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how long did it take for you to see results from SER

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im aware this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but how long did it take you all to see results from SER?

I am 10 days into a campaign, with nearly 800 links to a domain but it is only on page 3 google so far.



  • I started a run 26. december. I blast directly with no tiers. Content is from Kontent Machine. I'm using mostly dofollows. And max outbound links 50.

    After 7-8 days the website started appearing in #30-60 positions on google for various keywords. It has however started to dissapear again on a number of keywords so I don't know if it's a dance, or Google that just don't like what is going on...

    Website is new - I'm targetting keywords with 1000-10000 searches pr. month. I have a limiter on - max 300 verified per day - and also blasting innerpages.
  • Pretty much immediately. New sites would get indexed within 15 minutes of a project starting, and some sites, would start to rank within the top 100 the next day.
  • Yeah like 30 seconds - 20 minutes tops. If it takes longer than 1 hour to rank first page there is something wrong with your site for sure.
  • 60-90 days generally speaking, pretty much the same as any other tool I've used.  Difference is I don't need to babysit GSA.  I set it up, it does its thing, very seldom problems with GSA Ser.
  • pietpatat  30 seconds - 20 mins to rank first page?? wtf are you doing??
  • he was joking obviously.
  • ronron

    Everyone takes a different approach. Just keep in mind that if you push a site up fast, it has higher odds of getting tanked really fast as well.

    The folks with xrumer refers to this strategy of 'disposable sites'. They will blast a site to the top knowing full well that it will crash quickly. The difference is that they have a bunch of domains, so when it crashes, they roll the content onto another domain and start over.

    In general, if I want a top spot safely, I will take a slower approach, and be willing to give it a few months. 

  • @ron, that depends on what your definition of fast is.
  • ronron
    True. I was referring to ranking well in the first week.
  • Typically 3 to 4 weeks on new domains. Link velocity is very limited as I use web 2.0 and use GSA on them. It takes 3 weeks + for web 2.0s to gain some authority and start pushing the money site up the rankings.

    Testing 2 domains directly with GSA but no results yet after nearly 3 weeks. Over 6000 links to one site but it has not moved anywhere and most of the keywords are out of the top 100 still.
  • I'm trying to rank a web 2.0 site for some affiliate money keywords like product x review and product x.

    after 1 month i've ranked to #12 on the product x keyword using just GSA + kontent machine for tier 1 links and two rounds of UAW submissions.  I also have a tier 2 campaign pointing to tier 1 links using GSA + kontent machine.

    haven't been able to get it to move much higher.  any thoughts?
  • keyword has 4400 exact matches, 90k search results.
  • @sonic81 - This strategy will rank pretty much anything -

    Also, visit for similar videos on link building.
  • yep i'm following matthew's strategy really like it, it explains things in depth really well.  i'm doing that for my money sites that make money that to use less risky SEO methods and building a good quality tier 1 using UD that matthew advocates in his videos does this.

    Referring to my above msg, I'm trying to take my own experience and matthews theory to try ranking a web 2.0 purely on autopilot and seeing if it works.
  • @doubleup @ron lol, are you kidding me?

    As a new user of GSA I can't tell how effective are these campaigns. I build tiered links with other software and I'm able to rank sites for mid comp in 3 - 4 weeks. But you come and say you can rank in one week? lol, you're pushing the limits I guess.

    Just for curiosity. Do those rank last at least? or are you taking the burn and churn approach?
  • ronron
    @hyde - No, the opposite. I take the 8-12 week approach, slow drip to start, with slow but steady escalation. I was just responding to doubleup on what my definition of fast is. I know folks with XR that can smash a site up on page 1 in a week, but 2 months later the site is never to be found. I'm not into the churn and burn approach. It sucks too much energy out of me to write a great little site - and then start playing the churn and burn. Now if I was in a different country with slave labor who wrote intelligibly, lol...
  • @hyde, Churn and burn all the way. Once ranked, my sites last no longer than a week typically.
  • ronron
    Wow. I would have thought they lasted longer than that.
  • Hi,

    I've been building around 50 links/day towards my Tier 1 Web 2.0s for a few days now. I thought i was safe but after reading this thread i don't know anymore. What do you think ? Is the money site in danger (it's more than 2 years old and has plenty natural-built links by now) ? What about the Web 2.0s (Tier 1) (they are newly built) ?

