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[Tutorial] How to find new platforms, footprints and URLs

edited September 2012 in New Engines/Platforms
A good start to find new platforms is to have a look at one of these pages: <-- helps you to find similar platforms to existing ones

Once you have targeted a decent platform you have to find good footprints for the search engines. What I do first is to google for "powered by XYZ" (XYZ= platform name) because many engines use this footprint. If you don't find anything related to the platform try another search like "XYZ" demo. Often times you find a demo page to search for suitable and unique footprints. This is often the case for platforms which are supported by softaculous.

A good footprint is unique to the platform and can be found anywhere on the page ("Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here.") or in the url (inurl:"wiki/members.php").

Once you have found a suitable footprint you create a basic script for GSA in an editor.

default checked=0

page must have=Footprint (without quotes; no "inurl:" footprint!! take a look into existing engine files to get an idea of it)

engine type=MyEngines
description=Platform (Wiki, Forum, Blog, etc.)

search term="Footprint 1"|"Footprint 2" (with quotes " " if it is a multi part keyword)

Save your edited script, rename it to "My Engines - XYZ.ini" and paste it into your engine folder (...\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines). If you have done that (re-)start SER and crawl some URLs with the "Search online for URLs"-Tool (Options -> Advanced -> Tools), save your results to a custom file and let SER find some URLs for you :)


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