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  • Thank you, what about "text captcha found and skipped" ?
    I mean, what option (in project settings ?) will turn ON text captcha solving?
  • Can we use that syntax?

    easycalccheck=%question% <label for='easycalccheck'>;<input|<next label>;<
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    this found and skipped is only shown if you use the option to skip/randomize "if a form field can not be filled" is set. If you set it to "Ask user", it will ask you.

  • So if am using ex. bandit im text captcha solver what option should be there?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    edited July 2015

    You can still have it to RANDOMIZE. Of course the services will be asked first.

    Order to resolve is the following:

    1. try to answer this by itself in case a math captcha is detected or one of the many 1000's known questions

    2. service is asked if enabled

    3. user is asked (ASK USER setting) or submission is skipped (SKIP, RANDOMIZE) as a randomized answer to the question will most likely not be successful.

  • @Sven What new engines in version 9.93 has been added? Is trac new engine?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    I think it was "soapbox.alexsci" and "amazon.com" ?
  • I think there is issue with keep subdomain./ Here is my engine:

    default checked=0
    engine type=MY_Custom
    anchor text=1
    creates own page=1
    uses pages=0
    posted domain check=0
    multiple posts per account=1
    url must have1=mydomain.com
    keep subdomain=mydomain.com


    Once it added my links to 192 subdomains then it stop. Sometimes it stop like that at 22


    And after a while i can see:


    But using this option, it works fine.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    sorry but I need this engine to debug this.
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited August 2015
    Fixed it on my own. Thanks

    Do we need anything like 

    custom mode=1
    auto modify=1
    in setup article section for the option image work?
    beacuse in preview its working, in posting its not
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    This field has a SPAM protection. Each time the name= and id= get a randomly generated number. So how can I tell SER to chose this field withought relying on name and id?

    <input class="form-control" data-content="This should be a unique combination of numbers and letters that you'll be able to remember... but no one else will be able to figure out." data-toggle="popover" id="a3a09e4a87e917b05223f5b3e8aa15e7" name="a3a09e4a87e917b05223f5b3e8aa15e7" type="password" data-original-title="" title="">
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de



    front1=data-content="This should be a unique combination of numbers and letters that




    add fixed data= %spam_detection_name% =

    add fixed data condition=
    data-content="This should be a unique combination of numbers and letters that

  • edited August 2015
    Why front1 and front2?

    I understand we use fron1 to extract the ID=value and front2 to extract the name= value right? But why do we need both? Shouldn't one of them suffice?

    Also on front1, I am guessing you shortened the string? Shouldn't the complete string be:
    front1=data-content="This should be a unique combination of numbers and letters that you'll be able to remember... but no one else will be able to figure out." data-toggle="popover" id="

    Where do I add this part?In the registration stepts(since I encounter this antispam problem there) or in [spam_detection_name]?

    add fixed data= %spam_detection_name% =

    add fixed data condition=
    data-content="This should be a unique combination of numbers and letters that

    Does this work?

    add fixed data= %spam_detection_name% = %password%

    I have 5 fields with this antispam that I need to extract from the page?(username,email,email verrif,password,password verrif).

    Do I create an "extract"  for all?([spam_detection_name],[spam_detection_email],[spam_detection_email_verrif],[spam_detection_password],[spam_detection_password_verrif]


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    front1 and front2 are searched in sequence. First SER searches for front1 and if found searches from that position for front2 and so on. Then it takes that stuff fron that position to the location written in "back=...".


    add fixed data has to be put in the section where the submission takes place.


    as I understood your copied stuff, it is an empty variable without content right? If not then you have to extract the content as well or simply use

    *=%leave% to not define any other fields automatically.

  • I am using this syntax on the register step:
    add fixed data= %spam_detection_username% = %login%
    add fixed data condition=This username will be your permanent site handle, and is public and searchable

    and it dosen't work, no form match.

    I am trying to add the username which is the login. 
    Is this syntax correct?
    add fixed data= %spam_detection_username% = %login%

    Also is it possible to do:
    add fixed data1=...
    add fixed data1 condition=..

    add fixed data2=...
    add fixed data2 condition=..