    Towards my Tier 2 i build about three times the amount, per day (so basically every Tier 2 article receives around 3 backlinks per day).

  • ronron

    You're fine on the web 2.0's. They aren't like money sites - you can hit them hard. I just have a routine where I take new sites and start with a drip to the money site, and escalate from there.

    On a new site, I typically I wait a few weeks to have a decent number of Tier1 properties before starting a tier2. Then I come in with a tier 2 at a ratio of about 10:1 for Tier2:Tier1.

    If a site is mature, I have no problem building a tier2 simulataneously when I build the tier1. So that means I start blasting right away on the tier1. 

  • ron 

    whats your strategy about tier 1 building?

    I only want to build about 5 web 2.0 sites with 2posts each. then blast with GSA to them.

    is it ok for low or medium competition keywords?or do you have any advice for me to the small niche sites with 5-10 posts?

    thanks very much.

  • ronron
    edited January 2013

    @dylan09 - That's more than enough for low to medium competition. And also use GSA to build other Tier1 properties where you use the spun content.

    I am ranking hand built web 2.0's with only 1-2 posts for keywords that have over 10,000 exact match local searches. GSA really works my man. Let it rip!

  • @ron what i dont fully understand is, you make your web 2.0 and you add content same day, how long you wait to backlink this web 2.0, and how you do your backlink to it (drip feed,or blast), (one specific quantity or till rank)...
  • ronron

    We might be talking about two different things.

    I was under the impression that @dylan09 was referring to 'hand-building' some web 2.0's which has nothing to do with GSA. Then he was manually editing those properties and adding a post or two.

    The smart play with the 'good web 2.0 platforms', the ones that need to be built by hand, is to let the new content sit for 7-10 days without links (time to let any moderators look at it and be happy), drop the links in, and blast away.

    And the point I was making was that after he built those by hand, he could blast them with GSA. Web 2.0's are not fragile like money sites. They can take a beating.

    I also suggested if he was building some by hand, that he should also add regular auto-build GSA properties to Tier 1, and blast those right away. Those properties are not really moderated that heavily, if at all. 

  • ron   thanks very much, you are so kind to answer my question.i will do my job as you adviced.
  • Just an update to my original comment:

    I actually did it with two new sites + an older site with a healthy linkprofile. 300 Links per day from blogs, articles, social bookmarks. Not guestbook.

    The two new sites quickly began rising after about a week. Some hit just outsite page 1. Then a week later they have dropped off and are now gone from Google. Still indexed though. So initially great success, then vanished from top 100.

    The older site has benefitted as well - really well. But same story really - just outside page 1 - then then rankings have stalled and gone backwards a little, but still much better rankings than before. The older site looks like it has the age - or link variety that keeps it floating.

    GSA is still blasting to all three sites, plus I index the links with SB. It would be nice hearing from others who blast directly with GSA.
  • please update, would be interesting!
  • ronron

    Instead of playing games where I know I will eventually get punched in the gut, I take a slower approach which really works.

    I keep direct links to moneypage very measured. The next tier get a great hammering. And that's what helps me protect my rankings. Go too fast, especially with direct links, and it can take a while to recover.

  • Ron:
    How many direct links a day - and what kind?
  • ronron

    I tend to go with 5 a day for a brand new site - at the home page. Maybe 2-3 on the important inner pages. I go with that a week or two, and then add a 2nd tier, and start pumping that in the mix.

    Every couple of weeks I will increase both tier 1 and tier 2 a little. I found if I accelerate too fast the rankings will gyrate like crazy and it gets difficult to feel what is really happening. 

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