Is the latest GSA (v9.46) working well for everyone?

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Newbie here, just wondering if the latest version of GSA (9.46) is working well for everyone? I know that the v9.45 had some problems and my verified URLs were almost 0. But with the last update, that same problem is still here (at least for me). I have more than 500 submissions but only 8 were verified (and I used to have 200+ verified links whenever I reached 500 submission, with the same settings). 

I use 10 semi-dedicated private proxies and a good captcha solver. I need help. Am I doing something wrong with the latest update? 


  • The problem is still there on my side as well. @sven i see this message 03:57:33: [-] POP3 DELE(799) failed - -ERR invalid message number > Retry Failed 
    the emails are yahoo and they are working fine,it seems ser is still not verifying the emails.i hope something can be done.
  • SvenSven
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    as mentioned in another thread, this is just cosmetic, ignore it for now.
  • So far v9.46 has been great.

    I am getting five times more verified links with almost the same setup.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    9.46 is running great for me.
  • can not update  have 9091 error  please help
  • 9.46 is also working very nice for me.
  • It's working very good to me too.
  • 9091 error is not related to update  
  • ronron
    I found that it is making a lot more dofollow verified (undoubtedly because more engines are scripted better).

    On the speed side, it is slower than past versions. For example, I can get at least 100,000 verifieds with older versions. With v9.46 I can only get about 60,000.

    However, the links in that 60,000 are much better properties (engines), more dofollows, and very steady in its performance.

    So I would say it is definitely an improvement on the quality side. No doubt about it.
  • blakew1251blakew1251 San Francisco North Bay
    9.46 is running fine on my end.
  • Yesterday I got about 30% more verified than the days before.
    So thumb up for 9.46!!
  • magicallymagically
    Confirmed here too - 9.46 is a HUGE improvement!
    Getting decent results for sure - Great work @Sven
  • ronron
    I would like to 'amend' my observations - v9.46 is a sledgehammer for making links.

    I just ran contextuals (from our latest list), and I am getting this after just 13 hours:


    My dofollows are over 50%!!!

    Honestly, great job @sven!
  • SvenSven
    thanks @ron finally some better feedback lately
  • ronron
    You deserve it @sven. It is a very complex piece of software with a million moving parts. Kudos mate!
  • Yes!  Getting great results sooooo much better than the last few weeks where we have been seeing just horrid results.  but after this update seeing just amazing stuff.  Ty very  much @sven
  • Tim89Tim89
    I'm still obtaining a far higher submission to verified ratio with 7.51 with 500 threads.

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    Regarding your "LpM:548", did you achieve that with only one project? or using multiple tiers? plus, what type and how many emails did you use? I recently discovered that nokia emails gave me a low verification rate. :-?
  • Yeah the latest version is a god-send compared to the last few months versions. Email parsing is WAAY faster and @Sven fixed the bug where newer versions weren't trying to login and post after failing email verification.

    .....and there are a TON of platforms/sites that try to verify the email, but even without it, they can still login and post just fine.

    You'd be a fool not to upgrade right now.
  • ronron
    @adamtan29 - I have about 50 projects on this particular server, and I was only running about 25 contextual-only projects. Those particular projects have no limits, so it is full petal to the metal.

    I'm using Yahoo emails, 10 per project.
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