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Quality Web 2.0 List Sorted by PR - See Which Platforms Are Worth Scripting

s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
edited August 2012 in New Engines/Platforms
This list was created by a user on BHW Forum (phpbuilt) so all credit goes to him. I'm posting this here because I think this list will be useful to the community here. Especially those that are getting their hands dirty with the platform scripting. ;)


US Based Web 2.0's Sorted By Page Rank (68 Total),pr9,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr2,pr2,pr2

NON US Based Web 2.0's Sorted By Page Rank (30 Total),pr7,pr7,pr7,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr3,pr3,pr3

NON-English Web 2.0 Sorted By PR (Total 9),pr6,pr6,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr3


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