yet another SIMILAR feature request they will just comment on this thread

    or if there is a mod for this board to allow voting on threads that after a threshold they become sticky ;-)

    for more proxy discussion take a look here
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - thanks. I've been restructuring everything and focussing on efficiency and quality. As a result I've been reviewing every aspect of my campaigns and GSA use for improving efficiency. (Like the way you write programs that are so resource efficient ;-) ) Stepping back and reassessing has been great and given me many great ideas. Also I read every post on this forum, I come across many great ideas in individual comments, so sometimes I incorporate some of the ideas into a group thread.

    I hope it's ok, if I keep posting features/ideas for improvement. I understand that you are super busy, but I wanted to consolidate them into 1 or 2 threads, to keep track of them.

    Keep up the good work...this is a fantastic product!

  • Thanks for making this @GlobalGoogler
  • In regards to this thread (partially reprinted from CreditDoc)
    • Can we get a report of what sites used recaptcha so we can optimize these lists with proxies to avoid ban?
    • I think it might be quite neat to know if any platforms are not working. OR if any platforms require a special setting...
    • A feature to uncheck "Recaptcha" sites will double submission speed.
    • Status on what captcha service was used to solve or if one was needed at all.

    Main issue is to avoid the Recapcha banning that comes from too many requests from one ip with then distorts the captcha so that it is not solvable anymore.

    Also to be able to sort lists easily on which ones can be run with paid, CS/CB, or none at all.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    "Can we get a report of what sites used recaptcha so we can optimize these lists with proxies to avoid ban?" - it seems we can select these platforms in CB and get it to send only these platforms requests to a capcha provider that can solve them. This will solve this issue. Just need a good list that use recaptcher.
  • +1 on that one GG... I am eager to know too.
  • @GlobalGoogler Here is some more feature requests if people like it than please put in your list
    (instead of creating yet another thread with feature request)

    rename Lpm to Sph (submitted per hour - change minutes to hours)
    create another one for Vph (verified links per hour) for comparison and put it on the status bar

    show another column in the PROJECT pane "Remaining" next to submitted and verified
    which is essentially the count you get from project Right click > urls > left target urls
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @GiorgosK - 2 - see Feature 3. 
    regarding 1, I'm not it should be changed. People always seem to use LPM, so it might make sense to keep it standard. If @Sven implements Feature 1, then you can easily see this. 
  • thanks @GG

    please see if this is worth requesting please put in the list

    basically as @Rodol mentions keywords COLLECTED sometimes are used as TAGS in posts
    but those are not always RELEVANT keywords (the collected ones)
    there should be an option for keywords as follows
    use COLLECTED/IMPORTED keywords for
    3. POSTING (not sure if this is of any use)

    this will allow keywords to be imported to a project for SCRAPING alone
    when a project lucks keywords, but leaving the POSTING keywords untouched
    which is not possible right now
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @GiorgiosK - added. 
  • edited January 2013
    +1 for no.8 !

    When fully automatic solution(preferred off course) would eat up to much resources these are some thoughts on how to do it semi-automatic (from the verified URLs popup window):
    1. Extra verification/check option added with a name like: "Check Orphan Tiers/links" or "Check Dead Ends" which will perform a subtraction of two lists (eg Link URLs list (from child) - Verified URLs list (from parent) .
    2. Separate extra verification option for Link URLs, checking the 404's etc.
    3. Possibility to copy the Link URLs to the clipboard and/or export to text file. (for use with eg Excel or SB)

    Making it easier to remove dead tiers will improve the effectiveness of campaigns drastically. I hope it will be possible to add this function soon!
  • +1 for Nr. 8 "Feature 8: Ensure Tiered Links Exist (Set Option To Reverify links xx days, with tiers)"
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