Prohibit of selling e-books there

Honestly I think this should be stopped. This is software forum and not SEO forum at first place. 
And everybody know that stuff like e-books is totally money stealing from newbies mostly, but with good proof even for middle experienced members. 

If somebody think I'm wrong then please show me at lease one useful e-book what helped you become a master :D 
From my experience useful stuff coming out only in forums and FOR FREE and not from good looking sales threads with screenshots... 

So my suggestion is that BST section should be dedicated ONLY to GSA related stuff...



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    +1000 boatman and i know something about it.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    Are there a lot of ebooks selling here? As far as I know there is only one and its suppose to be related to getting rankings. 

    Proxies, verified lists, VPS, etc are mainly what fill up the BST section. What stuff isn't really SER related? 
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    s4nt0s and there is even illegal stuff as I know...
    I do not think hacking websites to gain rankings is something that should be advertised/sold here...

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    *Edit* - Seller agreed to close thread and also said he'd be releasing the .pdf for free. 

    @botman - Yes that was the one I was referring to. I admit, I didn't check out the .pdf before I let it go live, but I guess I need to start doing that. I just don't want sellers to think I'm trying to get their product for free, but I guess in this case its necessary. 

    I figure if the product isn't up to the communities standards, it will quickly get outed with bad reviews/feedback. Although I definitely don't want anyone to get scammed. 

    Anyways, we encourage you to be vocal about stuff like this so the forum is a better place for everyone here. So thanks for bringing it up. 

    I'll talk to the seller about that thread. 

    If you guys see anything weird going on in sales threads or something doesn't seem right, feel free to PM me or Sven about it so we can take a look. It's hard for us to constantly watch all the threads so you can always message us if there is a problem.

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    In my opinion, anyone who sells something on BHW should not be allowed to market it here. Whilst there are some nuggets on BHW 99% of it is crap and just runs the risk of Google looking at SER in the same light. No good can come from someone openly asking on their BH salesform if they heard about the method on 'Black Hat World or GSA SER forums'...

    However it is I suppose sven's decision.
  • s4nt0s thank you for your input, and I do not think so that somebody will think that you are trying to get stuff for free as this is known practice in every normal forum. :) 

    About bad feedback/reviews i have to disagree because if you checked thread that you can see that reputable members actually vouched for this stuff what brought to even more scammed users, I really do not believe that somebody was happy to spend 197$ and later just 49$ ( as seller yourself started to feel uncomfortable to ask that much for hacking stuff ) for stuff like this... 

    And i think I should not to talk that reviews these days is really nothing because think yourself, how many bad reviews you are seeing in sales threads ? Even if service/product is bad most ( 99.99% ) of reviewers leaving good reviews, as thank you for free service or something, i really do not know. But these days the only trustworthy thing is refund, if there is no refund offered personally me even do not bother to consider buy it...

    Also i think that members should be informed that they will WIN paypal dispute for such e-book sales even if there is no any refund policy. As paypal consider that seller will lose no money if they will refund, ehat is really great from paypal side... But this is already other story... 

    Anyway I just wanted to bring attention on things I consider as unfair... 

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    @botman to be fair the reputable members I think you are referring to, they only offered a commendation towards the eBook, not really a glowing review.

    Also sorry to be a pedant but your point about PayPal disputes is wrong. I used to sell loads of eBooks and 50% of the time PayPal just sided with me in disputes because their protection thing does not cover digital/intangible items. But it's worth a try I guess.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    @botman - Thread is closed now. 

    @spunko2010 - I have to disagree with sellers on other forums not being able to sell here. I don't see any point in that at all. 

    Sellers like loopline, 1linklist, the serpwoo guys/gals and some others sell on BHW and here and provide very high quality products and support.

    Whether something is mentioned here or BHW won't make any difference. I'm sure Google knows that SER exists as well as many other link building tools. That's just the way it is in the SEO game. 

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    @s4ntos I'm not saying Google isn't aware of GSA SER, of course they are. I just don't think it's a good idea to let anyone list their old junk here in BST section, it can backfire on the community. Maybe Sven could charge a fee if you don't already to list there.
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