Loaded 0/500 Urls From Site Lists.. Over and Over Again

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What does this mean? Over 10 different projects are giving that message. At first I didn't think nothing of it, now a day later it's still happening. I also noticed that my number of captchas solved for the day is about have of what it usually is.

So, whats does Loaded 0/numberhere Urls From Site Lists Mean?


  • Thanks. It just seems like there is no end. I've already enabled search engines.... but it keeps doing the 0/out-of-number thing.
  • uncheck "use global list" in your projects then or delete "target history urls" to post to failed URLs again.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Another trick is to increase the amount of google engines you use.

    Each google can give 100 search results per page

    If your using shared proxies, chances are, someone else using them is using the same mainline ones

    Hence the ips get blocked by google

    Recent tests I did showed very little variation in placements across all googles.

    Increasing the googles, means you might hit some that are not being blasted by the others using the proxies

    An easy trick to tell if your on a google slap, is to watch the results. If the search returns 0 results. Click on it and see how many results are returned.

  • This is never going to be resolved is it?

    In the thread you linked to, Sven said:

    'Loaded 0/300 URLs' will not stop unless you have new sites in the site listes that have not been parsed/submitted to by the project. If it comes to this situation, you should either enable search engines again or fill your site lists with fresh sites.

    Yet, i know for a fact my site lists have many URL's which aren't submitted to, unless i clear target history urls, yet if i don't clear the target history urls, it'll continue to produce the loaded x/x url message.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de


    Import the site list directly to your project and you might get many "already parsed" messages.

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