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★★★ Main Forum and Buy/Sell/Trade Rules - All Members Read This ★★★

s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
edited December 2019 in Buy / Sell / Trade
Main Forum Rules:

1) Be respectful to other members
2) No outing other members websites, niches, or other personal information without their permission
3) No selling or excess promotion of your products outside of the BST section
4) No spamming the forum with affiliate links
5) No reselling other members lists. Users found reselling other members link lists can result in a permanent ban.
6) No duplicate accounts

Banner Spots Now Available:

1) Price $60/month
2) Sizes available: 160x600 (right side of forum) 728x90 (top of forum)
3) Banners will automatically rotate and change on each page refresh.
4) We're limiting the spots to 12 banners max (6 banners per spot in rotation)

If you're interested in a banner spot, please PM @s4nt0s.

How to get listed in Buy/Sell/Trade section:

*NOTE* - If you have a product/service you would like to sell here, please PM @s4nt0s ;to take a look before submitting your thread. Submitting your thread without prior approval will result in having your thread deleted.

1) Price for listing a thread in the BST section: $30 USD one time fee.
2) Price for a sticky thread is $30 USD/month
3) You must have at least 30 quality posts before you're able to sell in the BST section.

Rules for buyers :

*IMPORTANT* - It is your responsibility as the buyer to use due diligence before purchasing a service or product from the BST section. Please thoroughly read through the thread to see previous customer reviews and ask the seller questions if you need clarification on anything before purchasing. 

1) Be respectful and use common sense. 
2) If there is a problem between the seller and it cannot be resolved, please PM @s4nt0s.
3) If you feel a vendor is involved in a scam or fraudulent activity, please report the thread or PM me or Sven ASAP.

Rules for sellers :

1)  If you're selling SER link lists, you need to be as transparent as possible and provide honest statistics about the lists you're selling. 
2) No trashing other vendors sales threads.
3) No excessive spamming of your product or service links around the forum.
4) Use common sense and be respectful
5) No scamming (duh)
6) No excessive thread bumping.

Breaking these rules can result in having your sales thread removed and a possible ban.

(no refunds on sales thread or advertising cost)

*Note* - Sellers are responsible for maintaining their own sales thread and keeping their customers happy.

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