  • add fixed data=%spam_detection_username%=%login%
    add fixed data condition=This username will be your permanent site handle, and is public and searchable

    If  you want to add multiple terms then:

    add fixed data=%nr1%=%login%;nr2=login
    add fixed data condition=nr1match;nr2match

  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited August 2015
    Is it possible to create 2x extra steps?

    extra step 1
    link type=profile url
    extra step 2
    link type=forum post

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    sorry no. Just STEP1 and EXTRA_STEP1.
  • Now we need to extract password fields id's. They are automatically generated.

    front1=<input type="password" id="
    must have=!ls_password

    front1=<input type="password" id="
    must have=!ls_password|!%password1%

    I thought that will work, but its not. Any hints so we wont match password1 in password2>?

    Also, maybe SER can match by 
    <input type="password" ?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    must have can not have variables sorry. You have to solve it differently. Remember you can use alternative front stuff like


  • I know that but its not a solution here, i will post tomorrow whats the problem with examples.
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited August 2015
    So here is example 


    Almost all of these websites got generated fields.
    SER can recognize the form but most of the data is posted via add fixed data.
    (like username password, password2 and email)

    For username it seems easy, beacuse first match will pickup username field:

    front1=<input type="text" id="

    Next thing are passwords, first is picked up using

    front1=<input type="password" id="

    As you can see the second password input is different

    <input type="password" id="bRV7Vl" name="" size="25" tabindex="1" class="px" required />

    <input type="password" id="kKijt3" name="" size="25" tabindex="1" value="" class="px" required /></td>

    1. tabindex="1" class="px"
    2. tabindex="1" value=""

    I tried using many backs to match back2=tabindex="1" value="" but i couldnt get it to work.

    For e-mail we want to use

    front1=<input type="text" id="

    But we have to match nr.2 aswell.

    Now, what's the solution here? I already thought about custom script on my domain where SER visits that and then gets back custom field names - but really is that the best solution here?:)

    @ also being able to use variable in must have= could solve the problem
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    hmm why don't you use the labels here?

    you can use this...

    *user name:*=%login%


    *Confirm Password:*=

    *Email:*=%your e-mail%

  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited August 2015
    regsubmit=yes  [type: HIDDEN]
    formhash=23c7d1d7  [type: HIDDEN]
    referer=http://www.scriptcode.net/  [type: HIDDEN]
    activationauth=  [type: HIDDEN]
    regsubmit=true  [type: HIDDEN]

    Beacuse ser cant fill any fields by default :) I wouldn't ask here if that would work...
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    so how about this...



    front1=User name:




    add fixed data=%varnameX%=%login%;

  • There is thousands of target sites, in many different languages, (mostly chinese...encoding...).

    for example : http://bbs.akxw.cn/member.php?mod=register

    用户名 = username and got 8 matches in source code... also login field (in top corner) for username name="username"

    but for registration name="_au1sername_akxw_bbs"

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    ok then this...



    front=<input type="text" id="




    front1=<input type="text" id="

     front2=<input type="text" id=" 




    front1=<input type="password" id=" 

    front2=<input type="password" id=" 




    front1=<input type="password" id=" 


  • I got a problem with SER inserting my keyword into article:

    allow html=1
    must be filled=1
    hint=The full article comes here.
    auto modify=1
    auto add anchor url=2
    auto add anchor url content=%file-auto_anchor-article.dat%
    custom mode=1
    html to custom link format=1
    custom link format=%url%

    comment=asd; http://nicewebsite.com, awesome website


    using awesome website %link%

    comment=awesome website asd - http://nicewebsite.com -

    this is directly from debug "log"

    Just trying your solution above
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited August 2015
    Yes it is working thank you, but a question here, from what i see %variable%
    cant be used in add fixed data=%variable% right? Do you plan to support that?

    Can we send SER text captcha in variable?
    If yes, how? Example:


    For example:

    front1=sectplcode[2] + '

    source of that url:

    if($('secqaa_qSkzCZnA')) {
    var sectpl = seccheck_tpl['qSkzCZnA'] != '' ? seccheck_tpl['qSkzCZnA'].replace(//g, 'codeqSkzCZnA') : '';
    var sectplcode = sectpl != '' ? sectpl.split('') : Array('
    ',': ','
    var string = '' + sectplcode[0] + 'ŃéÖ¤ÎĘ´đ' + sectplcode[1] + '' +
    ' ťťŇť¸ö'
    ' img src="' + STATICURL + 'image/common/none.gif" width="16" height="16" class="vm">' +
    sectplcode[2] + '1000+799=' + sectplcode[3];
    $('secqaa_qSkzCZnA').innerHTML = string;

    then using

    add fixed data=easycalccheck=%question% fixed:%textcaptcha1%


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